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Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil On Your Beard - Beard Beasts

Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil On Your Beard

Coconut is a superfood that has numerous benefits. Coconut is typically found in tropical or warmer regions. Coconut oil is a natural oil that is extracted or derived from coconuts. It has a high saturated fat content of about 83% - 90%. Plus, it is high in lauric acid, due to which it has numerous health benefits.

Coconut oil is popularly known for its fascinating benefits on hair. It is known to help with Alzheimer's and other diseases as well. Coconut oil is also helpful against acne, and other skin-related diseases as the characteristics of coconut oil help reduce inflammation.

Coconut oil is also great for facial hair, but many people are unaware of this fact. Today, we will discuss some of the most important benefits of using coconut oil for facial hair.

Benefits of using coconut oil on your beard

There are numerous benefits of using coconut oil for your beard. Some of the most effective and popular ones are specified below.

Longer and thicker beard

One of the most important reasons for which you should apply coconut oil to your beard is that it helps you get a longer and fuller beard. As mentioned earlier, coconut oil is rich in lauric acid. Due to this, it promotes blood in your facial region and encourages facial hair growth.

  • Moreover, according to science, testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and ketones are the primary hormones responsible for your beard growth.
  • As a matter of fact, coconut oil is one of the oils that is an excellent testosterone and ketones booster.

Testosterone can get damaged because of oxidation, which can affect the growth and structure of your beard. Coconut oil also protects the testosterone hormones from getting damaged by oxidative stress. Hence, coconut oil promotes a longer, healthier, and fuller beard.

Coconut oil also penetrates your skin without any problem and boosts the growth of your hair follicles from the inside. Hence, you should try coconut oil for facial hair.

It helps with dandruff on your beard.

Not caring for your beard can cause your beard to be filled with dandruff. Beard dandruff is known as Beardruff. A dandruff-filled beard does not look good and can cause itchiness. It is one of the most common problems of men having beards.

  • One of the most common reasons due to which Beardruff occurs is because of excessive dryness or excessive oil production.
  • Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer that helps with excessive sebum production and simultaneously nourishes your skin.

It has fatty acid properties and it also blends quickly with your skin and hair follicles to help you eliminate dandruff on your beard.

As using coconut for facial hair helps reduce beard dandruff, you experience less itch and feel comfortable. It also makes your beard look shiny and hydrated. Try to use coconut oil for facial hair now and then, particularly after taking a shower.

Softer beard

Another benefit of using coconut oil for facial hair is that it helps you have a softer beard. Most of the time, when you touch your beard, it feels like someone has stabbed you with hundreds of tiny needles. To avoid this and make your beard softer, you must incorporate coconut oil into your daily routine.

  • Applying coconut oil will considerably soften your beard as it is high in lauric acid.
  • Moreover, the moisturizing characteristics of the famous coconut oil make hydrates the hair follicles of your beard and make them soft.

As mentioned earlier, coconut oil can be easily penetrated into your skin because of its chemical structure. It deeply nourishes your beard, making it softer than ever.

A softer beard is more manageable and breaks less. Thus, if you want a manly beard, make sure to use coconut oil for facial hair.

Rejuvenates your beard

Frequent sun exposure, pollution, an unhealthy diet, and more factors potentially harm your beard, making it look dull and brittle. Coconut oil is known to have rejuvenating properties, which help you restore the vitality of your beard.

In addition to this, coconut oil is highly protective against UV rays and other pollutants in the environment. Applying coconut on your beard before going out in the sun will act as a protective barrier on your beard.

Antibacterial and antifungal properties

Coconut oil is high in lauric acid and has a fatty acid structure which allows the coconut oil to have numerous antifungal and antibacterial properties. Due to these properties, applying coconut oil to your facial hair ensures that no fungus is present on your beard. And that your beard is bacteria-free.

  • Fungus buildup and other bacteria can cause you to have infections, which can potentially damage both your skin and beard.
  • Thus, using coconut oil for facial hair makes sure that your beard is not being converted into a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria.

Moreover, coconut oil does not clog your pores. So, you do not have to worry about getting acne. In fact, coconut oil is one of the best substances proven helpful to reduce acne and inflammation.

Decrease split ends

Applying coconut oil on your facial hair, typically virgin coconut oil, ensures that your beard does not have any split ends. Even if you do have split ends, using coconut oil for facial hair will decrease their development.

Ideal for shaving/shaping

It has antifungal properties. Virgin coconut oil, in particular, is an excellent aftershave and can be used on shave cuts. Plus, coconut oil acts as a natural lubricant on your skin, which softens your skin and your beard.

It makes the razor smoothly glide against your beard. Therefore, if you want to shave your beard quickly and without any discomfort, make sure to use coconut oil for facial hair.


The above-specified are the top 7 benefits of applying coconut oil to your facial hair. Try to use virgin coconut oil on your beard to get numerous benefits for your beard. Using coconut oil on your beard will help you have a longer, thicker, and darker beard.

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