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The Perfect Beard Grooming Routine For Short Beards!

The Perfect Beard Grooming Routine For Short Beards!

The following steps will be beneficial for you if you have a short beard. You should have a routine that you implement to make your beard look good. 

I have highlighted my routine below that I hope will help you in creating your perfect routine if you are searching to add or change your routine!

My Short Beard Daily Routine

I am an early riser and it usually includes getting up at 5:00am and hitting the gym!

Some days it may including working out on my terrace, going for a run, or a sunrise hike with the dogs up the surrounding mountains.

Anyway, my day is started with moving my body because it's the only time i get to myself without my daughter shouting "daddy, daddy, daddy" or my wife complaining why I forgot to put the bins out from the garage.

Once I have completed my workout, run or hike, I go take a quick shower.

I prefer to use a Beard Wash, instead of a hair shampoo or bar soap on my beard. As it is made for my beard and face especially, and it takes all the sweat and grime out without drying or damaging my beard like a typical shampoo or bar of soap would. Plus it has a fantastic smell.

The wash cleans my bread and takes away all the dirt and makes my beard soft and fresh, and it’s ready for the next step of my morning beard grooming routine!

(we recommend our premium beard wash, it smells great and it is an all-plant based product with no fillers or harsh chemicals therefore, it cleanses the beard perfectly without drying it out.)

I dry my beard with a towel after the shower to remove most of the excess water, then I go to the sink, where I have my beard oil.

I drop a couple of drops in my hands and away I go. 

During the application of beard oil, I only use 2 or 3 drops which is perfect for me.

Then I rub it into my beard aiming for the skin beneath and it gives my beard a nice shine and softness without being or looking oily.

The Beard oil helps to provide nourishment to my beard and moisturises the skin making my beard soft and plus it helps it grow healthier which isn't a bad thing.

After that, I apply Beard Balm.

Beard Balm conditions and moisturises the beard and helps in controlling those crazy fly away hairs.

Then I use my beard brush and gentle give my beard a brush and brush my beard how I want it to look and I'm done!

Nice and easy, doesn't take me long and my beard looks great for the day.

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