In this article I will be explaining the benefits of using beard oil and I will also be showing you how to use beard oil correctly so that you can gain the maximum benefits from beard oil.

It is no secret that beard oil is one of the most essential beard care products that a bearded man can own. A high-quality beard oil has the potential to make your beard going from "hipster" to "gentlemen" due to its fantastic blend of quality carrier oils and essential oils. 

There is no shortage of awesome benefits when it comes to beard oil. From dryness to itchiness, and the softness of your beard, beard oil does it all. In a moment we will dive deeper into all the benefits you can expect from using a quality beard oil. 

However, before we dive in, I believe it is important that we take a look at the ingredients used to create beard oils and what to expect from them. 

If you have read one of our beard product reviews before, then you will know that we stress the importance of understanding the ingredients within a beard oil.  

High quality beard oils are usually created by using two types of oils: carrier oils and essential oils. 

Sometimes, high-end beard brands like Jack Black, include other ingredients to their beard oils such as Vitamin E, which is rich in vitamins and provides benefits to facial hair and skin.

Let's take a moment and talk about Carrier oils.  

Carrier oils are the foundation of any beard oil, they provide excellent benefits to facial hair and the skin beneath the beard. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and make up around 85-90% of the beard oil. 

Carrier oils which are all-natural oils, usually come from nuts and seeds. Jojoba oil for example, which is one of the most common carrier oils used in beard oil blends, comes from the nut of the Jojoba plant. Other example of a carrier oil would be Argan oil, which again, is a very popular choice for making beard oil blends. 

These two oils are quite often used in many different types of beauty products, not just beard care products. Jojoba oil and Argan oil along with many other natural carrier oils are used in products such as creams, shampoos and so on. 

The main reason as to why carrier oils are used in many different products is because of there excellent moisturizing and nourishing benefits. 

In this article, we will touch on their moisturizing benefits for your beard but before that let's take a look at essential oils.

High-end beard oils typically use one or more essential oils in there blend. Essential oils come in many different scents, from tea tree to sandalwood, there are endless options when trying to come up with a scent for beard oil. 

Unlike carrier oils, essential oils are more costly, which is why you will typically find them in higher-end beard products, along with carrier oils. 

It is not uncommon for bearded men to purchase a bottle of jojoba oil and use that as their beard oil, as it is cheaper than buying a high-end beard oil that includes essential oils. 

And for good reason also, as jojoba oil and argan oil will supply your beard with many of same benefits that you'll find in most beard oil blends. 

That being said, I don't think you should snub essential oils if you haven't tried a beard care product that includes them. The reason being, some essential oils contain antiseptic abilities such as tea tree and sandalwood oil. Both of these essential oils will help you if you suffer from dandruff problems, they also help reduce problems such as beard acne. 

One problem found with essential oils is there scent. Carrier oils don't usually hold a strong scent, where as, many essential oils do. So if you are like me and get put off by strong over-whelming scents, don't worry. Beard oils usually start off with a strong scent, but it doesn't take long before the scents strength begins to subside. 

I have one last thing I want to talk to you about and that is cheap beard oils. Over the past few years, there has been no shortage of cheap beard oils making their way on to the market. These products usually contain chemicals and other elements, such as silicone that contain zero benefits to your beard. In fact, they can cause damage to your beard after continuous use. 

I strongly urge you to stay well clear of these products and only use all-natural beard care products on your beard and skin. Also, I urge you to always check the ingredients used to create the beard care product before you purchase it. Just because it says all-natural on the label, it doesn't mean it is. 

Benefits Of Using Beard Oil

Benefits of using beard oil infographic

Hydrates And Nourishes 

A quality beard oil will provide nourishment to the facial hair and help soften them, which will make them more manageable. It is important to understand that beard oil doesn't just moisturize facial hair, it also hydrates the skin beneath your beard, which it vital to a healthy beard. When you grow facial hair, the hair strands absorb the natural oils from your skin, which causes the skin beneath your beard to dry out. If you don't replace the moisture, you'll find that the skin will become dry and start developing irritations. 

