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Hair Care Tips For Men That All Men Should Know

Welcome to our article on hair care tips for men.

If you’re looking to improve your personal grooming, then it’s important to focus on areas of your body other than just your face.

At first glance, men’s haircare may seem like something you can skim over. After all, aren’t all haircare products basically the same?

Not exactly!

If you’re a man who cares about your hair, then you probably already know that your hair needs more attention than women’s hair does to keep it looking good and healthy.

This is because women take care of their hair from a young age, whereas men tend to neglect their hair from a young age.

Most men don’t give much thought to the quality of their hair, they only care about its cut or style.

It is these hair care tips for men listed below which can actually have a big impact on your appearance and overall impression.

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A man’s appearance matters, especially when it comes to his hair. Men’s haircare isn’t the same as women’s; there are specific things men should do to keep their hair looking its best.

If you want to make sure your hair looks great every day, the first step is to take good care of it. If you’re male, that might mean dealing with different issues than women do, like keeping dandruff at bay or treating damage caused by male-pattern baldness.

Luckily, there are plenty of options available to help you with these issues and more.

When it comes to looking good, men are under more pressure than ever. Whether it’s for job interviews, first dates, or happy hour with coworkers, men are expected to look their best at all times.

One of the ways to make sure you always look your best? Good men’s haircare practices.

Why Is Men’s Haircare Important?

While most men aren’t as concerned with grooming as women, it’s still important for men to take care of their hair.

After all, hair is often one of our best assets.

If your hair looks great, you feel great; if you look like crap because of your hair, you’ll feel like crap.

Men’s haircare requires more than just shampooing every once in a while. That will only maintain good-looking hair, not improve it. The right products can make significant improvements, though.

The key thing about men’s haircare products—or any type of product—is finding ones that are effective and affordable.

In recent years, there has been an explosion of new products on the market that target men specifically.

These typically provide better value and more lasting results than those marketed at women.

Like everything else in life, start small when shopping for men’s haircare products.

Buy a few essentials and see how they work before expanding your collection later on down the road.

Never buy a bunch of pricey items until you know what works best for you and/or what isn’t worth buying at all!

Here are some reasons why men should focus on proper haircare:

  • It is hygienic for starters.
  • Great hair means shows others you take pride in your appearance.
  • Makes you attractive to the ladies.
  • For your general health and well-being.
  • Because it’s 2022.

In the following section of this article, I have shared 12 essential hair care tips for men.

We believe they will certainly help you improve upon your current haircare routine.

We will be looking at products as well as lifestyle changes that will help create a healthier head of hair. (yes, that is possible).

12 Hair Care Tips For Men

Let’s start with the washing side of things.

Limit How Often You Wash Your Hair

One may think of haircare and automatically assume they need to increase the amount of times they wash their hair each week.

Which isn’t true!

There is such a thing as over-washing your hair, just like there is such a thing as under-washing your hair.

Typical store bought shampoos are known for cleaning our hair…

But how exactly does a shampoo clean our hair? Simply put, the chemicals strip away everything from dirt to natural oils from our hair and scalp.

Too much natural oil in our hair, isn’t good. Not enough natural oils in our hair also isn’t good.

One will make your hair greasy, the other will make your hair dryer than the Sahara desert. Both will have a negative impact on not only the look of your hair but also the quality.

Therefore, we recommend that you wash your hair twice a week.

No more, no less.

Twice a week is enough to stop the average man suffering from greasy hair and the man who suffers from dryness problems from over-washing.

Swap Your Shampoo For A Natural Hair Shampoo

Chemical-based shampoos, like the typical shampoos you’ll get from your supermarket, dry your hair out.

The harsh chemicals in these shampoos not only tend to dry out hair. They also lead to it becoming more brittle and prone to breaking, causing split-ends or thinning of the hair.

If you’re serious about your haircare and want to take care of your mane, avoid synthetic chemicals and shop for a natural alternative.

Look for an all-natural shampoo that has ingredients such as jojoba, argan or coconut oil.

These natural oils will add moisturize to your scalp and hair, which will prevent dry, brittle head hair that is full of split-ends.

