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how to apply beard balm

How To Use Beard Balm

Welcome to todays article where you are going to learn how to use beard balm.

It's no secret that good things don't just happen by random, they require effort.

Maintaining a sleek and healthy beard is no exception.

Many men believe growing a beard is easy compared with constant shaving.

However, whilst growing a beard may require less effort than shaving, maintaining a well-groomed beard does require a lot of work and it also requires two important elements that many men do not have...Patience and Discipline

Thankfully, there are beard products like beard balms that help us achieve a well-groomed beard.

A high quality balm comes with many benefits and functions, which we'll go over in detail during this article as well as how to use beard balm

Google gets thousands of searches a month in regards to how to apply beard balm and while using beard balm isn't complicated, we must know how to use beard balm to maximise the benefits it offers to achieve a healthy and well-groomed beard. 

Before we get into how to use an all natural beard balm, we should fully understand what is beard balm, what does beard balm do, what is beard balm used for along with what are the best ingredients for beard balms. 

What you will find in this article:

  • What is beard balm?
  • What does beard balm do?
  • How to use beard balm.
  • When to use beard balm?
  • How much beard balm to use?
  • How often should you use beard balm?
  • When to start using beard balm?
  • Difference between beard oil and beard balm?
  • Can you use beard oil and beard balm together?
  • Common Beard Balm Ingredients
  • What Is Beard Balm used For?

how to apply beard balm

What Is Beard Balm?

A common question people search for in google is, what is beard balm? So let's take a little time to find out. 

Beard balm has got a little bit of a confusing reputation. But once we remove all the confusion surrounding this product, we find that beard balm is in fact a very simple beard care product. 

Beard balm is a styling product/moisturizer for your facial hairs.

Beard balm is one of the best and most used beard grooming products, due to the fact it is made from a mix of different waxes, butters, carrier oils and essential oils which are designed to help style our beard and make them much more healthy.

Using a beard balm on your beard is like "hitting two birds with one stone", as we are able to guide and keep our beards looking on point due to the beeswax and it also provides much needed moisture, thanks to the butters and carrier oils.

Beard balms are also known as leave-in conditioners thanks to the qualities they offer in long lasting hydration. 

Balms are brilliant beard grooming products which are usually included in most beard grooming kits on the market. A word of advice if you plan on purchasing a beard kit in the near future, always make sure they offer a balm that is made from high quality, all-natural ingredients.

Pro Tip: Before you know how to apply a quality beard balm, you should know what is in your beard balm prior to putting it on your face. 

What Does Beard Balm Do?

We get asked "what does beard balm do" quite a lot by our audience.

What beard balm does is deeply condition our beards, providing much needed hydration to the skin and beard hairs.

It helps to soften our facial hair and because of the beeswax and butters, we are able to add some style to our beard.

Buck Ridge beard balm contains shea butter, sunflower oil to help moisturize and condition the facial hairs and promote growth while beeswax helps to lock in the moisturise.

All the ingredients in an all-natural beard balm are to make your facial hair healthier and stronger.

Now we know what does beard balm do, we can move on to the difference between beard oil and beard balm. 

How To Use Beard Balm

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Step 1. 

Once you have washed your beard using a beard wash and towel dried your beard, it's time to brush/comb your beard, to remove any knots or tangles. 

Once you have brushed your beard, you can now get the beard balm out. 

When applying beard products, it is very important to remember less is more! This is very true when you use beard balm, and one very important lesson when learning how to apply beard balm. 

When you apply beard balm, start small and add more if needed. 

Step 2. 

Most men use their thumb to scoop a small amount of beard balm out the container. The rule to the amount of beard balm to use, is the size of your fingernail.

Once you have the amount you intend to use, rub the balm in the palms of your hands for 20 seconds, this heats the balms as previously stated, making it softer and easier to apply to your beard. 

Step 3. 

Start applying to your beard. Make sure when you apply the balm that you work it into the skin beneath your beard. 

