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Bulldog Beard Balm Review (What You Need To Know) - Beard Beasts

Bulldog Beard Balm Review (What You Need To Know)

Good day to you and welcome to another Beard Beasts article, today we are doing a Bulldog Beard Balm Review, which is one I am very excited about. 

Anyone who knows us, know the admiration we have for the Bulldog Brand. The quality of their products along with the value for money is a win win for every bearded man. 

We have already done a Bulldog Beard Oil Review and Bulldog Beard Shampoo Review, which we recommend you check out.  

Today, we thought we would finally complete the set by bringing you a Bulldog Beard Balm Review. 

When choosing a beard balm, the ingredients and there quality should be the deciding factor along with the price. 

When a beard grooming company can match quality along with value for money, they are usually on a winner. Just take a look at Honest Amish, quality products and value for money, I would 100% put Bulldog in that category and I think after you have read this review, you'll feel the same.

Bulldog Beard Balm Review.

Now the big difference in this beard balm is that it doesn't contain any wax, Bulldog Beard Balm is more of a balm cream. 

So if you are seeking a balm to help offer you some hold, then this balm cream will not be for you. You would most likely benefit from a balm like Honest Amish Beard Balm and you can read our review on that balm by clicking here.

However, if you are someone who isn't fussed about using a balm as a holding product and want a product that is specially formulated to soften and tame them whiskers, then please continue to read this review. 

The ingredients are the main thing to look for in a beard balm, so let's waste no time and jump straight into them. 

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Bulldog Beard Balm Ingredients.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera contains good moisturizing properties which is great for the skin beneath your beard as well as good soothing properties therefore, if you suffer from common beard related problems such as beard itch and dry flaky skin (dandruff aka beardruff), then this ingredient would benefit you. Aloe Vera contains good levels of vitamin A and antioxidants like vitamins C and E, along with good levels of amino acids which are all good for your beard and skin.

Camelina Oil: Camelina oil provides a good source of nourishment to your facial whiskers and the skin beneath. This oil also helps fend off irritations like dandruff and itchiness. Another benefit of this oil is that is it very good at softening hair so if you suffer from a dry/rough beard, this oil would certainly offer you good benefits.

Green Tea: If you suffer from weak and/or dry hair then Green Tea will help you as Green Tea is very useful for helping repair damaged hair, including facial hair. A great benefit of Green Tea is also it's anti-inflammatory properties, so if you suffer with your skin beneath your beard perhaps flaky skin, dry damaged skin, beard rash and so on, then you would be hard pushed to find something better for helping you.

So as you can tell Bulldog are not messing around with their Bulldog Beard Balm Ingredients here!

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All of these ingredients used in this beard balm cream are excellent quality and offer equally excellent benefits to you. 

Something I believe to be important when selecting a beard balm or beard oil is the absorbent speed. If a balm or beard oil takes a long time to absorb into your whiskers or skin, then it's going to leave you with a greasy mess on your face and you are not going to be gain the benefits of the ingredients. Therefore, finding a product that is fast-absorbing is a must! 

Thankfully, Bulldog Beard Balm is a fast-absorbing balm/cream, meaning you will gain all them great benefits I have mentioned from the ingredients. 

This balm has been formulated to provide awesome softening and conditioning benefits, so you can expect after regular use that your beard becomes a lot more softer and hydrated and the skin beneath your beard will become a lot more healthier due to the great levels of nutrients in the ingredients.  

Like I have previously mentioned, if you suffer from common beard and skin related problems, then I would certainly recommend this balm/cream.

There is no added fragrance in this product meaning you should get a slight scent of the ingredients which will not interfere with any cologne you wear. 

I always recommend that you apply beard products after you have washed your beard and have towel-dried your beard until it's slightly damp. A slightly damp beard helps beard products absorb into the hair and skin better. You only need a small amount of product each time you use it, so this 75ml tub should last you a fair amount of time. 

Now let's talk about the price. A 75ml container of this awesome beard balm/cream will cost you around $10. Given the quality ingredients and benefits it offers, I would say you are most certainly getting value for money here. 

The Bulldog Brand take there quality of products very seriously whilst trying to offer value for money and I have to say, they have succeeded again with their balm. 

All in all, I think you can't go wrong with this beard balm. I would like to point out once more, if you are looking for a beard balm to provide some hold and style, I would look at another beard balm. 

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This sums up our Bulldog Beard Balm Review. I hope I have supplied you with all the information you need and was seeking. Our mission at Beard Beasts has been and always will be to provide great and honest content for you. Please note, if you were to purchase this product through one of the links on this review, Beard Beasts will make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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