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How To Clean A Beard Brush | Our Simple Method

A brush, comb, or perhaps both are usually needed when taking good care of your beard. That magnificent beard you have is a result of these tools.

Have you considered cleaning and maintaining the brushes and combs you use, though?

Your brush or comb will gather hair and dirt if you use them regularly. You wouldn't want to comb or brush your beautiful facial hair with a dirty tool, would you?

Furthermore, if properly maintained, high-quality grooming tools such as these can last a very long period, saving you money down the road.

We'll go through how to clean your beard brush in this post so that you can maintain your beard care tools looking clean and your beard looking good.

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Cleaning Equipment You'll Need

Here is a list of supplies and cleaning products you will require in addition to your used beard brush while cleaning your beard care tools:

  • Cleaning rake for brushes
  • Some beard oil
  • A little beard wash
  • A toothbrush (preferably not the one you use!)
  • Some paper towels

How To Clean A Beard Brush - Best Method

Step 1: Clean the beard bristles of hair accumulation.

Use a cleaning rakes for brushes to rake out the facial hairs and dirt while holding your dirty brush sideways.

Focus on raking the hairs closest to the tip of the bristles during your initial few strokes. As you rake the facial hair out, place the rake's tines approximately midway down the length of the bristles.

Let's concentrate on raking out the facial hairs at the point where the bristles and the brush body meet after you have removed the hairs close to the bristle tips. To remove the hairs and debris, place the rake's tines as near as possible to the root of the bristles.

Use your fingers to remove any resistant facial hairs that have become entangled in the brushes bristles.

To prevent a significant buildup of facial hair and dirt, complete this task once every two weeks.

Step 2: Thoroughly wash the brushes bristles.

After cleaning the brush of all the facial hair accumulation, moisten the bristles by immersing them in a bowl of lukewarm water or rinsing them under lukewarm water.

Add a few drops of your beard wash to the brushes bristles, and use your fingers or perhaps that old clean toothbrush that's been at the back of the cupboard for years to massage the beard wash into the brushes bristles.

NOTE: It's important to remember not to saturate a wooden brush's body in water when cleaning it. You can lightly dampen it, but if you allow the water to penetrate the wood, the wood may splinter and crack.

Rinse the wash out completely after cleansing for around 20 to 30 seconds. Dry the brush's body and bristles using a fresh towel.

Shake the beard brush firmly to get rid of any extra water that could have gotten inside the bristle plugs.

The towel should be spread out, and the brush should be placed on it bristle-side down. The brush needs to be left to dry overnight.

You should regularly perform a thorough cleaning of the brushes bristles if you use it to apply beard oil or beard balm to your beard.

Every two to three weeks, you should give your brush a thorough cleaning. We advise bi-weekly thorough cleaning of your brush if you have sensitive skin and suffer from skin irritation.

If you don't, the remaining oil will build up in the bristles, trapping dirt and other debris. Using a dirty brush to brush your facial hair is likely to irritate your skin and even result in acne.

So be sure to thoroughly clean your brush in order to prevent harming your skin beneath your beard.

We hope you have found our how to clean a beard brush article useful.

Thank you for reading.

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