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Beard Grooming for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Beard Grooming for Beginners

When you’re new to the beard game, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to making sure your beard looks its best. However, grooming your beard properly doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing—in fact, it can be quite fun! As someone who was once also in the beginner stage of beard ownership, I’ve learned some tips and tricks for proper beard grooming that I’d like to share with you today in this ultimate guide to beard grooming for beginners. 

beard grooming for beginners

Beard grooming does take a little time to get used too and forming a daily routine. On average, it takes around 66 days for a certain behaviour to become a habit if done daily, therefore consistency is certainly key for forming a good beard grooming routine. 

Growing and maintaining a beard is a lifestyle choice as it is an extension of your character and personality. It is for this reason, that we need to take proper care of our beards. 

Why Groom Your Beard

Although beard grooming might seem like a daunting task, its actually very simple and easy. The most important part of your beard is how you groom it and take care of it.

Not only does it make you look better, but if done correctly can make your beard grow much faster and in a healthier way.

In order to have a great looking beard you will need to learn how to style your beard, wash your face with good products, trimming your facial hair properly and more!

All of these tips will help keep your skin healthy while growing out that epic mane!

In addition knowing what not to do will also help grow a great looking, healthy beard.

If you want a long lasting beautiful mane then be sure not to pick up these habits early on in your journey.

Products You Will Need And Why?

Below we will go through each product you will need and why in order to grow an exceptional beard!

Beard Wash

If you’re interested in beard grooming, one of your first steps is going to be picking out a good beard wash.

When it comes to washing your beard, most men use their regular shampoo—and that’s your choice (we personally don't recommend it).

However, most shampoos contain sulfates and other chemicals that can dry out and irritate your facial hair and the skin beneath your beard.

If you have sensitive skin or just want a better beard wash, we recommend getting a sulfate-free gentle cleanser made specifically for facial hair.

These are very popular among men with beards since they clean your beard, help reduce dandruff and beard itch as well as other irritations caused by buildup on your face, without stripping out your beards natural oils. They also smell great too! 

We recommend you look for a good quality wash that contains natural ingredients without synthetic chemicals like our Premium Beard Wash.

Beard Oil

If you want your beard to be soft and shiny, there are a few products you can use. One is beard oil.

This kind of product is basically like hair oil, only it’s specifically made for beards.

The main purpose of beard oil is to keep your facial hair feeling and looking healthy and reduce irritations like itchiness associated with having a beard.

One of beard oil’s biggest benefits is its ability to condition your skin underneath your beard. It moisturizes, soothes, and nourishes—the key ingredients in most oils are either carrier oils like jojoba or argan oils.

Carrier oils nourish skin cells by facilitating absorption into them without clogging pores, which makes them perfect for beards because they need moisture just as much as other parts of your body do.

Beard oil can even improve overall health by strengthening hair follicles, nourishing hair roots, and improving circulation in your face.

Just make sure not to apply too much! A little bit goes a long way in terms of keeping your beard conditioned.

As far as tips on using beard oil go, you should always apply it after showering while your face is still slightly damp.


It helps distribute oil throughout your beard more evenly so that each strand gets an even amount of hydration.

Beard Balm 

Beard balm is simply a leave-in conditioner that helps promote softer, smoother facial hair.

If you've never used beard balm on your beard before, don't fret!

Beard balms are thicker than beard oils, meaning they’re better at protecting your skin from drying out—especially if you have coarse facial hair or live in a cold climate.

A balm usually contains beeswax also helps you look sharp by keeping stray hairs in place.

A balm contains carrier oils like beard oils, but they also contain some form of wax and butters. 

These butters are perfect for conditioning your facial hair and supply the hair strands with healthy fats, proteins as well as vitamins/minerals.

It is these nutrients that will create a healthy beard and encourage more growth.

Be careful when applying it though, since too much can make your beard look greasy.

Beard Brush 

A good beard brush is one of your best tools in grooming a beard.

