Best Damn Beard Oil Review - Is It Worth It?

Welcome to our Best Damn Beard Oil Review.

Best Damn Beard Oil Review - Is It Worth It?

What We Love About Best Damn Beard Oil

  • Excellent moisturiser for the skin beneath your beard.
  • Provides excellent nourishment to the skin under your beard, which will promote a stronger and healthier beard.
  • Conditions and softens the facial hair, perfect if you suffer from a dry beard.
  • Reduces inflammation and prevents beard irritations such as acne, dandruff and itchiness.
  • Extremely¬†rich in antioxidants, perfect for fighting off harmful free-radicals in your beard.¬†
  • Great for¬†repairing and strengthening facial hair and the skin beneath your beard.
  • Provides¬†a healthy, slight shine¬†to your beard.
  • Helps to make your beard much more manageable.¬†


What is there not to love about the Best Damn Beard Oil? It certainly lives up to it's name! 

If you are looking for a beard oil which will moisturise and soften your beard, then look no further. It also supplies a great amount of nutrients to the skin beneath your beard which is very important for your beards health and for preventing beard irritations such as dandruff, itchiness and broken skin.

It is a little expensive but worth every cent in our opinion. A common problem when growing or maintaining a beard is dryness, it causes the skin beneath the beard to break and is usually partnered with a terrible itch.

This beard oil will supply your beard and skin with vast amounts of excellent hydration benefits which will help prevent any dryness from occurring. 

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Full Best Damn Beard Oil Review

Before we dive into this Best Damn Beard Oil Review, we have to take a moment and admire the name that Duke Cannon Supply Co have chosen for this beard oil. "Best Damn Beard Oil" it certainly captured my eyes when I was looking through a list of beard oils. 

But the real question is...

Is it really the best damn beard oil?

That is the question I am sure you are all wondering and I promise you by the end of this in-depth review, you will have your answer. 

Before we look into this beard oil, I would like to give a special mention to Duke Cannon Supply Co because a portion of their proceeds from this beard oil benefits U.S. Veterans, which Beard Beasts really admires. 

Is The Best Damn Beard Oil A Good Beard Oil?

Something I like straight away with this beard oil is the amount of product you get, usually a bottle of beard oil comes in a 1-2 ounce bottle, whereas, Duke Cannon's Best Damn Beard Oil is supplied in a 3 ounce bottle which is quite impressive.

The scent that this beard oil comes in is called "Redwood". The scent reminds me of fresh cedar, which is convenient as the beard oil is meant to remind you of the outdoors. 

The ingredients used to make this beard oil are of a very high standard and offer some superb benefits.

There's no doubt, I'd class this beard oil as a premium beard oil.

I believe that this beard oil contains properties that would provide great benefits to most bearded men.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, then I would advise that you use with caution due to the orange and clove essential oils. 

If you suffer from a dry beard, then you can't go wrong with this beard oil.

The conditioning and moisturising benefits contained in this premium 3 ounce bottle of beard oil will certainly combat and prevent beard or skin dryness conditions. 

It contains natural ingredients renowned to soften facial hair. Therefore, this beard oil would benefit bearded men who suffer a rough, coarse beard. 

The Best Damn Beard Oil will set you back around 30 bucks, which may seem a lot of money for a beard oil, but you are paying for quality and quantity, so we have to defend the price. 

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Best Damn Beard Oil Ingredients

If you have read one of our beard care product reviews before, then you know we concentrate a lot on the ingredients used. The ingredients used will determine the benefits you will gain and tell us the quality of the beard oil. 

Let's not waste any time and jump straight into the Best Damn Beard Oil Ingredients:

I will list the key ingredients and the benefits that your beard will gain from each one. 

Apricot Kernel Oil:

Apricot kernel oil is considered a light oil that contains rich amounts of oleic acid, which easily-absorbs into the hair follicles and skin beneath your beard and stimulates hair and cell growth. Apricot kernel oil also contains excellent amounts of vitamins, like Vitamins A and E, which are perfect for maintaining healthy facial hair and skin.

