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How To Eliminate Dry Skin Under Beard

So your man mane looks awesome.

However, just because you have a great man mane doesn’t mean you should ignore the skin beneath it.

It’s just as important to take care of your skin beneath your beard as it is to take care of your facial hair if you want a luscious, full beard. All you need to know is how to keep the skin beneath your man mane moisturized. Which you can do it with ease.

eliminate dry skin under beard

Get rid of the discomfort if you’ve spotted the skin beneath your beard has been dry and flaky, or itchy and inflamed.

One of the most frequent beard myths is that growing a beard involves learning to live with the itch…

That is simply untrue!

You can take care of it with correct beard skin care, which can improve the health and appearance of both your beard and your skin.

How To Eliminate Dry Skin Under Beard

Here are six pointers to help you care for your skin beneath your facial hair. Start using them right away to get rid of dry skin beneath your beard in a short amount of time…

Remove Dirt Using A Brush

Did you know dry brushing your man mane on a daily basis will help eliminate dead skin cells and help increase blood circulation?. It will also help remove tangles and loosen any dirty or white/flaky skin.

Brushing does not have to be a high-intensity activity. Brushing is already a rather forceful activity to do on your face because most premium beard brushes are comprised of actual boar bristles. Keep in mind, though, that prickly sensation under your beard on your face can indicate that blood is getting to your hair follicles.

Brushing your beard on a regular basis distributes natural oils, eliminates tangles, and smooths tough beard hair. It also enhances your appearance.

Only Use Specific Products

Some men are so preoccupied with their beards that they overlook the skin beneath them. However, you must treat it with the same attention and care that you would your head scalp.

You should use specifically developed beard washes and conditioners on your beard instead of the same shampoo and conditioner that you would use on your head hair. Search for solutions that don’t include harsh chemicals and instead use natural ingredients to relieve inflammation and redness while also moisturizing the face and beard.

Your beard should be washed at least twice a week.

Stick To Warm Water

Listen up, gentlemen, and listen carefully: hot water is bad for your man mane and skin.

No matter how relaxing that hot shower is, it’s wreaking havoc on your skin.

Hot water can rob your skin of the natural oils it produces to maintain the outer layer, leaving you with drier skin than before you cleansed it.

If you really want to learn how to hydrate the skin behind a beard, use warm, not hot, water. Both in the shower and at the sink for a quick rinse.

Ensure the water is warm enough to open your skins pores and allow your shampoo to remove grease and grime.

A Little Extra Attention

If you have suffer from beard acne, gentle cleansers may not be adequate to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from your pores.

Using an effective exfoliator 2-3 times per week to care for the skin beneath your beard is recommended. While you don’t want to overdo it, an exfoliating treatment can help accelerate cell turnover and clear your pores without causing damage to your skin. If you detect flaky skin under your beard, don’t skip this step.

Yes, you can acquire dandruff on your face. And no, it isn’t appealing. But buffing away the flakes shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and it’s not something most males do on a regular basis. Exfoliating too much might lead to increased oil production and discomfort.

It’s all about balance, as it is in most aspects of life.

Remove Excess Moisture

Do you let your beard air dry? You could be contributing to the problem if you use hard water.

Because of the minerals in hard water, allowing it to air-dry on your man mane and face can cause dryness and irritation.

By removing excess moisture from your beard, you may be preventing any itchiness or dryness on your cheeks, chin, and neck.

When caring for the skin beneath the beard, you should use a soft touch.  To dry your face, you don’t need to wrap it in a towel or rub it hard. As part of your grooming routine, simply pat your beard dry.

Don’t Shy Away From A Product Or Two

Now, it’s time to use a moisturizer, which is an essential part of beard skin care.

You can moisturise your beard and face with a traditional moisturising cream, or a more beneficial product like beard oil, balm, or wax. Now you may be wondering which product is better for you?

The answer is dependent on your beard. A product like beard oil may be more beneficial for a thick, full beard. A thinner or patchy beard, or scruffy stubble may necessitate more sun and cold-weather protection, so a beard balm would prove a better option.

The idea is to be constant and careful in ensuring that whatever product you use helps your skin and beard.

Grow With Pride

The greatest way to live a happy bearded life is to take care of yourself using natural ingredients from Mother Nature, particularly when it comes to how to hydrate the skin beneath your beard.

And Beard Beasts is all about great looking beards, with a complete range of quality products to help you improve your grooming practices and grow out that viking beard. 

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