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How To Make Your Beard Soft - 7 Simple Methods

How to make your beard soft is something many bearded men want to know. It's not surprising that not every bearded man is blessed with a soft beard. 

For some of us bearded men, the dry, unruly, coarse facial hair is a symbol of pride, as it makes us feel like a glorious viking. 

From avoiding common beard related problems such as itchiness, dandruff and more, to being able to kiss your partner without leaving them itching, a nice soft beard is the way to go. 

You can even tell what the health of your beard is by its softness. A softer beard equals a healthier beard. 

In today's article, we are going to be sharing with you how to make your beard soft along with the benefits of rocking soft facial hair.

It's worth mentioning that the process of softening your beard isn't very simple, as with most grooming problems. There are in-fact many routes you could take to achieve a softer beard but most likely, you'll find that combining some of these methods below will be your best bet for achieving a softer beard. 

In order to reap the rewards of rocking softer facial hair, and believe us, there are many rewards! You will be required to possess patience, discipline and dedication. 

a close up of a dry beard

You'll realise that the end outcome will certainly be worth it, you will suffer from itchiness far less, styling will become much easier and your beard will look and feel far more healthier. 

We recommend that prior to trying to soften your beard, that you spend a little time looking into why your beard is not soft in the first place.

Knowing what is causing the problem, will help fix it a lot quicker.

But don't worry, we are here to help.

We will be covering the most common reasons as to why your beard isn't already soft. 

Why Is My Beard Rough?

why is my beard rough infographic

Usually if your facial hair is wiry, coarse or rough, then chances are something isn't quite right.  

Naturally our facial hair is much more coarser compared to the hair on our head however, keep in mind that your facial hair should not be causing you irritations and be unmanageable. 

It is important that your beard grows healthy and it is properly maintained if you want to achieve soft facial hair. There are many different elements that affect your facial hair.

When it comes to a brittle and dry beard, there are two very common problems that are most likely going to be the reason; lack of moisture and beard care. Both of which we are about to dive into.

#1. No Moisture

You have most likely heard this before, but if you don't keep your beard and the skin beneath moisturised, then you'll end up with dry skin under your beard which cause your facial hair to become dry and rough which can lead to breakage.

Your skin does produce its own natural oil called Sebum. The job of sebum is to keep your skin moisturised.

However, most men strip their skin of these natural oils by using products like head hair shampoos and other harmful soaps on their beards.

When you use these sort of products, they remove the natural oils from the facial hair and the skin beneath it. This causes a huge loss in moisture in your beard, which will harden the skin and damage your beards health, leading to a dry and brittle beard. 

Is your facial hair itching literally all the time? If so, it could be from a lack of moisture.

This is the most common reason why men with stubble complain that it feels like sandpaper.

The stubble lacks moisture and needs hydration or the overall health of the stubble will suffer.

#2. Poor Beard Care

This is the most common reason for dry and rough beards. 

Using poor quality beard care products, not having a proper beard grooming routine or not knowing how to maintain your facial hair's health, are also the reasons why your beard may be suffering.

Think of this: you touch your beard with dirty hands all day, crumbs from your food is being collected in your facial hair, dust is also being collected.

If you do not wash your beard correctly, then all that dirt, dust and food will remain in the beard, which will cause your beard to become greasy, which will cause your beard to become unhealthy and likely cause clogged pores and acne underneath your facial hair.

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#3. Beard Split Ends

Some men who have recently started growing their beard may notice that their beard is in-fact soft. 

This is because the facial hair is new and hasn't been exposed to poor beard care or environment factors for a length of time. 

If you live in an area where you suffer strong winds or strong UV rays consistently, then you will notice that your beard will become rougher and more brittle. After a period of time, this will lead to split ends. 

A beard that is suffering from split ends looks very ragged and not-maintained.

#4. Dehydration

Why is dehydration relevant to your beard?


Our bodies do not function properly when they are dehydrated. All the processes that take place in our bodies operate effectively when the body is properly hydrated. Therefore, a dehydrated body will not properly function in new hair growth, including beard growth. 

If you've owned a plant before, you'll have noticed when you forget to water it, the plant begins to dry-up and become brittle and weak fairly quickly. 

That is exactly the same process that happens in our bodies in regards to hair, if you are constantly dehydrated your hair will begin to lose its health and become dry and brittle. 

Therefore, it is essential that you take in between 1.5 - 2 litres of water a day for your beard but most importantly your health. 

