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How To Grow A Long Beard: Our Best Tips

It's true, a long man mane is not for every man. It takes a huge amount of dedication and patience, and it's not surprising that there are many ups and downs along the way. That being said, long beards sure are EPIC! If a long, thick beard is on your to-do list then buckle up, it's a big commitment. Whilst growing a long beard isn't something that is quick to do, there are several ways to speed it up a little.

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Grow A Long Beard: Our Best Tips

Our first piece of advice is to take a selfie at the beginning of every month. This way you'll see your progress and it will give you the motivation to continue when things get a bit tough and make no mistake, there will be some tough times in this bearded journey. 

Our second piece of advice is to stop shaving! Sounds simple enough, but you'd be surprised how tempting it is to shave and shape the cheek lines and neck. For the first few months of growing a long beard, you want to let your facial hair grow from all areas, that way, you'll know exactly what you are working with.

Thirdly, keep the skin beneath your beard hydrated! The ingredients in Beard Beasts Premium Beard Oil helps to moisturise underneath and around your facial hair. This will help reduce any itchiness and/or irritation you may suffer from during the beard growth process. The natural ingredients in our beard oil contain excellent moisturising properties which will provide great benefits to the skin on your face. By keeping the skin beneath your beard and around it hydrated, you'll be less likely to suffer dryness problems or ingrown hairs which can be very painful.

Look After Your Body

Keep hydrated! Can you honestly say that you drink enough water in the day? The daily recommended amount of water for men to consume is around 2 litres a day, this is will enable your body to function properly. If you are someone who lives in a warm climate like myself and exercises each day, then you will need to consume even more than that. By drinking lots of water, you will help your body get rid of toxins and help organs, tissue, cells etc function properly. Being fully hydrated will help your hair follicles perform at their best, therefore helping beard growth. 

Eat healthy foods! Did you know that eating healthy foods, especially protein foods help boost beard growth? The reason being, your hair follicles are mainly made from protein, therefore eating a good balanced diet with sufficient amounts of protein helps boost hair growth. The best foods that contain good levels of protein are chicken, red meat, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds and yogurt.

Don't forget them fruits and vegetables! The majority of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids found in fruit and vegetables are important for hair growth. If this is an area where you need improvement, consult a licensed nutritionist for further details.

Don't forget to exercise! Being active makes you feel good because it increases blood flow via your veins, delivering nutrients to the body's important areas. Consider the fact that water helps transport nutrients to where they are needed while also flushing out toxins. Will it provide healthy nutrients? That depends on your diet choices, of course. If you fill your vehicle with the incorrect fuel, do you think it will run correctly? Of course not. It's the same with our bodies. It needs the appropriate nourishment.

Whilst exercise increases blood flow, it also increases our testosterone levels which contribute a lot to our beard growth capabilities. Just remember to consume plenty of water during exercise. 

Patience! You'll need to wait about three months to have an idea of how your beard will look because facial hair typically grows at a rate of 1.25cm each month. We recommend even if your beard is short, to use the beard oil daily; you'll soon find that it feels softer to the touch and appears healthier. Consider visiting the barber to receive guidance on a tidy up or shape to suit your face once your facial hair has grown in further, which should take 3 to 6 months.

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Only Use Quality Products

Your beard's health and growth can be significantly impacted by the ingredients in the products you use daily. In comparison to synthetic components or even natural ingredients used in the WRONG ratios, natural ingredients mixed in the proper ratios (like Beard Beasts Premium Beard Oil and Beard Beasts Beard Wash) will be much more effective. Be cautious since too many new brands are employing the incorrect ratios and jumping on the bandwagon.

Maintain A Proper Beard-Care Regimen

Maintaining a healthy beard care routine using high-quality products will be beneficial to your long beard goals.

Cleansing your facial hair will using a beard wash will help you remove dirt, filth and dead skin cells from your beard and help maintain a healthy beard. Click HERE to go deeper in-depth and learn all you need to know regarding beard wash.

It is essential to avoid dry skin beneath your beard, dry skin will cause dandruff, itchiness and other annoying irritations. Therefore, a quality beard oil is a great investment. Learn more about the benefits of using beard oil

Combing will help keep your beard knot-free. This will prevent damage to the facial hair from excessive tugging.

Beard butter can also be applied to the skin and hair to moisturise them. While it is a style product, it also offers excellent skin benefits.

Daily brushing of your beard will prevent knots and exfoliate the skin beneath your beard which will reduce the chances of clogged pores and ingrown hairs. Clogged pores will slow your growth so brushing daily will make a big difference. 

Check out THIS ARTICLE to learn more about my beard grooming routine. 

These suggestions might not work for everyone because genetics do play a significant role in the development and growth of facial hair.  However, I wanted to share them in case a tiny bit of knowledge could help with the question of how to grow long facial hair.

I appreciate you reading my article, and I hope you found it helpful.

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