Benefits Of Apricot Kernel Oil For Your Beard:

  • Moisturises¬†and softens facial hair
  • Provides¬†a slight shine for your beard
  • Promotes facial hair growth
  • Renowned for its¬†conditioning benefits.¬†
  • Helps to manage unruly beards.

Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil is one of the best oils for your beard, it benefits your beard by conditioning your facial hair and moisturising the skin beneath your beard. Another benefit of Jojoba oil is the fact it contains loads of vitamins which helps keep your beard nice and healthy. Again, this oil is light like Apricot kernel oil so it doesn't leave greasy residue in your beard and it safe to leave in your beard.

Benefits Of Jojoba Oil For Your Beard:

  • Excellent moisturiser for the skin beneath your beard.
  • Provides excellent nourishment to the skin under your beard.¬†
  • Helps treat and prevent acne, beard dandruff, beard itch and more.
  • Promotes facial hair growth.¬†
  • Conditions and softens the facial hair, perfect if you suffer from a dry beard.

Argan Oil:

Argan oil is another excellent oil to have in your beard oil. This oil is extremely well known for its amazing repairing and strengthening benefits to facial hair, making it an ingredient you should look for in any beard care product, especially if you have damaged facial hair or wiry facial hairs. Argan oil is super rich in antioxidants, which makes this oil great for fending off free-radicals lurking in your facial hair.

Benefits Of Argan Oil For Your Beard:

  • Perfect moisturiser for the skin beneath your beard.
  • Incredible oil for repairing and strengthening skin and facial hair.
  • Packs a punch in terms of nutrients supplied to the skin and facial hair.¬†
  • Reduces inflammation and prevents beard irritations such as acne, dandruff and more.
  • Super rich in antioxidants.¬†

Rosemary Extract:

Rosemary extract contains great conditioning benefits for the skin beneath your beard. It supplies plenty of nutrients for the skin which helps make the skin under the beard healthy. Rosemary extract helps to increase the blood circulation to the bearded area which in return encourages and increases beard growth. 

Benefits Of Rosemary Extract For Your Beard:

  • Superb conditioning¬†benefits for the skin beneath your skin.¬†
  • Promotes soft facial hair.
  • Provides nutrients to the skin.¬†
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Promotes blood circulation which increases beard growth.

Other ingredients included in the Best Damn Best Oil:

  • Hydrated Silica
  • Mixed Tocopherols
  • Calendula Extract
  • Orange Essential Oil
  • Clove Essential Oil
  • Cedarwood Amber Fragrance

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How To Use Best Damn Beard Oil

Below I will go step-by-step on how to use best damn beard oil.

Step 1: Wash your beard using a beard wash.

It is a beard law that you only apply beard care products on a clean beard, otherwise you end up rubbing oils into a dirty beard, which goes against the reason we want to use beard oil in the first place.

We also recommend that you do not wash your beard using a head hair shampoo. These typically contain harsh chemicals that strip away your natural oils which is the leading cause of beard dryness. 

Step 2: Towel-dry your beard until it is slightly damp. 

Once you've wash your beard, you want to towel-dry your beard until it is slightly damp. The reason you want your beard slightly damp is because it will absorb the beard oil much better plus it makes the oil easier to spread. 

Step 3: Pour a couple drops of beard into your palms and rub together.

Pour 2 or 3 drops of beard oil into the palm of your hand and then rub both palms together. The objective here is to warm the oil up so that it spreads evenly across your beard. 

Step 4: Apply the beard oil.

Once you have warmed the oil, apply the beard oil to your beard, making sure you apply the oil evenly across your facial hair and it is also important that you massage the oil into the skin beneath your beard. 

Step 5: Beard It!

After you have applied the beard oil, it is time to go about your business while your facial hair and skin reap the benefits and become healthier. 

and that's how to use best damn beard oil. 

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Last Words:

That wraps up our Best Damn Beard Oil Review.

We hope that this review supplied the information you were searching for in regards to this beard oil.

If you have any questions or would like us to review a certain beard oil or beard care product, please feel free to get in contact with us.  

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