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How To Grow A Beard: Our Best Tips

So you are searching for the best resource to teach you how to grow a beard. Well good news my friend, we have put together a great article for you to achieve your bearded goal. 

Every guy has occasionally wondered what he might look like sporting a beard after looking in the mirror. It's a rite of passage whether it occurs out of curiosity or from a lack of motivation to shave. Some guys become obsessed after their first effort, rarely or never returning to their former clean-shaven ways. Others are unimpressed by their effort, whether it's because they see spotty growth or they simply don't like the way they look. However, you must actually make the commitment if you want to grow a beard.

best tips for how to grow a beard

Most men can grow a beautiful beard, but if you want to make the most of your facial hair, you need to have a plan. Imagine it like beginning a new fitness regimen: you know where you want to be, you have a plan to get there, you're committed to the procedure, and most importantly, you're patient. You don't just became a gold medal winner or suddenly sport a beard like Thor. 

You can achieve a fantastic beard with the correct approach. But keep in mind that not all beards are made equal, and that the number one step to growing a fantastic beard is to moderate expectations and make the most of what you already have.

If You Plan To Grow A Beard, Be Aware Of Your Facial Hair.

The first strategy for managing expectations and creating a sound plan is to understand the hair on your face. You don't have to have had facial hair in the past to understand how it looks. If you shave nearly everyday, you are already aware of how deep down and in which direction your beard grows. If you've allowed yourself several days of stubble, you will already be aware of how quickly your facial hair grows and if it appears full or patchy.  When growing a beard, keep all of these elements in mind. For example, patchy hair may indicate that you should grow your beard out longer, while thicker, fast growing facial hair may indicate that you should trim it more frequently.

When Growing A Beard, Take Your Face Shape Into Account.

You ought to take a proper, long hard look at in the mirror at your face, just like you would when evaluating your beard. If facial hair is useful for anything, it's improving or altering your face's shape. Go to a mirror and look at the overall shape of your face: if your face is round, facial hair may make your face it look longer (by shaving the sides short and leaving length on the chin); if it's considered oval, facial hair may make your face look wider (by shaving the sides longer); and if your face shape is considered square, facial hair might soften the sharper angles (by trimming rounded angles). Facial hair can also help jawlines appear more sharp and defined. Beards should generally aim to get your face as near to an oval as feasible. To determine whether you should cut your beard with sharp angles in mind, tilt your head slightly to either side.

Before Growing A Beard, Give Your Face One Last Shave. 

Shaving may initially assist in beard growth, which sounds counterintuitive I know. However, to stimulate the facial hair follicles and maybe reduce the number of ingrown hairs you suffer from as your beard begins to grow out, many barbers advise giving yourself a clean, close shave. Additionally, it helps to prepare the skin so that beard hair can develop smoothly, without any of the dreaded itching. Apply pre-shave oil to your skin as soon as you get out of the shower to help the facial hairs rise up for a smoother shave (it will also hydrate the skin which will help avoid razor burn). After that, apply a good coating of shaving gel over the area in a clockwise direction. Shave along the grain using a fresh blade and your preferred type of razor. To reduce nicks and scratches, take slow, even strokes rather than racing through it. To soothe and moisturise your skin, rinse the remaining shaving gel off and follow with a moisturizing, alcohol-free cream.

Let Your Beard Grow Out For At Least 2 Months.

Throw your razor in the bin or place it at the back of your bathroom cabinet after your *last* shave. You must be patient and simply allow your facial hair to grow. Prior to even thinking about trimming or shaping your beard, you must allow your beard to grow for at least 2 months. The secret to growing the ultimate beard is understanding what you have to work with, and the only way to do that is to let it grow without any interference. You might be surprised to learn that length can even out and hide bald/patchy spots, and that your beard may become thicker and fuller than you expected. However, the challenge with growing a beard is getting past the "grow-out" stage which many men struggle with. Growing facial hair can be irritating and uncomfortable during the "grow-out" phase, which is why many men who try to live a bearded life give up within the first month. 