In fact, it's more important than you may think! The goal of using a beard brush is to distribute your hair's natural oils from your roots all through its length. It also helps get rid of loose hair that falls from your face into a sink.

A proper beard brush will help tame even some of most unruly beards out there while promoting healthy facial hair growth and preventing ingrown hairs.

Here are a few tips on how to pick a right one: keep in mind that brushes can come in different materials, but pure boar bristle remains one of the favorites because it lasts longer and comes at an affordable price point.

You want something soft enough to handle beard prickles easily but tough enough not to lose shape after regular usage. Also, pay attention whether bristles are flexible or stiffer—the latter work better on really short beards as they can penetrate thee whiskers better, but if you have long facial hair, go for something softer.

Finally, always dry your brush thoroughly after each use by hanging it upside down or leaning against a wall—this will extend its life expectancy significantly.

Beard Comb

A beard comb is a must-have for any man with facial hair.

You'll want one with strong enough teeth that it can catch any tangles, but fine enough that it won't pull out your facial hair.

We recommend that you use wooden combs and not plastic beard combs. The reason for this, is that plastic beard combs tend to damage facial hair and the teeth can cause damage to the skin beneath your beard which can cause you all sorts of problems. 

Wooden beard combs come in different sizes depending on how long you'd like your beard; choose one appropriate for your goal length before starting out.

A great starter comb is our Wooden Comb—it's affordable, high quality, and will last quite some time before needing replacing.

Beard Trimmer

Every bearded man invests into a quality beard trimmer. Whether you are looking to sport stubble or a full-blown beard, a beard trimmer is a must have!

A quality beard trimmer will help you keep your beard in check when it starts to grow out, which can be quite a few times the first year of growing a beard. 

Our biggest tip when it comes to beard trimmers is Invest in a high quality one and keep it well-sharpened, this way it will last you for years.

It can be tempting to buy one that is cheap, but trust us, you will regret it down the road. 

The blades on cheaper beard trimmers are not sharp nor a good quality, meaning it can cause big damage to your facial hair which you want to avoid at all costs if you plan on growing an exceptional man mane. 

We suggest you find a beard trimmer that is of a high quality but not a bank breaker. You don't need anything fancy when you start out!

Putting Them All Together

So now we know which beard care products you should invest in. It is time to put them together into an awesome beard grooming routine which will benefit your man mane the best. 

Below is a step-by-step guide for you to follow:

Step 1: Wash your beard

The first step is to wash your beard using your chosen beard wash. Whilst in the shower, wet your beard and apply a small amount of beard wash to your beard, making sure you cleanse it thoroughly. After, wash all the soap out of our beard. 

Step 2: Comb your beard.

Now your beard is washed, it is time to comb it to get any tangles out. It is important that you comb your beard slowly and gently using your wooden beard comb so that you don't damage your beard hairs or pull any out. 

Step 3: Towel dry your beard until it is slightly damp.

Now you have washed your beard and combed it, it is now time to jump out the showwer and dry your beardd. Using a towel, pat your beard dry until it is slightly damp. The reason you want your beard slightly damp is because the beard oil will spread easier and absorb better. 

Step 4: Apply your beard oil

So your beard is slightly damp and you are ready to apply your beard oil. Rub a few drops of beard oil between your palms and apply the oil to your facial hair. You want to make sure that you apply the beard oil throughout your beard and make sure to apply some oil on the skin beneath your beard. This will moisture the skin and prevent it from drying out. 

Step 5: Brush your beard.

Now the beard oil is applied, use your brush, preferable your boar's brush and brush your beard, this will help to make sure the whole beard is covered evenly and help tame some spray hairs. 

Step 6: Apply a small amount of beard balm. 

Apply a fingernails worth of beard balm and rub it between your palms, this will hep melt the balm so it will apply and absorb better. Once the balm is melted, apply the balm to your beard, making sure you cover your whole beard. Balm is best for facial hairs and helping to style your beard. If you don't wish to style your beard then beard oil should be sufficient enough. 