Don't be aggressive when you apply the balm to the skin under your beard, just massage it in gently making sure your fingers are flat. 

Many men massage balm into their beards using their fingertips. This will cause damage if you are overly aggressive in doing so, which is why we recommend you keep your fingers flat.  

Step 4. 

When using and applying beard balm, be sure to start at the base of your beard and work out from there, making sure you cover the entire beard evenly. 

Step 5. 

Use a wooden beard comb (Not Plastic) and begin to gently comb your beard, this will make sure the entire beard is evenly coated.

Whilst doing so, you then can begin to add some style to your beard if you'd like. 

and that is how to apply beard's that simple.  

When To Use Beard Balm

When to use beard balm and knowing how to apply beard balm is vital in gaining its benefits.

We don't believe there is such a thing as a right or wrong time to use beard balm.

There are experts who suggest the best time to use a beard balm is straight after you've had a shower. This is most likely due to the fact most people shower in hot water, which will dry your beard out, so applying the beard balm directly after, will help combat any dryness. 

Beard balm spreads better and absorb easier on a damp beard, so when you get out the shower and dry your beard using a towel, it is always a good idea, to leave your beard a little damp. 

It is also a good idea to comb your beard prior to applying beard products to your beard, as you'll want to remove any loose beard hairs, remove knots and de-tangle your beard. 

A question we get a lot is how often should you use beard balm? 

We recommend that you use balm once a day, you can add a little extra throughout the day if your beard begins to dry up or you feel the hold is starting to give out. 

How often should you use beard balm will also depend on the length and thickness of your beard. If your beard is long then you may find you will need to use more product throughout the day. 

If you beard is short then you'll most likely not need to use any throughout the day after applying your first amount of balm. 

How Much Beard Balm To Use

How much beard balm to use is another question asked to us frequently.

Too many men use far too much balm in their beards and it shows.

When you use too much balm, your beard becomes very greasy looking which really isn't a great look. 

So the answer to how much beard balm to use is a FINGERNAILS worth.

Many bearded men, myself included, use our thumbs fingernail to scoop up a nails worth of balm out the container. 

If you have a short beard, then aim for half a fingernails worth and assess after you've applied it. 

how to apply beard balm

How Often Should You Use Beard Balm

How often should you use a premium beard balm? Another common question we get asked here at Beard Beasts! When it comes to applying products on our hair or skin, it is important to take note of the ingredients, because if they contain harsh ingredients, we don't want to apply them daily.

However, provided you choose a quality all-natural beard balm, that won't be an issue. Therefore, you can use it all day if you want too (we don't recommend using it all day though but certainly once a day) 

As mentioned already, balm offers great deep hydration qualities for your beard and the skin beneath the beard, which treats and prevents common beard problems such as beard itch, dry flaky skin, beard rash and so on.

It also will make your beard nice and soft, offering you some style if needed. 

How often should you use beard balm also depends on your own needs and the length and condition of your beard. However, using beard balm daily will certainly help the health of your beard and not damage it in any way. 

When To Start Using Beard Balm

If you know beard balms already, you'll know beard balm is thicker in consistency than other beard products.

Due to the thickness, beard balms work better on longer beards. We would recommend that you start using beard balms when your facial hair is at least 1 inch in length. 

The main reason we suggest you wait until your beard is at least 1 inch in length prior to using beard balm, is that you will be more likely in need of a product that offers you some hold.

However, if your beard is less than an inch, you will still benefit from the goodness supplied by beard balms.

Balms offer great benefits just like quality beard oils do, such as providing deep hydration, which will help treat and prevent common beard problems, such as beard itch and dry flaky skin. 

Like i've mentioned, beard balms contain beeswax and butters which will give you some hold and enable you to give your beard some style.  

When your beard is at least an inch in length, you will suffer from stray hairs more and you'll find your beard will become a little hard to tame, which is when to start using beard balm.