We recommend that you use an all-natural beard oil to help hydrate and soothe the skin underneath your beard, this should help prevent any uncomfortable itch or dryness problems. You could also use a natural beard balm to help soften the facial hairs of your beard and make them more bearable in order to help relieve the itching. The best course of action if you want to grow a beard is to be patient and let it grow, there are several supplement pills that advertise that they can speed up the growth of facial hair, but we personally would recommend against them. 

Plan Them Beard Lines

how to grow an awesome beard

There is a catch to not touching your facial hair as it grows out—you still have to keep the lines sharp to begin defining its final shape. The neck is where you draw the line among a purposeful, well-kept beard and merely a lot of untamed growth. Choose where you would like your neck line to go when your facial hair begins to grow in length. Some bearded men want a line somewhat lower than the Adam's apple, while others prefer a line slightly higher. Imagine a "U" shape from ear to ear, with the lowest point landing at the desired location for the neck line to be.  After that, shave below it with a razor or trimmer. There shouldn't be any facial hair on your neck beneath your chin when you face straight forward in the mirror. Keep your cheeks clear of any stray hairs that may be rising from the beard's main area. Your decision as to how cleanly you want to preserve those lines, and keeping stray hairs at bay will indicate "I have a beard!" rather than "I haven't shaven in a week!" As your beard develops, begin experimenting with the lines so that when you have enough length to begin shaping it, you are aware of the precise placement of the lines.

Time To Shape That Beard

You've successfully completed the most difficult part, congrats! The enjoyable part starts after your beard has grown for roughly two months. It's time to give your beard some shape now that you actually have one. To help soften the hairs, start by cleansing your facial hair by using a quality beard wash. Bonus points if you then apply a beard conditioner. Then, smooth the hair out and quickly spot flyaways and stragglers by brushing your beard hair out downwardly using a boar's hair beard brush. Trim those stray hairs with scissors so they don't poke out.  Then start trimming your beard into the desired shape using a quality beard trimmer with numerous guards. As you shape it, we recommend you start with the longest guard first and progressively work your way shorter if desired. If you find that this is all too hard, ask your barber to shape it for you so all you need to do is take care of the edges at home. 

Beard Care Products Are Your Best Friends

It's time to make your beard shine now that you have a beautiful, thick beard of your own. Add a 2-3 drops of quality beard oil to your facial hair just after trimming it to soothe and moisturize it. Beard oils work the best when massaged into the skin beneath the beard, which is prone to drying out while the beard is growing. Then, based on how rough your beard are or how much control you desire, use a beard balm to calm and shape it. Even if you're not trimming your facial hair, which you should do approximately every one-two weeks depending how quickly your beard grows, you should still practice this routine often. Every time you wash your beard, which ought to be every two-three days or so, use a beard wash, and brush your facial hair after every shower. This will exfoliate the skin below and effectively spread the natural oils, keeping the spiky facial hairs hydrated. After each time you wash your beard and as needed in the days in between, apply your beard oil and balm.

Our Best Tips On How To Grow A Healthier Beard

how to grow a beard

Be Patient And Committed

Our facial hair grows at different speeds, and this also goes for thickness. No two beards grow the same. Some men grow beards faster than others. It comes down to genetics, therefore there is not a lot we can do to change the speed nor thickness.  

That being said, most men are able to grow some form of facial hair, as long as they are patient and committed. There are guys who can grow a thick, full beard while there are other men who are only able to grow a light goatee. Regardless of the style you choose or are given by genetics, the key to success is patience, hence the saying "good things come to those who are patient".

As we have mentioned above, it is important to leave your beard for around 2 months to grow out. While the first two months are going to be tough looking like a proper lazy untidy bloke, the end result will be worth it, so we recommend you grin and bear it. 

Don't fall into the trap known as the old wives tale that shaving your facial hair will help your beard grow back faster and thicker, it simply isn't true and all it will do is take you longer to grow a beard and reach your desired beard style. While we do recommend having one last shave prior to growing your beard out, it isn't because it will grow back quicker and thicker. 