Step 7: Style your beard.

Using your boar's brush, start brushing your beard again, this will help the balm spread evenly. After 30 seconds of brushing the balm into your beard, you can then brush your beard to your desired style. 

And you are finished...

For the first week, this may take you a little time, but as you do it more often, it'll get quicker and quicker, taking you a few minutes each morning.

10 Important Beard Grooming For Beginners Tips: 

1. You should not shape nor trim your beard within the first 8 weeks of growing a beard. This also goes for the men who are wanting to grow stubble. The reason for this is because you want your beard to grow evenly first. Within the first weeks of growing your beard, you'll notice thicker and longer growth in certain area's, which is known as the "awkward phase".

2. Using store-bought head hair shampoos on your facial hair will remove your beards important natural oils, which will dry your beard out, potentially turning your facial hair brittle and coarse.

The solution? 

Use a beard wash specially formulated for your facial hair. Beard washes will thoroughly cleanse your beard but they won't remove the natural oils or cause dryness. 

3. If you are seeking a soft beard and a beard with a slight shine to it, use a quality beard balm

4. If you notice your beard becomes less manageable, then try using a beard balm. The butters will soften the facial hairs, making them much more manageable. 

5. Beard oil is actually formulated for the skin beneath your beard. The health of the skin beneath your beard is very important if you wish to grow a healthy man mane. 

6. Eating plenty of protein, fruit and vegetables will supply your body with what it needs to stimulate faster beard growth.

7. Always apply beard oil and beard balm on a beard that is slightly damp, it will spread better, absorb quicker and help lock the moisture in. 

8. When you decide to trim your beard, always style it first, this will prevent you from taking too much off. 

9. If you want to grow an exceptional beard, learn and stick to a beard grooming routine, even if you only rock stubble. 

10. If you begin to experience beard itch and/or dandruff, chances are, the skin beneath your beard is lacking moisture. 

The solution?

Start using beard oil, the oils will supply high levels of moisture which should reduce any irritation. 

Frequently Asked Questions Newbies Ask

In this section, I am going to share some of the most frequently asked questions we receive almost daily from beginners within the beard-game. 

Does Shaving Make Your Beard Grow Faster And Quicker?

Unfortunately no! The only thing shaving does is slow down your efforts to grow a beard. 

Good nutrition and proper beard care can help increase beard growth over-time. 

There isn't anything that can help you grow a thicker beard. Your genetics decide whether you will grow a thick or thin beard I'm afraid. A good beard balm can help your beard look fuller. 

Why Is My Beard So Itchy As It Grows?

There are a few reasons why this may be happening. 

Your Facial Hair Tips:

If you recently shaved using a razor prior to growing your beard, then the facial hair tips will be sharp, as a razor cuts your facial hair at an angle. Therefore, these sharp tips will irritate the skin as it grows, especially if you have curly facial hair. 

The best thing to do is use a beard oil to soothe the irritation on the skin beneath your beard.

Don't worry though, this particular problem shouldn't last more than 2 weeks. 

Dry Skin Beneath Your Beard:

If the skin beneath your beard is dry, you'll notice your beard become more itchy. This is easily fixed, just apply a few drops of beard oil and massage it into the skin underneath your beard. After a few days, the itch should start to reduce as the skin becomes more hydrated. 

Possible Dandruff: 

The skin beneath your beard sheds thousands of dead skin cells everyday, if these are not removed from your beard, they will buildup and cause irritation in the form of an itch. To fix this, simply make sure to wash your beard regularly with a beard wash and keep the skin beneath your beard hydrated with a beard oil.


We hope this guide on beard grooming for beginners was beneficial to you. We have showed you all the best beard grooming products you need in order to grow an exceptional beard. 

The 10 best tips for beginners are important to follow. The difference between a bad and good beard is the care you give it and these tips will certainly help you. 

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