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How to Comb Your Beard

Nowadays, it seems like sporting a thick, full beard is trendy. Even still, there is a thin line separating beauty and horror.

Make sure you're treating your facial hair good by providing the proper care it requires and deserves.

Additionally, you should keep the skin beneath your beard moisturized to avoid causing dry skin under your beard or to have white flakes (dandruff).

This article offers advice on how to properly maintain your beard as well as how to comb your beard so that you may get the most enjoyment out of it.

There are various beard care products and tools to pick from and many of them are also intended for specific purposes when it comes to caring for your beard.

For instance, one product may assist with brittle hair, while the other will hydrate the skin beneath the beard. Beard oil is one of the essential products to utilize. 

Beard oil not only keeps the skin beneath moisturized, but it also keeps the facial hair and skin soft and healthy. There are so many great benefits of using beard oil which can really help take your beardgame to the next level!

There are numerous fragrance options, like our Beard Beasts Classic Sandalwood Beard Oil which provides your beard a pleasant yet manly scent.

Beard balm is the other item that is most often used. This maintains your beard's style while performing all the same functions as beard oil. 

In order to help you keep your beard in shape for extended periods of time, beard balm also contains beeswax.

I would certainly recommend finding out what beard balm benefits might help you and your beard grooming routine.

Applying beard oils or balm to your facial hair by hand doesn't evenly coat your beard with the product, by using a beard comb, you will be able to effectively ensure that the product is spread evenly. 

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How To Comb Your Beard

Making sure your beard is properly combed should be your first step in maintaining a healthy and good looking beard. You should make sure to comb it every morning when you get ready for work.

Step #1. Choose The Right Beard Comb

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to select a beard comb with the proper teeth. A comb with wider teeth will move through your beard more easily.

For combing mustaches, you'll needs a beard comb with smaller teeth. Consider the material that the beard comb is composed from. For instance, plastic is a bad choice since it harms your beard and generates static and snags.

Step #2. Begin At The Bottom Of Your Beard

Start by combing from the bottom and working your way up and out. The neck should be the starting point, and the cheeks and chin should follow. This method of combing will separate every facial hair, giving the beard a fuller appearance.

Step #3. Avoid Tugging Or Pulling At The Tangles.

It's possible that while you comb your beard, you'll hit certain obstacles like tangles and knots. Avoid trying to pull and tug on them.

Instead, proceed through the knot or tangle gently and carefully. Those knots are typically merely just a few hairs tangled with one another.

Beard oil is a fantastic product for helping to remove tangles and knots, and when used with a comb, it can make it easier for the beard comb to glide through your beard.

Step #4. Comb Down

Once you have combed the entire beard upward, start combing it downward then you may style it anyway you want.

Step #5. Don't Forget The Mustache

When combing your beard, be sure to pay attention to the mustache. Comb the hair to the side to avoid it covering your mouth.

How To Comb Your Beard Top Tip

Never comb your beard too vigorously or go through your beard with the comb too quickly.

This results in damaging and pulling the facial hair.

The right way to comb a beard is slowly and gently.

Let's talk about the advantages of combing your beard now that you know how to comb your beard.

Benefits Of Combing Your Beard

With all that being said, one of the most important things you could do to maintain a healthy and attractive beard is to regularly comb it. This is a great tip which is included in our popular beard grooming for beginners guide.

Let's take a little look at the benefits of combing your beard. 

#1. Keeping Ingrown Hairs At Bay

When you grow a beard, ingrown hairs are very annoying and unpleasant since they might eventually result in painful blemishes.

Your cheeks and neck may have small bumps and red areas, those are ingrown hairs that curved and started growing underneath the skin.

A high-quality beard comb encourages proper hair growth, which will help you avoid ingrown hairs in the long run. Daily combing will help ensure that every facial hair grows in the proper direction, preventing those unpleasant and irritating ingrown facial hairs.

#2. Keeps Your Mouth Clear

It takes much more than cleaning your beard during a shower to maintain a clean, healthy beard.

