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Should I Grow A Beard? Here's Why You Should - Beard Beasts

Should I Grow A Beard? Here's Why You Should

When something is popular, it also attracts criticism from others who either don't comprehend the trend or just don't like it. Worldwide, men's desire of growing a beard has skyrocketed. The reason being they are used to express oneself and contribute to the development of a person's style. But not everyone believes this to be a good thing. There is indeed a large contingent that believes beards are simply awesome, but there are also others who would prefer to see beards disappear overnight. Booo!

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Should I Grow A Beard

Fortunately, there are more justifications for growing and maintaining a beard than just fashion, which is great news for guys who love their beards and those who like men who have beards. It's time to inform the haters as well as the people pondering whether or not they should grow a beard of the health benefits of growing a beard by explaining why bearded men are typically healthier than bearded men who shave their facial hair.

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Why You Should Grow A Beard

Restricts UV Rays

Scientific research studies have demonstrated that beards can effectively shield 95% of the sun's Uv rays. Beards not only shield your skin from sunburn, but they will also help in preventing skin cancer.

Shaving Can Cause Acne

There is a very good probability that you have flawless skin below your beard if you have one. Shaving your face contributes in the spread of the germs that causes acne, which is claimed by many. This means that growing a beard and maintaining it properly will promote healthy skin.

Everything Is About Perception

During one study, eight guys intentionally shaved off their facial hair before growing it again. To document the progress, photos were taken at each step of the new beard's growth.

The researchers gathered men and women to see the progress images and receive their feedback after the guys had fully grown their beards back. According to the study, the participants in the study had more favorable perceptions of the males as their beards filled in more fully. As the beards grew fuller, each man was judged as looking more attractive, mature, and healthy.

Increase Your Confidence

Men who are more self-assured typically achieve greater success in all facets of their lives. A man with a beard exudes authority and confidence that is obvious to everyone around him. So, deciding to grow a beard is a method for a man to become more successful and establish higher standards for his life.

An Organic Filter

By keeping microscopic allergens out of their noses, men who develop mustaches benefit from a reduction in the symptoms of illnesses like hay fever and other allergens. That filtration defense is elevated to a whole new level with a beard. In fact, a beard will aid in preventing the same allergens and airborne microorganisms from entering your mouth, improving your general health. A man who has both a beard and a mustache has double the protection that a man with a shaved face does not have. Of course, you also need to take care of your facial hair regularly, and one of the most common grooming techniques for those who grow beards is beard oil.

Keep Looking Youthful

Because of all the protection it provides, a beard can literally operate as a fountain of youth. Your skin will remain healthy for a longer period of time if you have facial hair to protect it from harmful blemishes and a beard to lessen the amount of acne and discolouration on your skin. Your general health will also be improved by the ability of a beard and mustache to keep germs out of your system. In this way, beards help you maintain a youthful appearance and attitude.

Less Wrinkling

Minimizing your sun exposure also helps you avoid developing wrinkles. While not everyone has the option to use a beard to prevent facial wrinkles, those who can benefit from this aesthetic benefit should jump on board and begin growing their beards immediately.

Aids In Reducing The Risk Of Gum Disease

Your mustache and beard are working to lessen your risk of developing gum disease by keeping airborne bacteria away of your mouth. Beards provide a small amount of additional protection that other individuals just do not have against gum disease, yet it should be remembered that brushing your teeth and practising proper oral health care is still the primary method of prevention.

Preserves The Skin's Moisture 

Shaving can produce wounds on your face that eventually lead your skin to become dry by opening up the pores in your skin. Your skin can start to lose moisture and begin to peel in the summer and winter due to exposed pores. All of these problems are avoided and your skin is kept looking great when you grow a beard.

Prevents Bacteria and Other Infections

The pores in your skin are typically shielded when you have a beard from any bacteria that might try to enter and cause an infection. Bacteria can originate from many different places and have the capacity to be very deadly if they can find a way to get on your skin. Shaving creates these openings, allowing all of the bacteria to flood in. Those portals are shut when you grow a beard.

Additional Reasons Why You Should Grow A Beard

man with beard | Should I Grow A Beard

It's A Facial Coat

Are you strong enough to withstand a snowstorm? Nope? Me neither, that why I grew a beard!

Your thermal defense against even the coldest winters can be your awesome beard. (I suppose that's why bears have so much fur.) Try pressing an ice pack to your bearded jaw if you don't trust us. We promise you won't experience anything.

Helps You Stay Cool

A beard is so awesome that it keeps you cool in the summer as well as warm in the winter, making it ideal.

Helps You Focus

In movies, we often see wise elderly men and crafty villains grooming their beards.

It turns out that for a lot of men, growing a beard may be incredibly cathartic. Because it engages their minds, tinkering with their facial hair helps them focus on their work.

Enjoyably Playful

Even if it doesn't improve your ability to think, playing with your beard can still be enjoyable. People with beards enjoy feeling and stroking them, just as those with long hair enjoy having their hair combed and brushed.

Want a cat but the Mrs won't let you? Grow a beard instead!

Perfect For Self-Expression

Do you wish to appear older and wiser? Grow a great beard. Do you desire a rugged, macho appearance? Develop a beard. Do you seek good looks? not only good, but magnificent? Grow a badass beard.

Let's face it, having a well-kept, well-groomed beard can affect how people perceive you and offer you a distinctive appearance. You can grow an awesome beard depending on your sense of fashion to better represent yourself.

Looks Great On Men Generally

Fortunately, most men look fantastic with beards. It's likely that your beard will look excellent on you no matter how you choose to style and grow it.

Complements All Clothing Styles

Beards go well with almost every attire. A beard will always look good, regardless of whether you're trying for a rugged appearance, a dapper look, or even a hippie feel.

Beards Are On All The Men We Admire

The most attractive and manly men sport beards. In all of our books, bearded men are present. Bearded men can also be seen on our televisions.

The beard is just classic.

Helps You Stay Productive By Saving You Time

I'm serious! Shaving is a chore and a task. Rushing it will just result in razor burns and an uneven shave; doing it properly takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, research indicates that the average man will spend 3,350 hours shaving during his lifetime. That amounts to about 5 months of your life! Although maintaining a beard is not simple, it is not useless like shaving.

Get The Girls 

You'll have too many girls swooning over you. Men will aspire to be you. Is there truly a reason behind this? Beards Are Awesome. Period.

Influences Other Men 

Men who are unable to grow beards develop jealousy towards those who can. It is true.

Simple To Care For

Some guys need to consider whether they should grow a beard. They are wary because they believe it will be too demanding to sustain. They could hardly be more wrong. Surprisingly, once you get the hang of it, maintaining and grooming your facial hair is not at all difficult. It all comes down to having the correct beard grooming tools and knowledge.

A beard can help protect your face in addition to being a stylish facial feature. It's interesting that fewer guys are sporting beards given all the health advantages they provide. Simply point out that your beard contributes to your longer life and healthier skin the next time someone attempts to convince you that it should be removed. A scientific method to silence haters is always welcome.

If you want all the information you need to grow an awesome beard, check out our How To Grow A Beard: Our Best Tips article.

I appreciate you reading my article, and I hope you found it helpful.

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