Whilst beard balms do offer great benefits, a beard oil may be better suited to you if your beard is less than an inch in length, as the consistency will not be as thick and if you use a beard balm on a beard that is less than an inch in length, you might find your beard will look greasy, which isn't a good look. 

What To Keep In Mind Prior To Using Beard Balm

Learn how to gain all of the benefits from an all natural beard balm

Choose a beard balm that only includes all-natural ingredients, no fillers or rubbish ingredients. 

Poor ingredients and fillers can cause more harm to your beard than good, causing skin irritations. 

Choose beard balms that contain all-natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax if you are looking for a beard product to give you some hold, soften your beard hairs and help combat skin irritations such as dry skin. 

Difference Between Beard Oil And Beard Balm

Another very common question we get here at Beard Beasts is "What's the difference between beard oil and beard balm?"

Most beard grooming businesses offer both products, like we do. But many bearded men are not quite sure of what the differences are.

So although this article is on how to use beard balm, I think it may be a good idea to dig a little deeper on the difference between beard oil and beard balm, just so you know you are using the right product for your needs. 

Beard Balm

Have you ever searched "beard oil" on google? There are literally thousands of search results for the term. This is because of how popular beard oil actually is.

Beard balm is made up from the same carrier oils that beard oils are made of.

The difference between the two is that beard balms contain beeswax and natural butters, such as shea butter and cocoa butter. These butters are what makes the creamy texture of balm.

Balms however, offer conditioning properties whilst providing some hold to your beard, which beard oils do not do.

If you suffer from stray hairs, then a beard balm would benefit you a lot more than a beard oil. Balms are also full of fatty proteins which are great for your hair fibers, which beard oils do not possess. 

Beard Oil

If you are a bearded gentlemen who rocks a hydrated beard that stays in place without much attention needed, then a beard oil would most likely be a better fit for you.

The carrier oils supply the skin beneath your beard and facial hair with quality nutrients and vitamins, that beard balms also do have. The difference is your beard will feel a lot lighter using a beard oil as there is no beeswax or butters included. 

Therefore, if you don't need the support in styling and taming, a beard oil will work just as well as a beard balm.

Personally I use both. I tend to use beard balm for the day and beard oil overnight just to give my beard and skin more hydration and nutrients. 

Can You Use Beard Oil And Balm Together?

Grooming experts have been battling this topic "can you use beard oil and balm together?" for some time. 

Some grooming experts suggest using just one of the two, not both. Other grooming experts suggest that using both products together will bring amazing benefits to your beard. 

Beard Beasts suggest that you try it out and see for yourself, as it is one of those cases where people have different opinions and experiences. 

Do You Use Beard Oil And Beard Balm Together? Let us know in the comments! We'd love to know your opinions. 

If you are interested in knowing how to use both a beard oil and beard balm together, we'll give you a walk through now.

There are two main ways in which you can use both of these products together. 

Firstly, using the products together at once.

1. Begin by washing your beard using a beard wash (not head hair shampoo!). 

Never apply beard products like oils and balms to a dirty beard! 

That is a Beard Beasts Holy Beard Rule! 

2. Once you have washed your beard, begin drying your beard using a towel, but leave your beard a little damp. 

3. Now we have a clean and slightly damp beard, we can start with a premium beard oil, a rule of thumb is to start with a couple drops of beard oil, but this depends on the thickness and length of the beard.

Start with a couple of drops and if needed, use a couple more. When you apply beard oil, make sure to massage the oil into the skin beneath your beard. 

4. If your beard is long enough, use a quality beard brush to help spread the beard oil evenly throughout your beard. 

Once you have evenly spread the oil throughout your beard and skin, then we can move onto step 5.

5. Apply the beard balm to your beard, firstly take a fingernails worth of beard balm and then rub it into the palms of your hands for 20 seconds, this will help warm the balm up, which will help it spread better.

Begin to apply the balm to your beard evenly, again, use a beard brush if needed to make sure the beard is evenly coated. The balm will help give some extra hydration and tame the stray hairs. 

