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Common Beard Problems And How To Deal With Them

The majority of men believe that growing a beard is really as simple as forgoing shaving for a couple months... But maintaining a well-groomed beard is in fact far from easy; there are many difficulties that go along with having a beard, therefore it takes care and discipline. One of the biggest reasons men shave their beards off is because of certain beard problems which they don't try to prevent. 

As a result of our three years of experience creating products natural beard care products that address and reduce these common challenges, we have identified all of the most frequent issues that we have encountered.

We hope you find this information useful if you're maintaining or grow a beard, since you'll probably encounter some of the following beard problems at some point.

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Common Beard Problems And How To Deal With Them

Beard itch / Dandruff

Your beard is driving you mad after two weeks of growth, and the skin beneath your beard is dry and flaking all over the place.

Good news, you are not alone.

The typical time for the transition from heavy stubble to a full beard is between days 10 and 12. This causes the skin to dry up, get itchy, and produce beadruff that falls all over your clothing since the hair follicle will need a lot more nutrients from the skin in this situation to keep its health.

If you sport a long, full beard and are still itching, it simply signifies that you have dry skin under your beard which is unnourished and that you have not moisturized the skin enough below your beard.

Examine the product you are using to cleanse your beard as a first step. The natural oils (sebum) in your facial hair and the skin beneath your beard will be completely stripped away by regular hair shampoos and cheap soaps, leaving them feeling excessively dry and like a wire brush.

Here is how to properly wash your beard to our recommendations.

#1. Purchase a Beard Wash product made especially for washing your face and beard. They are extremely delicate and designed especially for your beard and skin, so they don't remove all of the natural oils (sebum) from your skin and facial hair, preventing your skin and beard from drying out.

#2. Consider how often you should wash your beard. Depending on the demands of their jobs, most bearded men only have to wash their beards three to four times a week.

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#3. You should think about incorporating beard oil or balm into your daily beard grooming routine if you suffer from dandruff or beard itch. The skin beneath the beard is nourished by beard oil, which also supplies the hair follicles with nourishment to keep them healthy. Beard balm will function as a long-lasting conditioner, shielding the beard from daily elements.

#4. Be sure to exfoliate the skin beneath your beard on a daily basis. This will help stimulate blood flow to your skin, remove dead skin, and feed your hair follicles. We recommend using a boar hair beard brush with strong bristles to efficiently distribute your natural sebum oil throughout your beard and remove any dead skin cells that have become caught beneath your beard.

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"Crazy Beard"

Each man's beard is unique. Some of you are extremely fortunate and have straight facial hair, while others develop wavy or curly hair. The crazy beard problem can be overcome in a few simple methods.

#1. Use a Beard Brush and Blow Dryer.

You may dry your beard without worrying about damaging your skin or your facial hair by using a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. Using a blow dryer fitted with the diffuser, and a quality boar hair beard brush, you can shape your beard into the perfect style. Because of the warmth, the hair will react more easily to your brushing motions. When you've got your hair how you want it, put the dryer on cold to keep it that way.

#2. Styling Products

To shape those wayward beard hairs, use a styling product such as beard balm or even moustache wax.

Dry Skin Beneath Your Beard

Your beard eventually becomes dry and hard, and this happens to everyone eventually. Your beard dries out every day as a result of several factors such as dirt, humidity, and temperatures. Choose sulfate-free beard washes and conditioners, and try to stick with natural products, to prevent this. Use Sweet Almond or Argan Oil on dry hair and only use wash on your beard twice a week.


Although a beard helps shield your skin from pollutants and sunlight, it can also cause acne in men with sensitive skin. Itching might increase the discomfort of this situation. Ingrown hairs and the buildup of bacteria surrounding the hair follicles can both contribute to the irritation that can result in severe acne. To treat acne and stop it from coming back, use tea tree oil or aloe vera.

Patchy Beard

Most men wish they could grow a full, thick beard, but sadly, this isn't the case. When it comes to patchy beards, time is your ally. It's recommended that you leave your beard at least 30 days to fully develop. Some of you may require 90 days or more to let those patches fill in, so don't worry if your beard is still patchy after 30 days. When your beard gets long enough in length, it can hide the patches altogether. Age may also have a role in beard development. Some men don't get a full beard until they're 25 years old, so if you're under 25 and still trying to grow one, hang in there. However, your genes are the most important factor in beard growth, so if your father has a full beard, you should too. It's all about finding the proper style for your patchy beard if you want to make it look good. Look how stylish Johnny Depp is with his patchy beard.

Smelly Beard

When you don't give your beard much attention, it may develop a distinct smell that makes you uncomfortable in a lot of settings. Beard hairs can stink if you don't practice good hygiene because of extra oil and dirt. Use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to wash your beard twice weekly, and use oil-rich moisturizers and beard balms to neutralize the odour.

Beard Tangles

Don't get me wrong, I think wild beards can look good on some men, but mostly, they make you look untidy and unprofessional. Your facial hair gets harder to control as your beard keeps growing. When your hair is damp, brush it repeatedly for a neat and subtle appearance; avoid brushing it when it is dry. After beard maintenance, apply beard oil or balm to keep dry ends under control.

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To avoid frequent beard problems and enjoy the attention, put down the razor and add some natural products to your beard upkeep kit.

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