How To Make Your Beard Soft 

How to soften your beard infographic

So we have looked at the most common reasons why your beard isn't soft, let's take a look at the best ways to fix the problem.

#1. Use Beard Wash

Cleansing your facial hair correctly is very important. Not only for achieving a softer beard, but also for overall hygiene and its health.

Cleansing your facial hair correctly will remove any dirt, grime, dead skin cells and bacteria lurking in the beard, which is one of many reasons that causes an itchy beard. The problem is bearded men don't buy a shampoo or wash that is designed for facial hair. A natural beard wash is much more beneficial to your beard and skin than your standard head hair shampoos and soaps. 

Using a beard wash a couple of times a week, you will vastly improve the condition of your beard, not just in hygiene and health, but also it's softness. 

The reason why is because a beard wash will not remove the moisture and natural oils from your facial hair or skin. 

It's important to pay attention to the skin under your beard, as you want to remove any dead skin cells and built-up dirt there. 

Many men don't think to wash the skin beneath their beard but it is important because if you don't remove the built-up dirt and dead skin cells, then you will undo all the good practises you are doing to improve your beards softness. 

When looking for a beard wash, make sure it contains ingredients that offer superb benefits like our Beard Beasts Beard Wash. Our beard wash contains Aloe Vera Extract, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Organic Chamomilla Extract which are renowned for reducing inflammation, increasing hydration and soothing irritated skin.

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#2. Use Beard Oil 

benefits of using beard oil infographic

When you clean your facial hair, your beard is at risk of suffering from dryness, which is usually caused by hard water or hot water. 

This is why we suggest you apply a quality beard oil at least once a day, preferably twice a day. A quality beard oil will penetrate the facial hair and the skin beneath and supply them both with great sources of nutrients which will help soften your beard. 

When your beard hairs get a steady supply of nutrients and moisture, they tend to relax and look far more hydrated and healthy. It is for that reason that we recommend that you learn how to use beard oil correctly.

Your beard will also not feel like sandpaper on your partners skin which is a big plus for them. 

Using a quality, natural beard oil is highly recommended but it is your decision as too whether you want to use one.

If you know the benefits of using beard oil then you'll certainly know that it can help you achieve a softer beard faster. 

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If you do decide to use a beard oil, be sure that you massage the oil into the beard gently and pay close attention to the skin beneath the beard.

Never put beard oil on wet facial hair, the oil will not absorb properly into the hair nor skin, ideally you want to apply beard oil on a damp beard. 

Beard Beasts Classic Beard Oil is made from carrier oils such as Argan, Sweet Almond, Olive and Grapeseed Oil which are renowned for their moisturising abilities as well as their ability to soften facial hair.

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3. Use A Quality Beard Balm

If you are wondering what is beard balm for? Basically it is used for styling purposes but it's also utilized as a leave-in conditioner. The reason being because of its impressive ingredients which give it a power punch when it comes to the beard balm benefits it offers your beard and skin. 

The ingredients used in quality balms come packed with nutrients and hydrating natural butters such as Shea, Mango Butter that will help soften the skin, so if you are wondering is beard balm good for your skin, rest assured it certainly is, provided it only contains natural ingredients. Beard balm will also add some protection to your beard from daily elements such as sun exposure and cold air, thanks to the added beeswax. 

You only want to use a little amount (around a dime size) of balm and apply it gently on a damp beard.

It's recommended that you apply the beard balm in an upwards motion.

The reason for this being by applying the balm in an upwards motion, you will reach the roots of your facial hair a lot better. 

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There are a lot of bearded men who think you can only use a beard oil or a beard balm. The truth is, using both products together can actually be great for your beards health as well as the skins health.

Beard oils mainly target the skin, while beard balms like our Beard Beasts Classic Beard Balm contains great carrier oils like Argan, Almond, and Avocado Oil as well as Butters such as Shea, Mango and Cocoa which are well-known to soften and deeply condition facial hair and skin.

4. Brush The Beard Properly

Although it seems to simple, brushing your facial hair often, will help towards keeping the beard hair healthy and vibrant. 

Brushing your beard will also massage the skin beneath the beard, which will help improve the blood circulation, which is linked to healthier beard growth.

By forming a good habit of brushing your beard as part of your morning beard grooming routine, you'll find that your beard will begin to grow much healthier. 

