Beard Grooming Made Easy

Beard Grooming Made Easy

You have probably heard beard grooming is complicated? Not true!.

Just like the hairs on the head, your beard also needs to be moisturized, cleaned, and styled. Similar to haircuts, you are required to trim your facial hair on occasion and keep it styled and shaped how you want.

At Beard Beasts, we want to keep things simpler, therefore I am going to take you through the steps for grooming your facial hair and every guy should implement these tips into his routine if they aren't already.

It does not matter if your beard style is short or long, you have to put care into your beard. 

You need to be using high quality beard products! and No...that doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune.

All it takes to go from a hippy looking captain caveman into a well-organized and groomed gentlemen, is only 5 minutes in front of your mirror a day, I'm sure some of you spend longer in the mirror at the gym ;).

Let's begin...

Here are three steps that are required for proper grooming.

These 3 steps are again very easy and will only take a couple of minutes of your time but they will help your beard looking, smelling, feeling, and growing better than before. 

1. Beard Wash = Clean Beard

Just think about this for a second, you wash your head hair (unless your bald of course), and you wash your body (unless your scared of water), so what about your beard hairs? Well, you should 100% wash your beard but not with the same soap you usually use on your hair or body. It will lead to more harmful effects rather than good.

To make it simple, you have a different type of skin on your face. Your faces skin is different from the skin on your body and scalp. Therefore, normal shampoo or body wash cannot be good for your face. That’s why you need a shampoo designed for your beard like a beard wash, it will cleanse your beard but won’t harm it.

Another reason for using a beard wash is because normal head hair shampoos contain chemicals known for stripping the natural oils from your hair and skin. This is ok for your scalp and head hair, as your scalp produces a lot of natural oil in the skin. The skin beneath your beard however, don't! So using shampoo that will strip your beard of its natural oil, will leave your beard dry, unruly and coarse.

"Am i required to wash my beard daily?" That's a good question that some men ask and the answer is most probably, but it varies from person to person.

Just like you don’t have to wash your head hair daily, it depends on how likely you get dirty that day. For myself, I go to the gym daily and work up a sweat. I don't want to walk around with a sweaty beard so when I get home, I take a shower and wash my beard with a gentle beard wash

The design of a beard wash is made accordingly so that you can wash your beard easily with stripping off oil and causing any damage. 

We recommend this beard wash called Buck Ridge Sandalwood Premium Beard Wash. This beard wash is a plant based beard wash, full with excellent ingredients like Aloe Aloe Vera Extract and Pro-Vitamin B5. This beard wash will cleanse your beard of any dirt, grime and remove any dead skin cells lurking in your beard. It also contains ingredients that help to add moisture to your beard, leaving it feeling clean and fresh. 

2. Beard Oil = Hydration

Don't pay attention to the trolls on the internet that say "all you need for your beard is p*ssy juice and motor oil.”

First of all, they are saying this without having any direct experience, and why would motor oil be required for your beard?

The production of beard oil was to solve a problem, which is faced by every guy. We go through it while we are growing our beard and it continues on and off throughout the life of our beard.

The problem is Dry Skin.

Fellas! There is not any rocket science here. If you are suffering from dry skin, bread oils are here to moisturize the skin under the beard and help.

It will eradicate irritation and itchiness, while producing a healthier environment for the growth of your beard.

Of course, all beard oils are not equal in their composition and you can't trust all of them as some cheaper versions contains fillers. So always look at the ingredients prior to purchasing.  

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3. Beard Balm = Condition & Style

If we are alike, you would also like to do things efficiently just like me. Since I was a child, the idea of “killing two birds with one stone" is like a daydream thing for me.

Well, Beard Balm is exactly like that, a two for one powerhouse and it should be a must for every beard existing on this planet.

It sounds like a pretty bold statement, right?

Read the explanation, you will understand why…

At one end, Beard Balm is a deep conditioner, and at the another end, it’s perfect for styling and holding. It offers crazy moisturizing benefits to your beard because it is made up usually of a shea butter or cocoa butter formula. It is absorbed by your beard hairs and gives a thicker appearance to your beard.

And it will be worth the 30 seconds it took to put in!

Beard Balm will give a significant amount of hold, which will organize those stray hairs that appear to be all over the place and it will give you the well-organized gentlemen look I talked about earlier. 

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Combing your Bread

It does not have a number because it's common sense. Don't leave your home without combing your beard. If you do, your beard will get a bad name, just like you will.

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