Cremo Beard Oil Review - Is It Worth It?

Welcome to our Cremo Beard Oil Review. 

Cremo Beard Oil Review - Is It Worth It?

What We Love About Cremo Beard Oil:

  • Cremo is an excellent brand, known for their high-quality products.
  • The ingredients used in Cremo's beard oils are superb quality.
  • Contains¬†some of the best moisturising oils, perfect for dry facial hair and dry skin beneath the beard.¬†
  • Promotes softer facial hair, leading to a more manageable beard.
  • Combats beard irritations such as beard itch and dandruff.¬†
  • Helps to heal broken skin beneath the beard.
  • Contains excellent nutrients that promote a healthier beard.
  • Promotes stronger facial hair and strengthens the hair follicles.
  • Perfect beard oil for men who suffer from dry, coarse beards.¬†¬†
  • Budget-friendly and value for money.


If you are looking for quality beard oil that delivers results, then look no further. 

This beard oil is jam-packed with great ingredients that provide you with an exceptional beard.

The revitalizing beard oil is the best one in our opinion due to the added ingredient of tea tree oil which helps calm and prevent common skin irritations under your beard such as beard dandruff and itchiness.

This beard oil contains great moisturising carrier oils, therefore if suffer from a dry beard or dry skin under your beard, this beard oil will work well for you.

Cremo is a fantastic brand known for producing quality products that work and their beard oil is no exception.

If you are looking for a beard oil that softens your beard and keeps irritations at bay, you'd be hard fetched to find a better beard oil. 

Product: Click Here To View Cremo Revitalizing Beard Oil On Amazon

Full Cremo Beard Oil Review

Cremo have been making beard oils and other beard care products for the last few years now.

Today, the Cremo brand is quite largely known amongst the bearded community, but going back only a few years, their brand name wasn't as big in the beard care industry. 

Cremo was in-fact more known for their shaving creams, which were used nationwide wide by barbershops around the U.S. 

Two big questions a few years back when Cremo decided to start a beard care product range and begun making beard oils was, "Will their beard oils be as good as their shaving creams in quality?"or "Will their beard oils be different or just the same as the rest floating about".

Well in short, the answer to the first question is "Yes" and the answer of the second question is "Cremo Beard Oil is different than the most".

Let's dig deeper to see if the Cremo Beard Oil is for you or not...

Firstly, let's run over the Cremo Brand 

Cremo was originally known for their shaving cream, Cremo shaving cream was and still is considered one of the best shaving creams on the market, but in recent years they have begun rolling out their own beard care products.

The shaving cream that they formulated and are very well known for, contains ingredients, which have a really nice scent but also opens the skins pores up, which leads to a great shave. 

I think the pressure was on Cremo, if they were to launch a beard care product range then they had to make sure the beard products were as good as their shaving cream products.

It's fair to say that they did take the beard grooming industry serious because they rolled out some great beard products.

The beard oils for sure, which is why I decided to make a Cremo beard oil review. 

Cremo didn't just design and produce beard oils, they also designed and produced their own beard balm, beard shampoos and conditioners along with their very own beard grooming kit. 

Today, I will focus purely on this Cremo beard oil review and I will do reviews on their other beard care products later on in the year. 

Product: Click Here To View Cremo Revitalizing Beard Oil On Amazon

What To Expect From Cremo Beard Oil

Hydration: Who likes a dry coarse beard that feels like sand paper? Not your partner that's for sure.

No one wants to cuddle up with sand paper and suffer beard burns after a kiss or two.

Good news, this beard oil will sort that right out. Just apply a few drops daily to your facial hair (more if you rock a long, thick beard) and the beard oil will help soften your facial hair and keep your beard hydrated.

Healthy Skin: The skin beneath your beard is very important to the overall health of your beard.

If the skin is unhealthy, you can bet your beard is also.

Therefore, it is important that you supply the skin with good amounts of minerals and vitamins.

Keeping the skin beneath your beard healthy and hydrated will combat and treat irritations such as beardruff and flaky skin.

Upkeep: Beards do not just grow perfectly, they need upkeep.

A beard that isn't kept clean or tamed, is not going to be attractive, quite the opposite in fact.

Practicing general beard grooming will not only make your beard look dapper but it lets the world know you take pride in your beard and appearance.

Cremo beard oil will definitely help you towards that goal.

Cleanliness Of Your Beard: Let's be honest, beards can get pretty dirty.