If you find that you are losing beard hairs when you brush your beard, do not fear! We lose hair everyday, it is completely normal. 

A tip when choosing a beard comb, stay clear of the plastic combs! They are known to cause damage to your beard hairs. Instead opt to purchase a hand-made wooden beard comb or even look into purchasing a boar's hair brush. 

Secondly, day and night.

The second way that bearded men use the two products together is by using one in the morning and one at night.

Personally we suggest using a beard balm in the morning as it helps combat bed-beard and them stray hairs sticking out. 

Then use a beard oil before bed for its deep hydration qualities and skin repairing qualities. 

And that's how we use both products together. 

Common Beard Balm Ingredients

When you want to know how to use beard balm, it is always essential to know what ingredients are in the balm you are planning to use.

When using beard products, you should always choose a beard balm that contains all-natural ingredients. 

Most high quality beard balms that are made with all-natural ingredients are worth there weight in gold. 

Like with most products available, there are different types of beard balms, that offer different benefits for different hair types, styles and so on. 

Most beard balms however, use some common ingredients, as they are the foundation of a great beard balm.

If you suffer from nut allergies, always read the ingredients, as beard balms usually contain a nutty butter.

A Wax

Most quality beard balms will contain a wax of some sort, most usually beeswax. The reason for beeswax is because it offers a good hold and helps lock in hydration. 

In a balm, you'll find wax is on the lower end of the radio of ingredients used. However, they usually contain enough wax to give your beard a good hold that lasts for a while. 

All-Natural Butters

Most beard balm products contain butters such as shea butter and cocoa butter, although shea butter seems to be the most common butter found in beard balms.

The butters are what give that creamy texture to balms, which makes them easy to use and apply. 

I love beard balms that use shea butter as it offers deep hydration to the hair fibers and the skin under the beard. 

High Quality Carrier Oils

If you are wondering what carrier oils are, they are oils mostly found in beard oils, argan oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and so on.

These oils are generally lightweight oils that offer great nutrients to the beard and the skin beneath the beard.

These oils you definitely want to use on your beard and skin. 

High Quality Essential Oils

Essential oils are what beard grooming brands use to make their products more specific and towards a particular group of people. 

Not only do essential oils smell amazing and make your beard smell great, they also offer great properties.

For example, tea tree oil smells great but also contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties, perfect for damaged skin beneath the beard.

Another example is Peppermint oil, it smells great and gives a cooling effect for the skin, perfect for relieving beard itch and other skin irritations. 

What Is Beard Balm Used For?

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Although throughout this article we have touched on the benefits of using beard balms, it doesn't hurt to take a deeper look into them. 

Prevents and Treats Beardruff (Beard Dandruff)

One of the most common beard problems is beard dandruff, known as beardruff. 

beardruff is caused by dry skin that ends up flaking off as dead skin cells. It is the same kind of dandruff that occurs on your head. The only difference is we don't treat beardruff with head and shoulders shampoo like we would do with our scalps. 

One of the most simplest and easiest ways to prevent beardruff forming is by keeping the skin under our beards hydrated properly. 

Balm is perfect for deeply hydrating the skin beneath your beard, due to the carrier oils and butters. 

Another benefit of beard balm is that it creates a kind of protective layer, that keeps the moisture in, which is a big plus for prevents and treating beardruff.

Therefore, if you want to prevent or treat beardruff, beard balm is a great product for both. 

Prevents Beard Itch

Any man that has grown a beard knows of the dreaded beard itch. 

Beard itch is a very challenging time and is the main reason why a lot of men end up shaving there beard off. 

Beard itch usually lasts for around 2-4 weeks at a time. 

Beard oil is more commonly used to combat and prevent the dreaded beard itch but beard balm can also add extra protection, as it is also known and used as a leave-in conditioner due to the deep moisturising properties it possess.

The beeswax in beard balms helps to retain the hydration also. 

