Bulldog Beard Oil Review - Is It Worth It?

Bulldog Beard Oil Review - Is It Worth It?

The brand known as Bulldog has been around for many years now, 14 in fact. They have been producing really high quality products for the skin care and beard care markets, which have a growing reputation at being some of the best quality products for men.

Today though, we will be doing a bulldog beard oil review. 

The brand Bulldog started in 2006 from a spare room in West London by two friends. In 2007 they launched seven products in a leading supermarket. 3 years later in 2010 they took there products to the U.S market. 10 years later in 2020, there products are available in over 20 countries worldwide and they are continuously growing at a fast rate.

Not bad for a business that started in a spare room in West London.

In fact if you have been in a shop and gone to the toiletries section for men, you would be hard pushed not to see there products. One aspect I love about the Bulldog products, especially there beard oil, is that not only are the products great quality, the price is also great, which in my opinion makes the Bulldog products great value for money. 

The Bulldog Beard Oil comes in a 30 ml bottle which is the equivalent to 1 ounce. The cost of this product is $7.99 on Amazon (US), which is certainly affordable. I believe this product is certainly value for money due to the awesome ingredients it contains. 

Bulldog Beard Oil Ingredients

We can't do a Bulldog Beard Oil Review without looking at the bulldog beard oil ingredients.

The main ingredients that Bulldog use for their beard oil are aloe vera, green tea and camelina oil.

I find that these bulldog beard oil ingredients certainly compliment each other and come packed with a punch in terms of hydration and conditioning properties. 

If you suffer from dry flaky skin or skin irritations under your beard then aloe vera will certainly help due to its impressive healing properties. 

Other awesome ingredients used in this fine product are sweet almond oil, coconut oil, argan oil and jojoba oil. These bulldog beard oil ingredients offer several qualities;

  • They are fast absorbing and non-greasy.
  • They will certainly improve the shine of your beard.
  • All oils in this beard oil offer superb moisturizing and conditioning properties so if you suffer from any common beard problems, such as beard itch, dry skin, dandruff etc, this beard oil will certainly help you. 
  • These ingredients are known as "light oils".
  • Perfect beard oil for everyday application. 

If you use Bulldog products then you will know that they all have the same similar scent and this beard oil packs the same scent.

The scent is not over-whelming and is actually quite pleasant. It will not interfere with your cologne if you wear any, which if you have read any of our other beard oil reviews, you know is a big element we look at in a beard oil. 

Beard Beasts Verdict:

For a brand that started in a spare room in 2006 they are amazing. I personally love the brand and they offer many brilliant products, not just for beards. The beard oil is definitely value for money in our eyes. 

The ingredients used in this Bulldog beard oil are awesome. There are some really amazing oils packed into this beard oil that will certainly moisturize and condition your beard and the skin beneath it. I like the fact these ingredients are fast absorbing, I think that is very important for a beard oil.

The quicker the oils absorb into your facial hair fibers and your skin, the better, as it won't leave you with that greasy look.

The scent is great, not over-whelming, therefore, doesn't interfere with your cologne.

All in all a great beard oil that will have your beard and your skin beneath your beard healthy in no time. 

We've come to the end of this Bulldog Beard Oil Review. I sincerely hope this Bulldog Beard Oil Review has helped you and provided you with some great insights into this beard oil and the Bulldog brand.