If you have a long beard, you will know what I mean.

Splashing some water on your beard won't help get rid of the debris and built-up oils and grime.

Of course, the best product for washing your beard is a beard shampoo, hands down.

However, a beard oil can also help you keep it clean and stop your beard from getting tangled, which is usually caused by a dry or dirty beard. 

Product: Click Here To View Cremo Revitalizing Beard Oil On Amazon

beard coffee mugs

Cremo Beard Oil Review - Beard Oil 1

Cremo Beard Oil Forest Blend Review


cremo revitalizing beard oil


This beard oil contains one of the most common scents used in beard oils which is a Forest Blend. This scent gives you a woody vibe, which is very popular among the bearded community. 

If you have ever used the shaving cream by Cremo then you will know the scent can be a little over-whelming. However, they have tamed the scent down with their beard oil, so it is not over-whelming at all.

The scent itself doesn't stick around for long so keep that in mind if you like beard oils that makes you smell good throughout the day.

The natural and essential oils in this version, will soften your beard hairs and hydrate the skin beneath your beard, helping you avoid, or combat the dreaded beard itch phase. 

Some reviews I have seen, claim this beard oil also helps to reduce ingrown hairs within your beard, which is a fairly common problem and isn't a pleasant time. Rarely, I have come across a beard oil that can reduce that problem, so that is a major positive for this beard oil.

I have found this beard oil makes your beard fuller and less coarse. If you wash your beard with standard soaps and head hair shampoos then you will notice your beard becomes dry and brittle. That is because the chemicals in those products, strip the beard hairs and the skin beneath of their natural oils.

The Revitalizing Beard Oil replaces the lost moisture from the natural oils and keeps the skin conditioned, hydrated, and healthy.


Argan oil - This oil is rich in healing benefits so if your beard suffers from split-ends, this oil is useful for you.

Coconut oil and Jojoba oil - If you suffer from a dry beard, then these two oils are perfect for injecting your beard hairs with vast amounts of hydration and deep conditioning benefits. 

Rosemary oil - If you suffer from dry skin beneath your beard then Rosemary oil will help with that. 

In Short:

If you like a beard oil that has a woody scent that isn't over-whelming then this is a great beard oil for you.

The benefits this Cremo beard oil offers are brilliant and you will 100% notice a difference using this beard oil.

Price wise, you are getting value for money. Whilst the bottle is 1 ounce, the quality within that bottle could battle any brand. 

Product: Click Here To View Cremo Revitalizing Beard Oil On Amazon

Cremo Beard Oil Review - Beard Oil 2

Tea Tree Beard Oil with Mint Blend Review

cremo mint blend beard oil

If you are someone who generally suffers from sensitive and irritable skin, with symptoms such as, rashes, acne, rough skin and so on, then this Tea tree beard oil version would be the beard oil you would want.

As this Cremo beard oil contains Tea Tree oil, it contains antiseptic properties that will help fight any skin problems you might suffer from if you have sensitive skin.

This Cremo beard oil will not only keep your beard hairs healthy but also the skin beneath, which is very important for overall beard health. 

This beard oil also offers all the benefits needed to keep your beard hydrated and soft. 

As this beard oil contains mint oil, it will keep your beard feeling fresh and help with soothing the skin under your beard, reducing and soothing any beard itch or dandruff. 

If you want a beard oil that is refreshing and has a nice minty scent that is not overwhelming then this beard oil would be for you. 


Tea Tree Oil - Will help fight any skin irritations, pre-existing or from developing due to it's healing properties.

Mint - Will help keep your beard fresh and help with soothing the skin beneath your beard. 

Argan Oil - This oil is rich in healing benefits and so if you suffer from a damaged beard, then this oil is a must in a beard oil.

Coconut oil and Jojoba oil - If you suffer from a dry beard, then these two oils are perfect for injecting your beard hairs with good amounts of hydration and conditioning benefits. 

In Short:

I would recommend this beard oil if you suffer from sensitive skin. It also helps fight and prevent beard itch, as well as helping your beard stay hydrated and healthy. The mint will add to keeping the skin beneath your beard soothed and healthy. 

Product: Click Here To View Cremo Tea Tree Mint Blend Beard Oil On Amazon

Cremo Beard Oil Review - Beard Oil 3

The Unscented Cremo Beard Oil


cremo unscented beard oil

If you want a beard oil that contains all the hydration and nourishing benefits of the first beard oil we have spoken about on this Cremo Beard Oil Review but without the woody scent, then you will want this beard oil.

