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Struggling With Beard Patches? | How To Get Rid Of Patchy Beard

If you are a bearded man who is suffering from beard patches, the first thing to understand is that you are not alone! In fact, most men grow patchy beards and there are many reasons why that is. 

get rid of a patchy beard

Understand Biology

Your biology has a lot to do with how your beard looks. There are several reasons why you have a patchy beard. For one thing, you might be lacking in beard hormones. You may be deficient in testosterone, which permits beards to grow thick and bushy. You could also suffer a lack of blood flow in the patchier places. More hormones reach your beard as a result of increased blood flow, which aids in its growth.

Not only that, but there’s more. Patchy beards are caused by a variety of causes. Beard development is influenced by nutrient deprivation, stress, and age. Vitamin deficiency can stifle beard growth and contribute to uneven patches. Hair loss and thinning are also caused by stress, both on the head and on the beard.

When you have an awkward, uneven beard, you must consider these issues. But don’t give up hope: there are a number of options for healing poor beard growth. With the proper care and education, you may still grow the beard of your dreams in no time. There are several strategies to deal with patchiness, as well as a variety of patchy beard styles for men that can improve the appearance of an awkward beard.

Going back to testosterone, testosterone is a big reason why your beard may likely be patchy, depending on your age.

If you are somebody who has low testosterone levels then your beard will grow at a slower rate and be patchy. 

Our bodies have a sensitivity level for testosterone. If our bodies are sensitive to testosterone, you'll likely grow a fuller beard in a quicker time-frame. If your body is less sensitive, the growth will be slower, thinner and/or patchy. 

Increasing testosterone levels would be beneficial to you if you suffer from a patchy beard. 

Strength training is the best form of exercise to increase testosterone. Cardio based training also increases testosterone levels, but at a lower rate. 

Give Your Beard Time To Grow Out

Great things take time, as do most things. Men who suffer from  a patchy beard, this is especially true. The first approach in fixing patchy facial hair is to let your facial hair grow out.

beards do go through an awkward period, much like we did in our teens during puberty. Expect it to develop unevenly, as your body will prioritize hair growth in the most advantageous locations. This will almost certainly result in odd areas that don’t appear to be growing anything. I must stress d on’t be alarmed; with a little patience, it will grow out. No matter how tempted you are to trim your beard,  give it 4-6 weeks of solid growth before you do anything.

Allowing your facial hair to grow out freely has a number of advantages, one of which is the ability to plainly observe its pattern of development. The chin, mustache, and jawline regions of your beard usually develop faster. As an adolescent, this is where you really notice your facial hair begin to grow. Over-time the growing doesn’t stop, which means the growth in these areas will be the thickest part of your man mane.

You’ll see that your beard has sufficiently grown over time. It could be thick and unruly or possibly thin and straight. 

Even Out The Growth

It’s time to begin taming your unruly hair growth. The finest beard style, regardless of beard style, is an even one. It’s now time to invest in a beard grooming kit if you don’t have one already. This stage requires the use of a grooming kit.

Brush your facial hair using a beard brush. This makes it possible for all of the hairs to fall into position. After only combing it, you will see a considerable difference. Using the brush to even out the facial hairs will help disguise the patchiness and make it appear fuller and much more even. In addition, it’s possible that this could even be the nicest your man mane has looked in a few weeks.

Set your trimmer to the medium or long length setting. Run it through your beard to gradually even it out in appearance. As your beard is trimmed, you’ll notice that it becomes more equal and clean. The shape of your beard will begin to emerge, and you’re getting closer to your desired beard length. Keep your trimmer at your desired setting and don’t go overboard.

Maybe A Beard Filler Is The Answer

If you’re really unhappy with the patchiness of your beard, it might be time to consider other alternatives. Beard fillers, that you can apply to your beard to give your facial hair a fuller and more even look, are one option worth considering.  It’s not, however, your girl’s eyeliner you will be happy to learn. There are two types of beard fillers: fiber-based and dye-based.

Keratin fibers are used in fiber-based beard fillers, which you can apply on uneven patches. Fiber-based beard fillers are a natural-looking alternative to keratin-based beard fillers because keratin is a protein found in hair. It generally comes in a spray bottle that you may use to apply to the area. Keratin adheres to your hair and gives the appearance of fullness. But it’s just that: a delusion. The fibers will come off when you cleanse your beard at the end of each day. Still, if it’s bothering you that much and making you conscious, it’s a good solution to instantly fill in the uneven parts.

A dye-based beard filler is the second option. This is similar to putting on makeup to your beard, where you would use a brush to properly disperse colour throughout your facial hair. It’s also simple to use. You’ll get the look of a good, thick beard in no time if you have a good hand and mirror. 

Sometimes Long Term Is Better

Minoxidil (also known as Rogaine) was originally created to treat and control high blood pressure, but it also grew hair as a side effect. Some men use this product to treat balding areas, including patchy facial hair, as a result. While this is an efficient beard-growing solution, it is far from being neutral. Because it has certain negative side effects, it’s important to talk to a doctor before starting Rogaine to see whether it’s a good option for you.

There are natural remedies if you wish to grow your beard but avoid the negative side effects. Beard Beasts Beard Oil I s a fantastic example. Our product, which uses natural ingredients to encourage beard growth, will ensure that you have the best beard possible. Your facial hair will begin to grow as a result of a specially developed blend of natural ingredients.

Last Words

These good tips for dealing with a patchy beard are helpful and ideal for men who are concerned about baldness in their beard. Nevertheless, if we had to emphasize one significant step on this list, it would be simply growing your facial hair out. If you are in your teenage years remember, we all have to go through puberty, and it can take some time to fully mature. Give your facial hair a little more time, and i guarantee it won’t let you down.

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