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How To Clean A Beard Comb: Step-By-Step

A beard comb could very well be your best friend or worst nightmare. When properly maintained, beard combs may help smooth your facial hair and support healthy hair growth while soaking up oil and grease. It is for this reason you should know how to clean a beard comb correctly.

Any beard product, food crumbs, and dirt that beard combs remove from the facial hair accumulate between the teeth of dirty combs, which are notorious for transferring grease back into your beard.

Having a clean beard comb is crucial for hygiene and for maintaining your beard in the best possible shape.

There are almost as many different types of beard combs as there are different beard styles, therefore we'll discuss how to cleanse the most popular types of beard combs as well as the most frequently used cleaning methods.

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Why Even Use A Beard Comb

If you don't know why you should have a beard comb in the first place, understanding how to keep one clean isn't much use.

Although they are helpful for beard styles of all shapes and sizes, beard combs are mostly utilized by guys with longer beards.

Combs are essential for styling and grooming a beard between trims, distributing beard oil and beard balm evenly, and untangling knots so your beard always looks its best.

Beard combs are typically made of either metal, plastic, or wood. Each type of beard comb has distinct advantages over the other. 

Wooden Beard Combs

The most common and favored beard combs are made of wood. When used, wooden combs hold some beard oil, which keeps the beard moisturized even between applications.

Wooden teeth catch and pull out less facial hair over metal or plastic combs.

Which makes it easier to see why wooden beard combs are the most popular and recommended. 

Plastic Beard Combs

Short bearded guys should use plastic combs because the teeth are typically finer. The fact that these combs are affordable, sturdy, and a stylish addition to any beard care kit makes them ideal for bearded men on a tight budget.

Metal Beard Comb

A dirty metal comb catches and pulls out just as many facial hairs as plastic beard combs, but they can be a fantastic beard care tool for bearded men who are committed to keeping them maintained and polished. In addition, the metal beard comb has a tendency to strip away any beard oil in the beard.

Which Beard Comb Is Best?

Men have varied comb preferences. Most bearded men prefer using wooden beard combs because they are better for the health of facial hair, but bearded men also use metal and plastic beard combs for different benefits.

Since the wellbeing of your beard is our top priority, we created our very own Beard Beasts Beard Comb made from 100% wood.

How To Clean A Beard Comb

A beard comb can be cleaned using pretty straightforward process. You will need the following:

  • Your beard comb
  • A toothbrush (preferably one you don't use to brush your teeth!)
  • A bathroom sink, filled with lukewarm water
  • Liquid soap

Step-By-Step Guide Of How To Clean A Beard Comb

1. Start running some lukewarm water in the sink.

2. Apply some soap to both sides of your beard comb.

3. Use your fingers to massage the soap into the teeth of your beard comb.

4. Give your comb a quick rinse under lukewarm water, try not to rinse away all of the soap just yet.

5. Now apply a little more soap to the beard and use the toothbrush to clean in-between the combs teeth. 

6. Once you have removed as much debris off the comb as possible, give it one last good rinse under lukewarm water to remove all the soap.

7. Gently pat your beard comb dry using a clean towel.

This is the process we and many other bearded men typically following, there are some tweaks you can make depending on the size and material of your beard comb.

How To Clean A Fine Tooth Beard Comb

Spend extra time holding the toothbrush under the running water as you clean this sort of comb.

Make an effort to ensure that the toothbrush truly reaches all of the spaces in between the teeth so that none remain dirty.

How to Clean A Wooden Beard Comb

A wooden beard comb is cleaned the same way as outlined in our seven step process.  Avoid letting the wood sit in water for an extended period of time since it may swell and split.

To completely remove any water, carefully dry the comb using a clean towel.

Last Words

Beard combs must be cleaned whenever visible buildup of dirt or grime is noticed. Cleaning your comb ensures its strength, effectiveness, and durability.

A well-groomed beard starts with a clean beard comb.

We hope you have learned how to clean a beard comb and you found our article useful. 

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