Personally, although I test many different beard oils with their different scents, I prefer beard oils that don't have an added scent. 

You always still get a slight scent with unscented beard oils due to the essential oils, but ever so slightly and they don't interfere with your cologne. 


Argan oil - This oil is rich in healing benefits and so if you suffer from a damaged beard, then this oil is a must in a beard oil. 

Coconut oil and Jojoba oil - If you suffer from a dry beard, then these two oils are perfect for injecting your beard hairs with extreme hydration and deep conditioning. 

Rosemary oil - If you suffer from dry skin beneath your beard then Rosemary oil will help with that. How do I know if my skin is dry beneath my beard? Simple, you will suffer from beardruff (Beard Dandruff).

How Much Of This Beard Oil Should I Use?

The answer to this question, depends on many factors. Where you are in your beard journey, the condition of your beard and so on.

However, we will share with you our general rule of thumb on how much beard oil you should use so that you at least have some idea.

Obviously the longer your beard, the more drops you'll need.

The same if your beard is in a bad condition, you will most likely need to apply an additional couple of drops to make sure your beard hairs and skin are well coated.

I would also recommend, if you wash your beard with normal bar soaps and head hair shampoos, that you stop straight away as they will cause damage to your facial hairs, which will make your beard unhealthy and coarse, this will lead to you needing to pay out more money on beard oils. 

This is our rule of thumb on how much beard oil you should use depending on what stage you are currently in on your beard journey:

  • 1 to 4 weeks ‚Äď 2 to 3 drops
  • 4 weeks to 3 months ‚Äď 4 to 6 drops
  • 3 months to 8 months ‚Äď 6 to 8 drops
  • 8 months¬†plus ‚Äď 8 to 12 drops

Keep in mind that it may be a good idea to start using beard oil on stubble, if you are starting out, reason being beard oil will keep your skin healthy, which will produce healthier beard hairs, leading to less problems as it grows out. 

If you would like to learn more about beard oil and it's benefits or you have some questions regarding beard oil, then check out my Beard Oil - The Complete Guide article, where I answer all the most common questions regarding beard oil as well as all the benefits of using beard oil.

Product: Click Here To View Cremo Revitalizing Beard Oil On Amazon

2 Important Tips Of Using Beard Oil

Tip #1: Apply Gently

Not only do we hear about it, we also see it done countless times.

Some bearded men think it is a great idea to slap beard oil on and rub so hard, they take half their beard off.

Not only is it painful but it also damages your facial hair.

When using beard oil, it is essential to gently massage the oil into your beard and skin, making sure you cover the whole bearded area evenly. 

Tip #2: Over-Usage

If a greasy beard and clogged pores is your aim, then please continue to keep using far more oil than is actually needed.

The average beard length only needs two - three drops at one time, providing you are using a good quality beard oil. 

Product: Click Here To View Cremo Revitalizing Beard Oil On Amazon

Should I Use Beard Oil Or Beard Balm?

We get asked this question everyday by bearded men emailing in,

In fact it is without a doubt the most common question in an email we receive. 

First off, both are great products providing you are using a beard oil or balm that is made from quality all-natural ingredients, none of these cheap silicone based (yes silicone, I couldn't believe it either when I found out some years back) or crap filler beard oils or balms.

If you use a quality beard oil or balm, your beard will look better, shinier and overall more healthy. 

It really depends what you are looking for in a product as to whether you want a beard oil or beard balm. 

If you are seeking a product that will condition your beard, keeping your beard hairs hydrated, whilst keeping the skin beneath your beard healthy, then a beard oil would be best.

If you are looking for a product that will hydrate your beard but be able to give your beard some hold and style then I would suggest a beard balm.

The reason you want a beard balm if you are looking to add a little style to your beard or you need some hold to your beard is because beard balm contains some kind of wax, usually beeswax.

Beeswax is sticky and so it will stick to most of your facial hairs, keeping them in place.

If you have stubble, a short beard, or you don't need to style your beard, then I would suggest a beard oil. 

Product: Click Here To View Cremo Revitalizing Beard Oil On Amazon

beard cups

Last Words

I hope that you have enjoyed this Cremo Beard Oil Review and that I was able to help you with your queries and your decision on this Cremo beard oil.

Until the next beard product review, farewell, thank you for visiting and stay safe!

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