Beard Balm Protects Your Beard From Daily Life Elements

The hair and skin on our head, face and body are vulnerable to daily life elements.

Humidity, coldness, UV rays from sun exposure, are all elements that can damage your beard hair due to protein-loss. 

Thankfully, beard balm can protect your beard from these elements, especially the effects from the cold air of winter and the UV rays from the summer sun. 

How come?

From the protective layer created by beeswax, the carrier oils and butters which hydrate and nourish the beard fibers and the skin under your beard. 

If you live in a very humid area, you'll know that beard frizz can be a common problem, beard balms can help, as they help keep the moisture in the facial hair fibers. 

Increase Volume To Your Beard

We know that growing a thicker beard is a huge challenge and it isn't nice for your confidence when someone mentions how thin your beard looks.

"Bum fluff" was a term I was given by aunt in my early 20s. I still hold a grudge for that comment to this day!

Moving on...

Although beard balm can not make your beard thicker naturally overnight, it can make your beard look fuller. 

The reason for this, is when you use a balm, your hair fibers absorb the fatty proteins from the butters, which makes your hair fibers become more saturated (swollen), which in return makes your beard look fuller.

One tip: Wash your beard, towel dry until your beard is just slightly damp and not soaking wet, then apply the balm. Balms get absorbed better this way. 

So if you have a date and you want your beard to look more manly and fuller, you know what to do! Just make sure you buy one of our beard balms for that tip! ;)

Helps With Taming The Beast And Styling

Beard wax is the best beard product for styling your beard, as balms don't contain as much wax in them. 

However, there is still more than enough beeswax in a high quality beard balm that can help you tame the beast and aid in styling your beard. 

Balms are an excellent back-up if you don't have a beard wax and you need to tame your messy beard. The best way to do this is to apply some beard balm and use a boar's brush or wooden beard comb and brush/comb your beard back into tip-top shape. 

Beard Balm Helps Soften Dry Rough Facial Hair

As previously mentioned in this article, beard balms double up as leave- in conditioners because they condition, hydrate, soften and help towards styling the beast. 

All the above are essential for a well-groomed, healthy beard.

Beard balm is one of the best beard products on the market for softening your facial hair. Balms also help prevent your beard hair from suffering split ends which can affect your beards overall health and growth. 

What I like about balms is that the butters and carrier oils work together and soften your beard and vastly improve your beards health.

Carrier oils replicate your skins natural oil called sebum. Our skin produces sebum to keep itself hydrated. As we grow a beard, the beard hairs pull the sebum away from the skin, leaving it dry, which is why carrier oils are awesome, as they replace the natural oil. 

Our day to day life elements also can cause our skins production of sebum to slow down in production. Cold and dry climates can cause our skin to dry out, so using a beard balm containing carrier oils is a must to replace the sebum. 

Beard Balm Helps Remove Knots And De-tangle The Beard

Any bearded man that suffers from a knotty and tangled beard knows the pain of running a boar's brush or comb through it, it is not a pleasant experience. 

As beard balm softens your beard hairs, it helps eliminate them knots and tangles, leaving you with a better beard to comb or brush without the feeling of ripping your beard hairs out. 

The Lasting Scent

Whilst most beard balms do not hold the same scent, one thing is for sure, they mostly always smell awesome. 

Each beard grooming brand tries to create a scent that isn't easily replicated by other brands, so they hold a unique selling point. 

Out of all the ingredients in a beard balm, it is the essential oils included which provide the scent. Whether you like a sweet scent or a woodsy scent, there is a great smelling scent for everyone.

If you've ever used shea butter and cocoa butter, you'll know they carry there own scent but in a beard balm they are much less noticeable scents. 

That pretty much wraps up our article on how to use beard balm. We have given you as much information as possible to do with beard balms and we hope this article answered any questions you may have had to do with beard balms and how to apply beard balm. 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share in the comment section below.

As always bearded brothers, stay safe and keeping aiming for your goals and dreams! 

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