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Male Grooming Tips That Every Man Ought To Know

In 2022, mens grooming tips continue to grow at great speed. There are so many experts and so called “mens grooming experts” giving out grooming tips for men that you’d be forgiven for feeling somewhat over-whelmed. 

The one thing we can all agree with though, is that proper hygiene is essential for all men. Know you’d also be forgiven for thinking that mens hygiene grooming is easy and simple and while for some it may be, for most it isn’t. 

According to many women and medical professionals, most men don’t practise proper personal hygiene. Shocking right!? Well not really, if you think about the men you know, how many of them can you say practise proper personal hygiene? Probably not many. 

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Although men have become better at grooming, there is still a long way to go. Practising proper personal hygiene not only benefits us in health reasons, but it can also help us men mentally. When we look and feel good, our mental state becomes more positive. 

It’s no secret that us men can be fairly sweaty at times (work, gym, sports etc), sometimes causing us to give off a bit of a smelly odor that could turn a head or two. 

So in this article we are going to cover some mens hygiene grooming tips that can help us. We’ll be covering the armpits, face, mouth, hair and body.

Let’s start with the head area:

Male Grooming Tips

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The Hair:

Now men, we’re half way through 2022, it is not just women who should be worried with their hair. We also need to stay on top of our hair, not just in terms of styling but also in hygiene terms. Here are a few little hygiene grooming tips for you:

Never wash your hair everyday. Washing your hair everyday actually weakens the hair and damages the hair fibers, causing split ends, frizz and so on. If you sweat everyday due to work, gym etc…then use a shampoo that doesn’t contain any sulphates. 

Visit and support your local barbershop…You should be getting trim at least once a month. Myself I go every 2 weeks to keep my hair looking sharp.

One grooming mistake I see many men do is rock a hair style that doesn’t support there face-shape. This is a big no no, you end up distorting your face-shape. Instead choose a style that compliments your face shape and you’ll end up looking sharp and dapper.  

Dump the harsh shampoos and come over to the natural shampoos. Natural shampoos are far better for our hair and even supply some nourishment to our hair fibers, which can’t be a bad thing now can it. 

The Face:

Many men get out of bed, brush their teeth, leaving a mess in the sink and floor, have a quick spray under the armpits, get dressed and leave the house…sound familiar? Sorry guys, we need to change with the times. 

Some hygiene tips for men concerning the face:

Wash your face twice a day, morning and night. The reason? We are so glad you asked…Throughout the day our face get dirty (yes even sitting behind a desk). Our face also builds up excess sebum (skins natural oil) as well as dead skin cells and other impurities. Do you want to go to bed with that all over your face? No didn’t think so, a quick face wash prior to bed will help us maintain healthy clean skin.

Keep the beards tame! If you rock a glorious beard (which I hope you do) then you know how important it is to keep the beast tame and soft. Using a high quality beard oil will certainly help. Also you need to keep on top of stray hairs and the trimming side of things.

Bonus tip: If you are trimming your beard, make sure you style it the way you want prior to trimming, that way the risk of cutting to much off (which happens) reduces.

Invest in a mens moisturiser. Many men suffer from dry skin on their face, so why not a little hydration to it? Make sure you use a high quality moisturizer that contains all-natural ingredients because you don’t want to put any chemicals on your skin. 

The Mouth

In terms of personal hygiene, the mouth is extremely important. Proper oral hygiene isn’t just a case of brushing your teeth once or twice a week. 

Whilst brushing your teeth is very important, there is one place that many men do not brush or clean and that is the tongue. The tongue is where the vast majority of the germs in the mouth live. The tongue is always one of the biggest reasons for smelly breath. Therefore, cleaning your tongue is extremely important for proper oral hygiene. 

Don’t forget the flossing lads. Throughout the day, we eat and foods gets stuck between our teeth. If left, that food will start to rot in our mouth which isn’t exactly a nice thought is it. Therefore, flossing is also important. 

A little swish of mouth wash. After cleaning our teeth and tongue as well as a bit of flossing, a little swish of mouth wash will make sure any left over gems or bacteria in the mouth is treated correctly. I recommend using a mouth wash that doesn’t contain alcohol that makes your mouth feel like its on fire. 

The Body

When you read an article on mens grooming, most hygiene tips for men usually only focus mainly on the body area. So we are going to cover it also:  


Believe it or not there are mens grooming experts out there that argue against showering daily. Myself, I never go a day without showering, I currently live in Spain, in the summer it gets HOT, I am showering at least twice a day. 

Showering daily is a must for hygiene. Throughout the day we sweat and our skin gets dirty. Therefore, showering everyday is essential. Unless you don’t mind laying in a bed full of dirt, sweat and dead skin cells from your body? 

Body Grooming

We all want to look good, well most of us anyway. Body grooming is important for our hygiene and looking good. 

Sort that armpit hair out: No women or man wants to see a rainforest under your armpits nor do they want to see a carpet hanging out the top of your polo or t-shirt. That’s where a little bit of male body grooming comes into play. I am not saying to shave it all off, if like a hairy chest and hair under your armpits, then rock it brother. But just give it a trim once a week, keep it neat and in place. 

A little bit of cologne wouldn’t go a miss either if you don’t wear any. I always recommend men find their signature cologne. Don’t collect 5 different colognes and wear one, one day and another the next day. Just find one that you like and keep to that.  


Let’s get one thing straight men, feet are not nice. There are handy to have of course, but in terms of look-wise…just no. However, if you are going to bring out the flip-flops or sandals, we need to cover a few things. 

Get the sander out! First up is the hard skin, Men we need to start removing some of the hard skin we have collected on our feet over the past 10/20 years. Walking around in flip-flops or sandals with your 10 year collection of hard skin isn’t a good look, so that is the first thing we need to sort out. 

Get the clippers! Toenails are the next, once a week after a shower, start clipping them toenails. I don’t know how many times I’ve been out and about at the local beach and men are walking around in flip-flops with long toenails hanging out. Again not a good look, but one we can easily sort out. 

Wash them kippers! Next wash them feet everyday. I don’t know if it’s a man thing, but why is it most of our feet kick up often whilst women’s don’t? Anyway, we need to start washing them daily. 

If you suffer from very sweaty feet, you might want to invest into some talc powder. It will help keep your feet from sweaty and smelling up the place. Simply wash your feet, dry them properly, rub some talc power into them and away you go. 

Well there you have it guys, our male grooming tips. We hope you enjoyed this article and that you took some of our grooming tips on board. 

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