Prevents Dandruff and Beard Itch

Dry skin beneath your beard often leads to beard itch which more often than not, is partner by dandruff. Dandruff is caused by scratching the dry skin, which causes the skin to become broken, leading to dry, flaky dead skin beneath the facial hair. By using a quality beard oil, you will keep the skin hydrated which will prevent and reduce any itchiness and/or dandruff. 

Helps Your Pores And Inflammation

If you are someone who suffers from sensitive skin, you'll most likely suffer from redness and some irritations along your bearded journey. The reason being many different contributing factors, anything from chemicals in shampoos you use to wash your beard, to the environment you live in. 

Beard oil can help reduce the redness and irritations because it will cleanse and provide nourishment too skin that is prone to any breakouts. 

Tames Them Flyaway Hairs

It's no secret that facial hair has a mind of its own. Facial hair grows at different lengths and angles. Many bearded men style their beard to compliment their face shape while others just let it grow and let it do its own thing. It's your beard and you can do with it what you wish, there isn't a right or wrong way to grow a beard. That being said, continuous use of beard oil will soften them spiky whiskers, giving you a more manageable beard. 

Can Help Your Beard Grow

Don't get this wrong, it isn't a case of chucking some beard oil on your short, patchy beard and the next morning you'll wake up with a thick beard which hangs down by your knees. 

But what beard oil will do is provide nourishment to the facial hair and the skin beneath the beard as well as strengthen them hair follicles. Hydrated, nourished skin plus strong hair follicles will help with healthy beard growth and prevent them painful ingrown hairs. 

Maintains Your Beard 

When apply some beard oil to your beard, you'll notice that your facial hair will become less tangled and more maintained. 

So if you are suffering from wiry, coarse beard, continuous use of beard oil will help your beard feel a lot better. 

If you use beard oil often, it will also help reduce the number of split-ends taking-place. Therefore, if you are a bearded man who takes growing his beard seriously, then you'll be happy to use beard oil as you will not need to trim your beard as often. 

Not only will your beard feel a lot better by using beard oil, it will also start look much better and healthier. 

How To Use Beard Oil

How to use beard oil isn't complicated, it is in-fact very simple. I will however, give you a step-by-step guide so that you know the best way to apply beard oil. 

how to use beard oil infographic

Step 1: Wash Your Beard

I always advise that you apply beard care products to a clean beard. Our beards collect dirt, sweat and dead skin cells throughout the day and even at night time, so we don't want to be applying beard care products on top of that. 

So I suggest you first wash your beard using a quality beard wash that will remove all the bad stuff from your beard. 

Notice I said beard wash and not shampoo? A beard wash will remove the bad but keep the goodness, such as our natural oils.

A shampoo designed for head hair, will strip away that good natural oil, which removes most of the moisture from your facial hairs and the skin beneath the beard. 

You'll find after using such a shampoo, that your facial hair will become "squeaky clean". That isn't a good sign as that means the hair has no moisture. 

So invest in a good beard wash if you haven't already that will keep the moisture but remove the bad. 

Step 2: Towel-Dry Your Beard

Once you have washed your beard, you need to towel-dry your beard until it is slightly damp. 

A slightly damp beard will help the beard oil lock in moisture and make the oil easier to spread evenly. 

Step 3: Pour 2 or 3 Drops Of Beard Oil Into Your Palms

So your beard is washed and now slightly damp, now pour 2 or 3 drops of beard oil into your palms and rub them together for 10-15 seconds until the oil has warmed up a little. 

We heat the oil up so that it absorbs into the facial hair and skin much better. 

Step 4: Apply The Beard Oil To Your Beard

Now apply the heated beard oil to your beard. It is important that you rub the oil evenly, across your whole beard and that you rub some of the oil into the skin beneath your beard. In order to apply the oil to your skin, use the tips of your fingers and not your fingernails. Your fingernails can cause breakage to the skin, which we want to avoid. 

Step 5: Beard It With Pride

Ok, now that you have applied the beard oil evenly and rubbed it into the skin, now it is time to wear that man mane with pride.

How Often Should Beard Oil Be Applied?

Again, this is an answer that depends on different contributing factors. 

If you have a short beard and you don't suffer much from dryness or itchiness, then you should get away with apply beard oil once every two days. 

If you have a medium length beard and suffer from slight dryness, itchiness and/or dandruff, then I would recommend you apply beard oil once a day. 

