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Are You An Alpha Male? How To Tell If You Are Is A True Alpha - Beard Beasts

Are You An Alpha Male? How To Tell If You Are Is A True Alpha

Alpha male is a term that we've all heard, and we all like to picture ourselves as one.

What does it actually mean, though?

What is its origin?

And in today's world, does an alpha male really have a place?

Each of these topics will be covered inside this post.

In human civilization, the term "alpha male" has both positive and negative connotations and is commonly used in movies and television shows.

So let's get going and learn more about the alpha male culture!

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What Is An Alpha Male?

An alpha male is generally understood to be the male who occupies the highest position in the socio - sexual hierarchy.

Most other guys look up to him because of his perceived high sexual and social standing and admiration.

Women tend to want him and guys tend to want to be him.

The one who represents the true pack leader and is idolized by 99 percent of men.

This is how an alpha is defined in plain, straightforward terms.

Sigma Male Against Alpha Male

Knowing what a sigma male is will enable you to infer that an alpha male is essentially the complete opposite of what a sigma guy involves.

Sigmas prefer to perceive themself as solo wolf who follows their own path, whereas alphas prefer to be around other males, setting the pace.

They like holding the highest position in the social order, and status has a significant impact on their daily life.

Because they are challenging to manage and tend to go their own way, sigma males are uncommon in social groups where an alpha is present.

Despite this, there are some similarities and significant distinctions among both alphas and sigmas.

Let's take a gander at them down below!

Characteristics of Alphas and Sigmas 

Men who are alpha and sigma often have a lot in common.

  • Self-assurance is very high.
  • Considered appealing by others.
  • Demonstrate leadership abilities.
  • Superior intelligence.

If they so desire, sigma males have the option to become alpha males.

They undoubtedly have the necessary traits.

But for the majority, leading a privileged lifestyle is simply too alluring to give up.

Male sigmas do not desire the role of the alpha.

They don't need to be at the top of a social hierarchy where he is revered by many.

Key Distinctions Between Alphas and Sigmas

Alpha males differ from sigma males in the following ways:

  • Alphas are more at ease in a group setting, whereas sigmas enjoy being alone. Alphas have a reason to climb any social ladder, whereas sigmas have no incentive to maintain any form of image.
  • much more reliant on others
  • actively seeks out new friends
  • Sigmas are generally disliked by alphas since they are thought to be more independent and free-thinking.

Even though the distinctions are rather clear, they are nonetheless intriguing.

Continue reading if you believe you might be an alpha male.

Let's look at some of the typical indications that you might be an alpha!

Here are a few characteristics of an alpha male.

These characteristics and indications may help you establish whether you are an alpha or not.

Let's get going!

The Most Common Alpha Male Traits

Appreciate Having Control

An alpha probably wouldn't be able to just take a backseat and allow others to make decisions for him.

He places a lot of importance on control among both his personal and professional lives.

Alphas are typically skilled at persuading others to agree with them, therefore they naturally tend to influence decisions in their favor.

Additionally, they must ensure that the majority of their lives is in order.

Alphas have precise intentions for how matters should proceed and thus are goal-oriented.

You won't witness an alpha getting emotionally up in arms very often.

His lifestyle and his feelings are under his control.

Status Matters To Him

It matters how people see them, and they seem to like to project an air of assurance and success.

They are drawn to this because they are aware of social hierarchies that occur within social circles.

An alpha also enjoys displaying their position.


This won't come as a shock because it's difficult to image a traditional dominant male being silent and shy!

However, there are certain alpha guys who are initially reserved before gradually opening up.

It is normal for alphas to be extroverts in order to progress in the social hierarchy because they are so interested by the social environment.

They Typically Get Their Way

Authority is crucial for an alpha male.

It is fair to assume that an alpha typically gets his way since he has the power to make important decisions and to control circumstances so they work in his favor.

I would suggest that the alpha typically succeeds due to a few characteristics.

This is facilitated by his sense of control, natural leadership abilities, emotional self-discipline, and goal-orientedness.


