Jack Black Beard Oil Review - Is It Worth It?

Jack Black Beard Oil Review - Is It Worth It?

As part of our new series of reviewing beard oils, we have chosen to do a Jack Black Beard Oil Review this week. 

The most important aspect of a beard oil is the ingredients.

The ingredients used in a beard oil determine not only the quality but also the benefits that you will gain from your future purchase.

Therefore, I think the first thing we should look at is the Jack Black Beard Oil Ingredients. 

Jack Black Beard Oil Ingredients

Like I have said, the first thing we need to look at when it comes to a beard oil is the ingredients.

You can always tell the quality of a beard oil by looking at the carrier oils used in the beard oil and you ALWAYS want to see if a beard oil contains any additives or fillers in them. 

If you find a beard oil contains additives or fillers, then it would best to leave that product and find one that isn't. 

Your facial hair and skin is sensitive and fragile, you never want to use anything on either unless you know it's made from all-natural ingredients. 

As part of this jack black beard oil review, I will share with you some of the best benefits of the ingredients used in this beard oil. 

Jack Black Beard Oil is enriched with Kalahari Melon Oil, Plum Oil, Marula Oil as well as Vitamin E, all extremely great oils for your facial hair and skin. 

Kalahari Melon Oil and Marula Oil are very rich in fatty acids, both oils are fast-absorbing, meaning they absorb into the skin beneath your beard quickly, which is what you want from a beard oil, otherwise you could end up sporting a greasy looking man mane which of course, we want to avoid. So that is a great benefit from this beard oil already. 

Both Kalahari Melon Oil and Marula Oil offer excellent moisturising properties and are known to soften facial hair and smooth the skin beneath the beard.

If you suffer from dry facial hair or dry skin beneath your beard, then these oils will certainly eliminate that dryness and replace it with well-hydrated facial hair and skin. 

Brown Algae and Carrot Extract are also included in this premium beard oil and they are known as powerful antioxidants which will help protect your beard from free radicals which can cause damage to your beard. 

As an extra antioxidant boost, Jack Black Beard Oil also included Vitamin E which is one of, if not the best antioxidant you can get in a beard oil. 

Another high-quality ingredient added to this beard oil blend is Plum Oil. Plum oil really helps to softens dry and brittle beard hair and helps to add some shine to your beard. 

Therefore, if you find that your facial hair is dry and brittle, Plum oil will really help in healing and softening the hairs from the root upwards. 

The last Jack Black Beard Oil Ingredient I wish to talk about is Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil. This oil is amazingly powerful for promoting beard growth as it stimulates blood circulation to your beard portion of your face. It also packs a punch in terms of excellent moisturizing properties for the skin beneath your beard. 

Jack Black Beard Oil Use

Jack Black claim that this beard oil is one of the best on the market for moisturising and hydrating your skin beneath your beard and surprisingly we have to agree with the Jack Black claim.

This beard oil is certainly top of the range when it comes to beard oils, you only need to use a drop or two each time you use it, which is what I did for a month.

It is important to make sure you rub the oil gentle but thoroughly through your beard and massage the oil into the skin beneath the beard.

I must admit that I noticed a difference in the look and feel of my beard after around a week of use.

I purposely allowed my beard to become a little dry prior to testing this product because of the great reputation it is has. I really wanted to put it to the test.

After around a week, my dry beard was becoming increasingly less itchy and felt more moisturized.

A quality I really liked about the beard oil is the conditioning elements, the beard oil comes packed with antioxidants including Vitamin E which helps protect the beard from free radicals which is a great benefit. 

You will find after rubbing in a couple of drops of this premium beard oil into your beard and skin, that your beard will look more energized and healthy. This makes the product perfect for someone with a dry, coarse beard. 

Are you are someone who suffers from a dry and itchy beard? If so, I would certainly recommend you try out Jack Black's Beard Oil, as one of the ingredients in this beard oil is Plum Oil, which is known for its quality softening and moisturising properties.

Jack Black Beard Oil Review Scent

As part of this jack black beard oil review, I would like to talk about the scent of this product. If you have read one of our beard grooming product reviews before then you know we always look at the scent of a product.

The last thing you want with a beard oil is an over-whelming scent, it will either clash with your cologne or become too much for your nose to handle.

But, I have to say, I was not left disappointed by the scent of this beard oil. The scent is definitely on point.

It is not over-whelming and it leaves your beard smelling quite fresh. 

The best way I can describe the scent is if you have ever had your beard groomed in a proper gentlemen's barber shop, then you will know the nice scented beard oils they use and how they make you feel, I would certainly put Jack Black's Beard Oil in that league 100%. 

Jack Black Beard Oil Price

Now this Beard Oil is pretty costly in comparison to many other Beard Oils, as Jack Black Beard Oil costs around $25 for one ounce and I know many of you reading this will think that is far too expensive.

But I must defend the price tag, you are paying for quality.

They are cheaper alternatives out there for sure but for me personally, they wouldn't compare to this beard oil

And I am a big believer that the more goodness and quality you supply your beard, the healthier and more glorious the beard will be. 

And that sums up our Jack Black Beard Oil Review. I sincerely hope this review supplied you with all the information you need to decide whether to purchase this premium beard oil. 

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