They will also provide great nutrients to your hair, which will create a healthier environment and strengthen the hair strands.

Also these products are not only good for your hair but they smell great too!

Just make sure you read the labels carefully to make sure whatever shampoo alternative you choose is right for your specific needs.

And whatever you do…don’t skip on conditioner!

Which leads me to my next men’s hair care tip…

Condition Your Hair After You Wash It

When we are approached for hair care tips for men, We find that many men ask us whether they actually need to condition their hair.

You might not give your hair much thought, but it needs some TLC after you wash it.

If you want to learn how to care for your hair properly, start by conditioning it after you wash your hair.

Which should be twice a week.

Conditioner helps protect strands from damage caused by blow-drying and other styling techniques.

Use conditioner twice a week on clean wet hair, lather up, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

You could even purchase yourself a leave-in conditioner, which I usually use.

I tend to shower twice daily, once in the morning and again before bed. On the days I wash my hair, I skip the usually wash out conditioners and use an all-natural leave-in conditioner.

Conditioning is especially important if you have dry or curly hair since these types are prone to damage more easily than straight or wavy locks.

I would also suggest that you purchase a natural conditioner, either as a wash-out or a leave-in.

Your hair will 100% thank you!

On to my next men’s hair care tip…

Stop Rubbing Your Hair Dry

Many men (and women) are guilty of this one.

Like your skin, hair needs time to breathe after you shower. If you rub it dry with a towel, you’re removing natural oils from your scalp and drying out your hair.

Remember wet hair is naturally weaker than dry hair. Therefore, wet hair is vulnerable to potential damage from elements such as heat and excessive rubbing.

Rubbing your wet hair can also break the hair strands and cause split ends, so rub gently or just pat your hair dry instead.

You can even just let it air-dry—it doesn’t have to be perfect to look good!

If you are thinking of letting your hair air-dry in the future, you could add a few drops of a natural oil on your damp hair, leave it to air-dry and you’ll be surprised by the shine and softness you’ll get when it drys.

So that wraps up the washing and drying side of things.

Styling Hair Care Tips For Men

Choose A Hair Style That Compliments Your Face Shape

How many times have you been watching t.v and seen someone rock a hairstyle that you really liked and a few days later, you’ve seen someone else rock the same hair style and taken an instant dislike to it?

The reason for this comes down to a persons face shape.

One hair style can really compliment one face shape and have the complete opposite affect on another face shape.

It is for this reason that you must pick a hair style that compliments your own face shape.

It’s no good choosing a hair style that looks good on someone who has a square face shape whilst you have an oval face shape.

The first thing you need to do when deciding on a hair style is really figure out your own face shape first.

When you’ve figured that out, look at photos of other men who have the same face shape and look at the hair styles they rock.

A good hair style that fits your face shape can really improve your appearance as it can enhance your good facial features which is important.

A hair style that isn’t suited to your face shape can really have the opposite affect as it can distort the shape of your face.

So take your time and have a good look around and choose carefully.

Styling Products

Ok, so I have spoken about natural shampoos and conditioners already, it’s now time to talk about natural hair styling products.

Most of us use some sort of hair product to style our hair.

Whether it’s a gel, wax, pomade and so on.

But how many of you use styling products made from natural ingredients?

Just like shampoos, some hair styling products contain harmful elements that will affect the quality of our hair.

Therefore, there is no point in switching over to a natural hair shampoo if you are only going to use a hair styling product on your hair after that contains synthetic ingredients.

The most common problem caused by styling products is dryness within the hair strands.

This will eventually lead to brittle hair and further damage down the line.

Natural styling products however, will do the opposite affect. They will add moisture to the hair along with nutrients that will help strengthen your hair.

So have a look around for some good natural hair styling products to add to your hair care product arsenal.

They don’t have to be expensive, only made from natural ingredients and contain no synthetic ingredients.

Visit A Barber Regularly

Maintaining a healthy hair-care routine can be tricky for men.

But if you want to maintain a healthy head of hair, you should visit a barber for routine haircuts.

While women have long, luxurious locks to maintain, men are typically after shorter cuts that require much less upkeep.

That said, it’s not something you should ignore entirely.