Sleep Well, Eat Healthfully, And don't Forget To Exercise

Several factors that contribute to your overall health and well-being encourage hair growth.

The majority of your hair growth occurs throughout the night, when cellular turnover is at its highest. Your mane won't grow as quickly as it could if you aren't getting enough rest. Reduced blood flow is another consequence of not getting enough sleep, which results in fewer nutrients reaching their target (your hair follicles). Less nutrients result in compromised health and beard growth. Your new growing beard will appreciate you getting your recommended 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

While the health and growth of your beard will also be improved by getting enough sleep, exercising frequently, and maintaining a balanced diet rich in proteins, vegetables, complete grains will also help your beards health and growth.

In addition to increasing blood flow and nourishment your beard needs to develop, taking care of your physical wellness will also enhance your testosterone, wwhich is heavily linked to hair growth. The hormone DHT, which is produced when testosterone is converted to DHT, increases the growth of the hair after acting to prime the hair follicle for growth. Therefore, increased testosterone levels lead to better development and more facial hair. 

Stay Hydrated

Consuming a lot of water in a day to stay hydrated is a great thing to do. Being hydrated can help make the body cooler which helps the body function properly.

It can also aid in achieving a healthy and good-looking beard as our skin will be hydrated therefore, beard growth will be healthier.  

The minerals present in the body can make the growing process of a beard faster than usual. Being hydrated also guarantees healthy and well-functioning organs inside the body.

Care For The Skin Under Your Beard

Happy beard hair grows out of healthy, cared for skin more quickly. Men and a good skin care routine don't usually go together, but you want to make sure your face is cleansed everyday morning and evening, we recommend your exfoliate once a week to remove the build-up of oil and dead skin cells, and use a quality, natural moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and well nourished. 

Consume Minerals and Vitamins

Due to your current diet, the food being consumed might not contain a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins needed to aid in beard growth.

Our beards need vitamins and minerals for its health and growth.

If you are not willing to change your diet to a more healthier one. Perhaps you work long shifts, or whatever your reasons may be, you could try consuming fruit and vegetable shakes to your diet, which will add more vitamins and minerals to the body which it needs for it to function properly.

Vitamins and minerals can make the growing time of a beard faster and effective. Plus, it can help any man achieve a good looking and healthy beard to showcase to everyone.

Utilize Beard Care Products

No, we are not recommending that you fork out on expensive beard conditioners or $100 beard kits. That being said, you should be cleansing your beard with a shampoo designed for beards. You wouldn't allow your head hair to go unwashed, so why would you allow your beard to go unwashed? The reason we recommend you wash your beard with a beard wash is because they are formulated not to remove the natural oil from the beard hairs nor the skin beneath your beard which is important to your beards appearance and health. Without the natural oils, your beard will become dry and coarse, something you don't want. Head hair shampoos contain chemicals that strip natural oils, which is fine because your scalp produces a lot of that oil, the skin beneath your beard however, doesn't.

A beard oil is also a good investment we recommend, you don't need to be paying $25 for a premium beard oil though. You can make your own or buy our natural beard oil which is formulated with premium natural oils which boast a bunch of benefits for your beard. The purpose of beard oil is too keep your beard and the skin beneath well hydrated which promotes healthy growth. 

Stress Relief

You must manage your stress and obtain enough rest for your damaged skin cells to heal on their own. Your beard will grow faster as a result of this. Your facial hair will grow more quickly while you're relaxed. Exercise can reduce stress and promote hair growth by enhancing blood circulation and increasing testosterone.

Maintain A Beard Grooming Routine

Once you've got your beard looking how you want it, keep it that way with a regular beard-care routine. We suggest the following regimen

  • 1-2 times per week, wash it using a beard wash.
  • After stepping out of the shower, hydrate your beard using a natural beard oil.
  • Brush your beard daily.
  • 1-2 times per week, trim it. Keep things looking tidy and keep an eye out for stray long hairs.

We hope that this how to grow a beard article was useful and provided you with all the information you need to achieve your bearded goals. Don't be shy and send us your before and after pictures of your bearded journey!

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