Alphas naturally have the ability to lead from the front since they enjoy being at the top.

You are extremely unlikely to run into an alpha male who is satisfied or even pleased to follow.

They aim to be the alpha dog!

An alpha aspires to be regarded as the best guy and to benefit from the responsibilities that come with that position.

Do not interpret this as a misperception of how an alpha thinks.

Not only are they fixated on being the main guy, but they are also genuinely engaged in making the most of their team.

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Goal-orientedness comes naturally to alpha males.

They work hard to succeed among both their personal and professional life, regardless of the job route they pick.

Alphas put in a lot of effort and will go above and beyond to succeed.

The alpha has a clear vision of what he seeks and sets both short- and long-term objectives that he intends to accomplish.

Being with an alpha is actually rather motivating because they are not often sidetracked. particularly in a professional setting.

Don't Mind Conflict 

The majority of individuals avoid conflict.

I believe that to some level, we can all connect to this.

We have all undoubtedly encountered situations where we just want them to end and are prepared to go to any lengths to prevent any unnecessary dispute.

A dominant male does not have to avoid conflict.

He'll even gladly take it on head-on.

He will gladly defend himself against any challenges.

However, don't mistake an alpha's willingness to engage in dispute with bullying behavior.

Generally speaking, alphas are rational individuals who merely want to do what's best for the group.


It's no suprise an alpha male is Naturally competitive.

This alpha male trait is, in my opinion, rather clear.

In the same way as alphas in nature compete with each other and have a built-in competitive advantage, so do humans.

Alphas Desire Success

They want to advance professionally, earn that job promotion, and improve both their own quality of life and the lives of others around them.

As a result, it is typical for alphas to win contests and receive job promotions.

Protective Of Those Close To Him

Alphas would undoubtedly feel protective of individuals in his friendship group or who are close to him.

Whether it be his coworkers, clients, friends, or relatives, he will gladly stop what he's doing and assist them!

If you are familiar with alphas, you are aware that they frequently project a protective aura. And this only strengthens people desire to be around him.

He Is Admired By Others.

It is only natural that other people look up to alpha males because of his natural leadership, protectiveness, and reputation as somebody others should follow.

It is understandable why people would find the life of an alpha to be appealing and why they might also want to emulate him since he is typically successful in both his professional and personal life.

The Reality Of Alpha Males

I believe that people frequently misunderstand alpha males.

Many people associate "alpha male" with an arrogant, intimidating sort of man when they hear them words.

A man who is willing to step over anyone in his path by puffing out his chest.

However, this isn't quite the whole truth.

The following traits are frequently found in alphas:

  • Strong\Intimidating
  • Confident
  • Ambitious and Driven

However, a real alpha is not limited to these characteristics by definition.

Additionally, they feature the following qualities:

  • Caring\Loving\Kind\Generous
  • Cares about his group's other members.

If you consider yourself to be an alpha, you are not actually an alpha if you view yourself as the top dog.

Indeed, the alpha aspires to be the pack's leader. He desires to be respected. And he wants to be in charge of making the important choices.

But he also has concerns about his relatives, friends, and colleagues.

When he can, he will try to assist others and try to act in their best interests.

An alpha can be kind and empathic.

So from my perspective, alphas are largely misunderstood, and there is some negativity associated with the phrase.

Advantages Of Being An Alpha Male

Of course, having an alpha male personality has numerous advantages.

It really shouldn't matter if you don't identify as an alpha, though. Not everyone wants to identify with being an alpha.

Here are just a few advantages of being an alpha:

  • The respect of others
  • Professional excellence
  • Successful relationships
  • People try to win over the alpha, which benefits him both socially and professionally.
  • Higher authority


Knowing the characteristics of an alpha male and some of their telltale indicators, you can decide whether you like this kind of guy.

Do you consider yourself to be an alpha?

Maybe you have an alpha friend as well.

I enjoy it this way because I perceive myself as more of a sigma male.

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