A haircut every four weeks will help keep split ends at bay and give your hair a chance to grow out naturally if you’re looking for a change down the road.

Plus, regular visits to your barber will also give him or her a chance to examine your strands and check for any rogue hairs that may need plucking—which is something you shouldn’t forget about either!

For men with thicker hair, regular visits are even more important for keeping your ends healthy.

You need to have someone that can connect your facial features with your hair and create a long-lasting impression.

A good barber is able to connect your attractive facial features with your hair, which will help create a noticeable impression, something any man should want.

It is important to note that if you have a bad experience with a barber, don’t give up. Just go to another barber until you find one that understands you and you feel in safe hands with.

That’s the end of styling men’s hair care tips.

General Hair Care Tips For Men

Be Careful With Chlorine

It may be tempting to take a quick dip in that chlorinated pool, but taking regular dips in chlorine can lead to hair loss.

When chlorine mixes with your hair follicles, it creates sulfate radicals—which, over time, will dry out your hair and cause it to break.

Men who swim regularly or spend time in hot tubs (which also contain chlorine) should look for natural shampoos with antioxidants like vitamin E and c-ester.

Antioxidants will slow down or reverse damage caused by free radicals.

To help with your hair care, let your hair dry naturally after a swim instead of blow-drying or running a towel over it.

You may also want to wash your hair using a natural shampoo when you are in a pool often to avoid build-up of chlorinated water.

If you are someone who loves swimming, don’t let your hair keep you from doing something you love, the point of this section was too explain what chlorine does but how you can combat it.

Avoid Too Much Heat

Not many men use hair-dryers or straighteners so this is for a limit audience, but it is still an important men’s hair care tip and one I must touch upon.

Heat styling products are designed to tame and straighten hair—but that doesn’t mean they’re not damaging.

As with any chemical process, too much heat can damage hair over time.

If you must blow-dry or straighten your hair daily, make sure you use some sort of hair protection product and use the tool on it’s lowest heat setting.

Heat styling can alter your hair’s internal structure and cuticles.

This not only dries out your hair, but also causes it to become frizzy.

It’s best to avoid using blow dryers, curling irons or flat irons unless absolutely necessary.

That said, if you feel you must use them, there are products to help protect your hair under that kind of heat.

Eat Healthy Food

The key to growing and maintaining hair is through good nutrition.

It is important to eat and supply your body with what it needs.

To that end, eat foods high in biotin, zinc and silica—you’ll find all three in eggs, chicken, soybeans and avocado.

It might seem like there’s not much you can do with your hair on a daily basis, but trust me—there are lots of small things you can do throughout your day to keep your locks healthy.

Like taking care of most body parts (e.g., brushing teeth), having healthy hair isn’t really an all-or-nothing deal; it’s about doing little things for it here and there.

Get more vitamins also by including fruits in your diet, like oranges. They’re high in vitamin C which keeps you healthy overall so it will work its magic on your mane as well.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Here’s a simple and easy tip:

Drink lots of water!

You might think you already know how important water is for hair health, but did you know that dehydration can lead to hair loss?

It does—and no one wants to see his or her hair fall out!

Dehydration can cause fine hair to become wiry and frizzy, and can make thick hair brittle. Not to mention the fact your hair will look dull and lifeless.

Water won’t only improve hydration levels but will also maintain hair elasticity and prevent split ends.

Drink at least eight glasses of water per day to keep hair healthy and looking great!

Shower With Lukewarm Water

Lukewarm water is a great way to keep your hair clean and cut down on your shower time.

Hot water dries out hair more quickly, so turn down that water temperature and save yourself some money in the process.

Cold showers are the best but if you’re not a fan of cold showers, try lukewarm ones instead—you’ll be surprised at how much longer they leave you feeling fresh and revitalized.

Lukewarm water not only will keep your hair from drying out, but it also promotes healthy hair growth.

Showering with lukewarm water might take some getting used to for some guys, but once you start showering with warm-to-cool water every day, you’ll never go back to burning your scalp off.


So that wraps up our essential hair care tips for men. As you can see there are many ways to improve upon when it comes to your hair. I hope that this article was useful to you and that you were able to take something away from it.

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