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how to fix a brittle and dry beard

Dry Beard? How To Fix A Brittle & Dry Beard

When you grow a beard, you do so to look and feel great. So when your beard become brittle and dry, you may be tempted to shave it off. Your partner may also complain about that dry beard as kissing and cuddling might not be a nice experience for them either. Therefore, we need to do something about it. We recommend the first thing you do is figure out why your beard has become brittle and dry, then work towards fixing it.

How To Properly Use Beard Care Products To Soften And Repair Your Beard

I think it is a good idea to cover how to use beard care products properly in terms of a routine to soften and repair your beard. Below we have put together a step-by-step guide that you can use which will soften and repair your damaged beard. 

Step 1. Wash your beard using an all natural beard wash. You want a beard wash which is gentle and can be used daily. 

Step 2. After you have washed your beard, you will want to apply a beard conditioner to your beard. I suggest you take a look at the best beard conditioners and choose one which you like. 

Step 3. Apply and massage an all natural beard oil to the skin beneath your beard. Many men believe beard oils are for your facial hairs, they are in-fact for the skin beneath your beard, as the oils in beard oils, replace the skins natural oils. 

Step 4. Apply and massage a natural beard balm to your facial hairs. Beard balms contain butters which help soften facial hairs and provide deep conditioning properties. Beard balm benefits are not short in numbers, beard balm contains great benefits for your beard.

Step 5. Using a beard comb or beard brush, comb/brush the beard balm into your beard. The balm will form a protective layer on your facial hairs which will lock the moisture in. 

This 5 step routine is easy and quick, it will not take you longer than 5 minutes. The reason we suggest step 5 is because combing/brushing a product into your beard will help the product distribute evenly, covering the whole bearded area. 

Why Is My Beard Dry, Brittle And Itchy?

There are many different reasons as to why your beard is dry, brittle and itchy. Whilst we can not list every reason, we list the most common reasons below. Look for the reason you believe to be true to you from the list below and take action.

(If you are suffering purely from an itchy beard, we do have an article explaining why does my beard itch.)

Using The Product To Wash Your Beard

Using bar soaps and head hair shampoos to wash your beard may save you a little money and be more convenient as you probably have these products laying around at home but the truth is, these products strip your facial hair and the skin beneath the beard of their natural oils, which causes a dry beard that turns brittle. We have designed a beard wash that thoroughly cleanses your beard of dirt, sweat and dead skin cells but doesn't remove your natural oils. These natural oils are very important for your beard and skins health. Our plant-based beard wash also adds hydration and helps soften your beard. 

Our beard wash is also gentle enough that it can be used daily. It contains only natural ingredients that benefit skin and hair.  

Are You Letting It Grow Out?

New beards become itchy, that is a fact. If you are new to growing a beard and your beard is not even 4 weeks into growth, your skin will be sensitive to the sharp ends of your facial hairs. It is important to know that this itchy stage will pass within a few weeks and there is also something you can do to help reduce this itch. Apply and massage beard oil into the skin beneath your beard will help reduce the itch by soothing the skin and providing nutrients to the hair follicles which will promote healthier and softer beard growth. 

If you are not sure about using a beard oil, we recommend you look at the benefits of using beard oil before deciding whether the product is for you or not.

Our premium beard oil contains excellent moisturizing and softening carrier oils which help reduce and prevent beard itch. 

If this is your first time growing a beard, we have an article on faster beard growth which you may find useful on your bearded journey.

Are You Dehydrated?

Our bodies rely on intake of water, that's no secret. Men should aim to drink around 3.5 litres of water each day. When our bodies are fully hydrated they work far better, we all know that yet many of us still don't keep hydrated. Now you may be thinking "what has water got to do with my brittle beard?" well quite a lot actually. 

One of most common reasons for a dry, brittle beard is dehydration. If our bodies are not hydrated, then our bodies will use water to for the most important functions it needs to perform, rather than supply water the hair follicles. If your hair follicles do not get a good supply of water internally, your beard and skin will start to become dry, which will cause your beards health to decline, leading to a brittle beard. 

So simply by increasing your intake of water, you can help hydrate your beard internally. 

Do You Have Split Ends?

Even if your facial hair is moisturized and soft, it can still feel like a cactus to your partner if your facial hair is suffering from split ends. We recommend that you visit your barber every 6-8 weeks for a little trim and keep the split ends to the absolute minimum. Before you say you are growing your beard out, you still need the occasional trim and shape up. In fact an occasional trim will keep your facial hairs healthy, promoting better growth. 

You can of course trim your beard at home if you are confident enough. It doesn't take a great deal of time and is very simple if you know what you are doing. 

If this is your first trim or attempt at growing a beard, I would suggest you visit your local barber the first time just to see how they do it. You will also be able to ask your barber any questions you may have about trimming or shaping your beard. 

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are another common reason for a dry beard that also turns brittle. If you live in a place where it is very hot or cold and you do not protect your beard from these conditions properly, then you will suffer from a dry, brittle, beard. Strong winds will also cause your beard to dry out if it isn't protected properly. These weather conditions can also cause your facial hair tips to split, causing split ends. Cold weather conditions can also cause dandruff which occurs when the skin beneath your beard is dry, so looking at how to get rid of beard dandruff can help. 

So how can we help protect your beard from these weather conditions? We suggest you invest into a good beard balm. When you apply a beard balm to your beard, it will create a very thin protective layer on top of your facial hairs, which will keep the moisture in and help protect the beard from these weather conditions. 

Is it important to keep your facial hair soft when you live in hot or cold countries, so finding out how to make your beard soft is important.

Chlorine Or Salt Water Swimming Pools

This is a very common reason during the summer months. If you swim occasional then this will most likely not be the reason, but if you are a keen swimmer who swims in a chlorine or salt water swimming pool 2 or 3 times a week, then this could very well be the reason for your dry and brittle beard. 

Now we are not going to ruin your fun, but we are going to suggest you take a few steps to ensure the chlorine or salt water doesn't dry your beard out completely. 

Once you have finished swimming, we recommend that you wash your beard thoroughly using a good beard wash straight away, this way you will remove most of the chlorine or salt out of your beard. 

Then apply a small amount of beard balm to your beard. The beard balm will supply deep conditioning and hydration to the skin and facial hairs, which will stop your beard from becoming dry and brittle. 

Maybe It's Too Late 

95% of the time, you will be able to save a dry, brittle beard, but if it is too late to repair it, then you may need to shave it off and start again, avoiding past mistakes. If your dry beard is not associated with any of the above, a trip to your barber may be worthwhile.

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