Viking Revolution Beard Oil Review - Is It Worth It?

Welcome to our Viking Revolution Beard Oil Review. We understand that our audience doesn't always have the time too read a long review about a product, which is why we have also added a short review at the top of this article. The short review contains the key-points and a summary of the full review. 

viking revolution beard oil review

 What We Like About Viking Revolution Beard Oil

    • The Ingredients are of a high-quality.
    • It is a great beard oil for moisturising the facial hair and the skin beneath.
    • It helps promote softer facial hair, making your beard less itchy and more manageable.¬†
    • Helps to reduces/prevent common beard irritations such as beard itch, dandruff and dryness.
    • Supplies great nutrients to the skin beneath the beard which will help promote a healthier beard.
    • The scent is on point and not over-whelming.¬†


Viking Revolution beard oil is one of the best beard oils when it comes to value for money. The ingredients are simple yet effective and of a high-quality. This beard oil is great for most bearded problems, including dryness, itchiness and dandruff. The ingredients used come packed with nutrients, great for softening your beard and supplying it with vitamins and minerals. 

If you are looking for a great all-round beard oil, we would certainly recommend the Viking Revolution Beard Oil. 

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Full Viking Revolution Beard Oil Review

First things first, is beard oil necessary? No, but if you want a good looking, healthy beard, Absolutely! 

You can't argue that the benefits of using beard oil are not worth it!

Every bearded man needs a reliable beard oil in their beard grooming arsenal that helps keep the facial hair healthy and protected from potential damage, which is exactly what you can expect from Viking Revolution Beard Oil. 

Unfortunately, there are many beard oils on the market that contain harmful ingredients, such as silicone.

I'm pleased to say that Viking Revolution do not use harmful ingredients in their beard oil, only natural ingredients which is a good sign.

I really like the confidence Viking Revolution have in their product by offering a money-back guarantee. You don't really get that with beard grooming companies, mostly they don't offer returns, so that is something that caught my eye with this brand. 

One thing I dislike with beard oils is when you get that greasy look and feel.

I'm glad to say I personally didn't experience that. The Viking Revolution Beard Oil seemed to absorb very well into my facial hair and skin beneath my beard, so that was something that I was happy with. 

I could tell straight away by the two ingredients Viking Revolution used in their beard oil (Argan and Jojoba Oil) that this beard oil was designed to provide good moisture and hydration to the beard and skin.

If you are an experienced beardsmen like myself, you will know that most beard oils use at least one of these carrier oils in their beard care products. 

As mentioned above the main benefit you will gain from Viking Revolution Beard Oil is high levels of moisture and hydration. Therefore, if you tend to suffer from dry skin under your beard, itchiness or dandruff, this would be a good beard oil for you.

Argan oil is renowned for its hair repairing and hair strengthening benefits so if you suffer from a dry, coarse, wiry beard then applying this beard oil daily will help reverse that. 

Argan is excellent for hydrating the skin and comes packed with nutrients which will greatly benefit your hair follicles, this will encourage better and healthier beard growth in the future.

Personally, I only like beard oils that are either Unscented or Sandalwood. When reviewing Viking Revolutions beard oil, I chose the unscented version. I have read mixed reviews on the scented versions, some beardsmen say they are great while others say they're slightly overwhelming. 

Scent always comes down to person opinion.

One aspect about this beard oil I did notice was how thin the beard oil was, usually beard oils are a little thicker. I didn't have any problems with it, if anything it probably spread better throughout my beard.

The only real negative I found with this beard oil is that it didn't last as long in my beard but when you consider the price, you can't really complain. 

For just under $10 for a one ounce bottle you can't really go wrong with this beard oil. I thought the beard oil was certainly worth the price.

Product: Click Here To View Viking Revolution Beard Oil On Amazon

Viking Revolution Beard Oil Ingredients

All-natural beard oils contain many of the same traits as one another. That being said, the ingredients used determine the different attributes and benefits your chosen beard oil will contain.

Straight off the bat, we know that the Viking Revolution Beard Oil contains excellent moisturising benefits due to two oils in the beard oil; Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil.

When it comes to carrier oils, some are lighter or heavier than others.

The Viking Revolution Beard Oil uses light oils, which is perfect as lighter oils moisturise and soften your beard without leaving you a greasy/oily mess.

Let's take a deeper dive into the Ingredients used...

Argan oil.

Argan oil is very well known for its repairing and strengthening properties, therefore, it is an oil you should look for in any beard oil, especially if you suffer from damaged or wiry hairs in your beard.

Another thing I like about Argan oil is that the oil contains antioxidants, which is great for fighting free-radicals in your beard. Viking Revolution claim that the Argan oil they use in this beard oil is of the highest quality and cold pressed.

Jojoba Oil.

Jojoba oil contains wax properties which thankfully do not clog your pores. The oil itself benefits your beard by conditioning and moisturising your facial hair as well as the skin beneath.

The benefits of Jojoba oil is that it contains plenty of vitamins which helps towards the keeping your beard nice and healthy. Again, this oil is light like Argan oil so it doesn't leave greasy residue in your beard and it is safe to leave in your beard.

As you can see, this beard oil contains two awesome oils which offer superb benefits to your beard and the skin beneath your beard. Not only do they provide great moisturising properties, they also offer a bunch of great nutrients which soak into your facial whiskers and skin, promoting a very healthy beard. 

Product: Click Here To View Viking Revolution Beard Oil On Amazon

Is Viking Revolution A Good Brand?

Viking Revolution are a very good brand within the bearded community. They have been producing quality beard grooming products for a number of years now.

If you were to type the term "beard oil" into Amazon, you would be hard pushed not to be shown their brand first and with good reason. 

I have used their products on and off for the last couple of years and I have never been left disappointed. They may not have the wow factor in terms of the ingredients used in their products, as they keep their recipes very simple.

That being said, simple sometimes is better. 

There are many beard brands that stuff their products with many different ingredients and they turn out to be a disappointment. But if you are looking for a product that does what it says on the bottle, then Viking Revolution may be for you.

Product: Click Here To View Viking Revolution Beard Oil On Amazon

How To Use Viking Revolution Beard Oil

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use viking revolution beard oil.

Step 1: Wash Your Beard.

Never apply beard grooming products on a dirty beard. Wash your beard using a shampoo designed for facial hair. Head hair shampoos contains chemicals that strip our beards of their natural oils which causes dryness problems which we want to avoid. A beard wash doesn't cost a lot and is a great investment for a healthy beard. 

Step 2. Towel-Dry Your Beard Until It's Slightly Damp.

Once you have washed your beard, towel-dry your beard until it is slightly damp. Beard oil absorbs better on slightly damp facial hairs and it helps lock in moisture. 

Step 3. Warm Up 2 Or 3 Drops Of Beard Oil In Your Palms.

Rub 3 or 4 drops of beard oil between your palms until you feel the oil warm up, it should only take 10 - 15 seconds and it will help the oil penetrate the facial hairs and the skin beneath your beard better. 

Step 4. Apply The Beard Oil

Once the oil is warmed up, apply the beard oil to your beard, making sure you cover the whole beard evenly. It is also very important that you rub the oil into the skin beneath your beard. 

Step 5. Beard It!

Now the beard oil is applied to the beard and skin, it is now time to wear that man mane with pride!

Product: Click Here To View Viking Revolution Beard Oil On Amazon

Final Say:

That about wraps up this Viking Revolution Beard Oil Review, I hope that you found the information you was looking for and if you have any further questions to anything beard related, feel free to send us a message. 

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