Another benefit of brushing your beard often is that it'll help increase the production of the skins natural oil, sebum. Brushing will help you to distribute that extra sebum evenly across your facial hair, which will add moisture, leading to a softer beard. 

Never be aggressive when brushing your beard, don't brush too hard or you will end up causing breakages and could possibly damage the skin beneath the beard. 

Top Tip: Never brush your beard with a dirty beard brush. Every time you brush your beard, the bristles collect dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells. After around a week or two, it'll build-up to the point where you will be adding that dirt and grime back to your beard.

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#5. Keep The Beard Trimmed

All beards will develop split ends from time to time. When you notice your beard is suffering from split-ends, it may be time for a trim. 

By trimming the ends of your facial hair once every 2-3 weeks, the possibility of developing split ends will drop hugely. 

Now you may be wondering how trimming your beard will help soften your beard?

Well, split ends can be the reason as to why your beard feels rough and the reason preventing your beard from becoming soft. 

You should only trim your beard when it is clean, but not wet.

A wet beard will make your facial hair look longer because of the moisture, therefore if you trimmed your wet beard, you'd end up trimming more off than you would have wanted. 

Top Tip: Style your beard like you usually would (using product if you use any), that way, you won't take too much off and distort your beard style. 

Two tools you will need trimming your facial hair: A high quality beard trimmer and a pair of quality sharp beard scissors. 

Each of these tools have similar jobs, but we find that beard scissors are the best choice if your goal is to even the beard out or you have a long beard.

The scissors must be sharp, that it is extremely important because if the scissors are not sharp enough, they will damage your facial hair. This will higher your chances of suffering from split-ends which we have already explained, will prevent your beard becoming soft.

Beard trimmers are great for defining the outside edges and perfect for cleaning the lower neck and high cheek areas. 

Beard trimmers are by far the best tool for creating sharp edges compared to your regular head hair clippers. 

After trimming your beard, we recommend you use a couple drops of beard oil to help soften the beard. 

Product Recommendation: Professional German Beard & Mustache Scissors

Product Recommendation: Panasonic Cordless Men's Beard Trimmer

beard beasts beard oil

How To Make Beard Soft Home Remedies

Let's have a look at some well-known home remedies for how to make your beard soft.

#1. Diet And Hydration

Nutrients Information For Healthy Beard Growth

There's no doubt that the best home remedy for a softer beard is food. I'm not talking about burgers, fries and so on...Unfortunately. 

I'm talking about food that contains compounds which are known to promote healthier beard growth. 

Consuming foods that encourage healthy beard growth can help you achieve a softer beard over-time. 

Biotin is a compound found in certain foods that can help improve hair health and beard growth. 

Biotin rich foods;

  • Eggs
  • Fish,
  • Meat,
  • Seeds,
  • Nuts,
  • Avocado 
  • Sweet potatoes 

Omega fatty acids are also known to promote beard softness, which is why we created our Beard Beasts Classic Beard Balm with ingredients rich in Omega fatty acids like Avocado Oil. 

While consuming foods rich in biotin and omega fatty acids is recommended, none of that will help unless you drink two litres of water each day for proper hydration. 

As previously mentioned in this article, proper hydration is vital for our bodies to function properly, that includes hair growth as much as digestion. So making sure you drink plenty of water each day, will help digest these biotin rich and omega fatty acid foods while also helping to hydrate your facial hair. 

It's a win win situation!

2. Olive Oil

There are endless home remedies for how to make your beard soft and to be frank, success rates vary massively. 

That being said, one home remedy for a soft beard we know that has a very good success rate is using and applying olive oil to your facial hair. 

You can either apply Organic Virgin Olive Oil or use a natural beard oil which uses Organic olive oil like our Beard Beasts Classic Beard Oil. 

You don't need much, a few drops massaged into your facial hair and the skin beneath.. 

When you look at the properties of olive oil, you can see why it has been very successful, it contains great moisturizing and conditioning properties. 

You can either:

Apply the olive oil and wash it off after a few hours...or leave it on overnight.

Which ever way you decide, just make sure that you use lukewarm water to rinse it out. 

Last Words

That wraps up our article on how to make your beard soft. 

We hope that this article has been insightful and you have managed to learn more about beard care.

Please do remember that you should try a combination of these methods together and proceed with patience. 

Softening a beard isn't something that can happen overnight, it will take proper beard care and patience to achieve a glorious soft beard. 

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