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How Long Does Beard Oil Take To Work? Our Expert Opinion

When it concerns beard maintenance, there are many questions that cross people's minds. Do beard oils last long? When should beard oils be applied? Does beard oil expire? If my facial hair is dry and coarse, does that mean there is something wrong? But how long does beard oil take to work is a query we are frequently asked, though. This post will give you with the answer to that query as well as some advice on how to make better use of your products.

How long it takes beard oil to work depends on a variety of factors. Your bodies chemistry, how much is applied, and how you apply it are just a few of the variables that influence how fast your beard oil will take to show results.

The short answer is that it takes around 6 maybe 8 weeks for beard oil to begin to work, but there is much more than just that to it. Please be patient with us while we try to explain each of the factors below for you.

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Factors That Impact How Long It Takes For Beard Oil To Produce Results

We'll do our best to cover all of the variables that, as we mentioned above, determine how long beard oil takes to start producing results.

Your Facial Hair Type:

Always select products based on the type of hair type you have. You might want to think about utilizing other oils if you have a skin issue or are overly sensitive. All of these factors may have an impact on how soon oil enters the facial hair and reaches the hair roots. The time it takes for products to show results will increase with how dry your hair is. It will go faster if your facial hair is smoother.

Skin Type:

Some men are lucky and have smoother skin, this results in larger pores and easier absorption of beard oils. If you have fairly smooth skin, you might discover that beard oil starts working sooner than the 6 weeks we mentioned.

It can be argued that this is beneficial because it ensures that oils will immediately reach the roots and provide them a boost upon application. The situation is reversed if, on the other hand, your skin is more tough. Oils require more time to spread across the surface of skin and enter in your pores, therefore it will take a bit longer for men with tough, dry skin.

Beard Oil Ingredients:

The speed at which oils act will change depending on the ingredients used. For instance, oils with vitamin E will be absorbed by facial hair more quickly than those without. However, some additives, such as high viscosity carrier oils, may cause oil absorption to slow down and less effectively reach the roots of your facial hair.

This would take longer for your beard oil to begin to work, thus the slower the rate of absorption, the longer it'll take you to notice any of the beard oil benefits. 

How Long Your Facial Hair Is

How quickly beard oils work is significantly influenced by the size of your beard. In other words, the longer your beard, the longer you must wait for results and the longer you must give your beard oil to work.

If you give it some thought, it makes perfect sense because as your beard grows longer, your skins natural oil called sebum becomes less, meaning it's becomes insufficient to hydrate it and keep it looking lustrous. Your beard will subsequently dry out as a result, which is why the beard oil you apply needs a little more time to show results.

Beard Oil Formula

We discussed the ingredients of beard oils, but the formula may be more crucial to take into account when determining how long does beard oil take to work.

How fast the ingredients will work is determined by the beard oils recipe. It will take longer for a beard oil to start working if it has a lot of high viscosity carrier oils because they keep ingredients from penetrating your pores and staying on the skin's surface for longer.

This is what can cause your beard looking greasy after applying it. 

You can assume that your beard oil formula will work more quickly if it contains essential oils and extracts because these ingredients are quite good at getting deeper into the pores despite the fact they are diluted with several carrier oils.

For this important reason, you ought to choose a quality beard oil that contains essential oils and extracts.

How Often You Apply Beard Oil

Keep in mind that there are various reasons why you should apply beard oil regularly.

First off, products such as beard oil function cumulatively. This means that by using them regularly, you can make sure they're always working to make your beard better, which will make it moisturised, healthier, and easier to manage.

We are not recommending that you go overboard and constantly apply beard oil throughout the day. All this will do is make your beard extremely greasy, clog your pores and be a total waste of time and money. You should ideally apply beard oil once a day, twice a day maximum. We do recommend you apply the oil after you shower as beard oil is absorbed better by a slightly damp beard. If you are in the early stages of growing your beard, you should notice a big difference fairly quickly.

How You Apply Your Beard Oil

The speed at which beard oil works can also depend on how you apply it. You can prevent important ingredients from getting to the pores if you don't apply it properly, which will delay the results.

Applying oils to your skin and facial hair should always be done using your fingertips or a wooden beard comb. The oils won't be evenly distributed if you pour a 2-3 drops into the palms of your hands and apply it vigorously; instead, all that will happen is most the beard oil will not be absorbed into the facial hair and it may make your beard sore. 

Apply it slowly and massage the beard oil into your skin and beard to ensure it is absorbed well and has a better chance of showing results.

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Last Words

The factors that impact how long does beard oil take to work as well as how to ensure proper application have been covered in this article. We also addressed a frequently asked question concerning beard oil, which is whether it takes time to work or whether the benefits can be seen right away. Before determining whether or not beard oil is working for you, we recommend you give it at least 8 weeks.

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