A key step in keeping your beard tidy is combing it. This is due to the fact that combing your beard keeps it clean and clear of food and grime that could make it appear unappealing.

In addition to encouraging the hairs around your lips to grow around your mouth, daily combing will also help to prevent food particles from becoming entangled in your facial hair.

Seeing a beard that contains food particles stuck all over it can undo months of tough labor.

#3. Obtaining The Look You Want

The only method to style your beard to achieve the desired look, regardless of good or bad hair genes, is to comb the facial hair. 

When you stop combing for a little while, you'll notice how unruly, out of control and messy facial hair can get. The quickest and most straightforward technique to get the desired style is to comb your hair every day.

Don't just grab any inexpensive comb or use the one you use for your head hair now that you are aware of the advantages of combing your beard.

Find a high-quality beard comb that is made with the purpose of effortlessly cutting through tangles without yanking your facial hairs out by the roots, because trust me, that isn't pleasant.

Work your combing routine into your daily morning routine directly following the application of beard oil or balm to achieve that macho beard that will draw attention.

#4. Hydrate Your Beard

You already know how crucial it is to moisturise the skin underneath the beard while also applying a beard oil or balm on the facial hair to keep it healthy and resilient.

When you apply beard oils or balms to your facial hair by hand, there is only so much you can get to.

The teeth of a beard comb will effectively distribute the beard oil or balm to the areas of your beard that require it the most when you comb it. This should help reduce a dry beard if you suffer from one.

#5. Arranging The Hairs

All of those hairs must exactly line up with your face in order to provide the impression of a fuller beard. In reality, you are teaching various hairs to develop in various directions as you comb your beard every day.

Every day combing is necessary for a fuller, more manly beard, just as combing your head hair will encourage hair to grow in a particular direction.

Now we know how to comb your beard and it's many benefits, I think it's important to know how to clean a beard comb, as clean beard care tools help maintain a clean, healthy beard.

How To Clean A Beard Comb

Because filthy combs will leave your beard greasy and transfer food particles and dirt back into your facial hair, cleaning a beard comb is essential. Your beard will have additional issues as a result.

A clean comb, on the other hand, will keep your beard smooth and tidy and encourage it to develop in the right directions.

Now that you are aware of how crucial cleaning beard combs is, it only seems reasonable to discuss the method in detail.

Step #1: Apply The Soap To The Comb's Base

You only need a toothbrush and liquid soap for cleaning. The soap should be applied on both sides of the comb base as a first step.

Step #2. Distribute The Soap Among The Comb's Teeth

Distribute the soap between the comb's teeth with your fingers, then immediately rinse it with warm water. Even though you'll probably still have some soap left over, you should still add more.

Step #3. Scrub It From The Base Up With A Toothbrush

Then, using the toothbrush, begin cleaning it from the base and work your way toward the comb's end teeth. The best place to do this is in the shower or over a sink.

Step #4. Use The Toothbrush To Rinse The Soap

Until all grime buildup is gone, thoroughly rinse the soap with the toothbrush. Pat your comb dry to complete. With a few minor tweaks for finer tooth and wooden combs, this procedure is essentially the same for cleaning any beard comb.

If the comb has fine teeth, you might spend a little more time brushing it with a toothbrush. To ensure there is no remaining filth, it is important to thoroughly clean in between each tooth.

The longer wood is submerged in water, the more likely it is to splinter and swell. Additionally, be certain that all of the water has been drained from it.

The good thing is that cleaning beard combs doesn't have to be done regularly. Do not clean it when there is no obvious buildup of debris.

Beard combs should ideally be cleaned every two years. Should you want to double its lifetime.

Distribute the soap between the comb's teeth with your fingers, then immediately rinse it with warm water. Even though you'll probably still have some soap left over, you should still add more.

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Last Words

So that's how to comb your beard. I also think it was important to tell you how to clean your beard comb correctly, as beard care tools need to remain clean to retain a healthy beard.

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