If your beard is long in length and you suffer from dryness, itchiness and/or dandruff, I would recommend you apply beard oil twice a day.  

So as you can see from above, I have tried to give you a rough guide. How often you should apply beard oil is dependant on the length and condition of your beard.  

How Long Does Beard Oil Last? 

The answer to this question will depend on multi-able factors such as your beards condition and the length of your beard. 

If you have a short beard and you don't suffer from dry skin beneath your beard, you'll find a bottle of beard oil will last you a decent amount of time. 

If however, you have a long beard and you suffer from dryness a lot, then you are going to use a lot more beard oil in a shorter time frame. 

So unfortunately, it isn't a question where someone could give you an exact time and if they did, it would only be a guess. 

Do I Really Need To Use Beard Oil?

You don't need to use beard oil but I would recommend you do. The reason being, growing a beard isn't the most easiest things to do. You will have times where you could physically want to pull your beard hair out because it itches so much and the itch seems to last forever.

Acne beneath your beard is another problem that you could suffer from, which really isn't pleasant. 

Ingrown hairs are a real concern when you grow a beard. An ingrown hair are very painful and even cause men to shave off their beard, because they irritate that much. 

and I really could go on...

But all these potential problems can be prevented by using a quality beard oil.

Does Beard Oil Really Work?

You bet it does!

Don't get me wrong, if you buy a cheap nasty beard oil, you won't notice any difference, in fact you may notice your beard gets worse. 


If you purchase a quality beard oil like this one, then you are setting yourself up for great success and an even greater beard. 

Beard oil work wonders when you know how to get the maximum benefits from it, which I have outlined for you in this Benefits of using beard oil article. 

And if you really are not sure whether beard oil works, try growing a beard without one. The great thing is, you don't need beard oil to start. If you notice you start developing irritations, then you can purchase one.

But does beard oil really work? You bet!

When Is The Best Time To Use Beard Oil?

This depends on your beard grooming routine and the products you use. 

If you use a beard balm, I would recommend that you use that beard care product in the morning as it will help you style your beard, which beard oil does not do. 

I would then recommend that you apply beard oil prior to going to bed, this way, your beard gets goodness throughout the day by the balms butters and oils and at night, your beard gains all the benefits from the beard oil. 

If you don't use beard balm, I would then suggest that you use beard oil in the morning after the shower, that way you can wash your beard and then apply the beard oil.

How To Store Beard Oil

As with every grooming product, whether it's for your beard or not, you will be instructed on how to store the product. The storage recommendations will be on the product label. Most of the time, you are advised to keep the product in a dark, cool place. This is especially true with beard oil. 

You want to keep your beard oil out of direct sunlight, as this will turn the oil bad quite quickly. Most beard oils will come in a UV resistant glass bottle, in an attempt to block as much of the light as possible. That being said, I would still recommend you keep it in a cupboard or draw. 

2 Tips For Using Beard Oil

Tip 1: Apply Beard Oil Gently.

Beard oil should be applied to your beard and skin, gently. If you are rough when you apply beard oil to your beard, you will end up damaging the hairs and hair follicles, which will not end well. Therefore, take your time and gentle apply the oil. 

Tip 2: Too Much Beard Oil At A Time.

Beard care products like beard oil, go a long way. Meaning, a little bit goes far. Always start with 2 or 3 drops, massage it into your beard and if you feel you need more, add another couple of drops. 

What you don't want to do, which I see done a lot is, slapping endless amounts of beard oil on your beard at once. This will not end well either. You will end up clogging your pores and causing yourself skin irritations. That's without the fact you'll look like you've dipped your face into a deep dryer. 

So just take it easy when applying beard oil. You can always add more, but you can't take any away, unless you want to wash it all out and start again. 

Last Words:

There are many benefits to using beard oil and it is excellent for maintaining your man mane. If you are looking for a way to stop beard itch, dryness, dandruff and keep the skin beneath your beard hydrated, a few drops of beard oil in the morning or before bed, can help you with that. Of course, when choosing a beard oil, I recommend that you find out that only contains all-natural oils, never use the ones that contain harmful elements like silicone. 

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner to growing a beard or an experienced warrior, beard oil will work for you and help you along your beard journey. 

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