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Are Beard Oils Worth It: The Truth Explained

Without beard oil, your grooming kit would be lacking. Honestly! No bearded man can avoid the necessity for high-quality beard oil if he wants to keep his man mane looking healthy and attractive. But why is beard oil so important to men with beards?

Both the skin beneath the beard and the facial hair are moisturized and softened by beard oil. Numerous helpful carrier oils and essential oils with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial capabilities are found in high-quality beard oils to help prevent the different issues that can arise from growing a beard

This article will help you understand the great advantages of utilizing the product and what you've been missing out on because you have heard about beard oil but are still debating about buying some. You will also learn about one of the greatest beard oil falsehoods.

Let's start off by responding to the important question that many men have regarding beard oil.

barber apply beard oil to client | Are Beard Oils Worth It

Beard Oil: Does it work?

Yes, if you'd prefer a simplified response.

But it's crucial to understand how it functions. You will be quite disappointed if your question is whether beard oil will speed up the growth of your beard.

The common myth is that, in a matter of weeks, beard oil can magically turn a beard with no or little growth potential into a Viking beard. Unfortunately, despite how much we would all love for it to be true, it is not. The use of beard oil to increase beard growth is a fallacy.

This myth or misperception is mostly the result of clever marketing, but that's a subject for another day. What you want and need to know right away is that while beard oil does help, it does not significantly affect beard growth because it was not designed to be a "magic growth formula."

Even with all that, it's important to note that beard oil can help to enhance the conditions required for developing a thicker and lengthier beard. In the part that follows, I'll clarify what that exactly implies.

Are Beard Oils Worth It: What You Need To Know

After debunking the oldest beard oil myth, let's examine 8 arguments in favor of beard oil.

#1. Beard Oil Can Help Stop Beard Itch

I already said that beard oil is good to create the ideal environment for thicker, healthier beard growth. I'll go into detail as to why.

One justification for avoiding letting your beard get longer and fuller is...Shaving!

No matter how long your beard might eventually grow, if you shave it off, it won't. Why do most individuals trim their facial hair? Why, the terrible beard itch, of course!

Most guys find it difficult to deal with beard itch. There's just no reason to put up with it. Your desire to grow a thick beard may be weakened by beard itch since it is so painful. You might want to just rip your face off as a result!

Itching can be brought on by dryness and new hair growth, making you reach for the nearest razor. Thankfully, carrier oils and essential oils used to make beard oils include anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities that help to prevent or lessen itching and irritation.

Oils and dirt are another factor that might cause itching. Even if your beard is far past its adolescence, a collection of dirt and dead skin cells can still make it itchy. Daily use of beard oil will lessen or perhaps completely remove the itching, reducing your need to shave off your facial hair.

Our Natural Quality Beard Oil is the beard oil I suggest most for men who have significant irritation or who have dry, coarse beard hair.

It contains many high-quality ingredients that work together to give you a beard that is less itchy, softer, and healthier. T the he excellent carrier oils in this product make new facial hair less prone to the dreaded itch and don't irritate the skin.

#2. Beard Oil Reduces Acne

Acne can be addressed using bear oil. Yes you read that right!

It seems a bit counterintuitive, don't you think?

First off, oily skin often leads to acne, so how can adding more oil to already oily face help prevent breakouts?

Here's a brief explanation, though.

Your hair follicles may become clogged by environmental contaminants, dead skin cells, dirt, and grime. If this takes place, your pores will clog, resulting in irritation and acne.

A high-quality beard oil helps clean and expands your pores in addition to moisturizing the area beneath your beard. The outcome? No pimples!

 This is possible because high-quality beard oils contain natural ingredients help that fight acne. For instance, jojoba oil, which is made from the seeds of jojoba plants, works similarly to sebum (the natural oil found in our skin), assisting in the development of healthy beard growth.

Additionally, sandalwood and tea tree-rich beard oils can help in avoiding acne flare-ups. Our Natural  Beard Oil is such a oil. This can be the most useful tool in your grooming kit especially if you have sensitive skin or skin that seems to be prone to acne.

Our Natural Beard Oil is more than a simple oil;  It works incredibly effectively to treat itchiness, irritation, flakiness, and acne. All skin types can use it because to its carefully chosen organic and natural antioxidants. Additionally, we sell "Simple Man" which is an unscented version, it won't compete with your cologne or aftershave. The oil's inclusion in a black glass bottle is another positive aspect.

So what does the black bottle of glass do?

The bottle's color shields the oil from UV radiation that could oxidise it and reduce its strength. That right there is a piece of advice: whenever you can, try to select beard care products with dark coloured packaging.

#3. Beard Oil Stops Dandruff

Okay, there is one advantage that every male, regardless of beard length, will appreciate.

It might be embarrassing to have beardruff (beard dandruff). On a date, particularly, you don't really want white, flaky dead skin all over your top!

A side effect of beard itch is dandruff. Due to a lack of natural oils, dry skin beneath a beard causes it to flake and begin to fall out your beard onto your clothes.

One annoying side effect of itching a dry beard is that

dandruff starts to come out. That's a lose-lose situation, similar to a catch-22.

Your best option? Beard oil! The best remedy for dandruff is beard oil. Beard oil can considerably lessen irritation, flakiness, and dandruff whether your beard is just starting to grow out or is already fully grown.

You are more likely to get dandruff if you reside in a cold or wintry region where your skin might dry up quickly. beardInclude a bottle of natural beard oil in your beard grooming kit if you don't already have one.

Our beard oil works incredibly well to remove dandruff, due to excellent moisturizing carrier oils we use in our blend such as Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Grape Seed Oil.

#4. Beard Oil Can Help Patchy Beards

Patchy beards are a pain! Don't you just want your facial hair to grow in already?

There are a few things, however, that are unavoidably, and you can't really change them. One of such thing is a patchy beard. You can, however, increase the likelihood that your beard will fill in.


Make sure your skin is in good enough shape so that your beard can flourish.

But then how do you go about doing that?

Consider using our natural beard oil, It contains Its healing properties which will improve the health of your skin, possibly helpiing any problems with dormant hair follicles.Remember that eard oil cannot stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. The only way the product may encourage growth is by giving existing follicles life.

#5. Beard Oil Helps You Style Your Beard More Easily

Technically, the best beard product if you want something with a strong hold is a beard balm or wax. On dirty facial hair, however, you shouldn't actually use beard balm or indeed any other products. That would be equivalent to putting cosmetics on an unclean face.

It would be simpler to shape your beard if the hairs are softer and more smoother. Beard oil can moisturize your facial hair and keep your skin beneath your facial hair hydrated all day long because it acts as a leave-in conditioner.

Most importantly, however, is the presence of organic ingredients in beard oil that promote beard growth. They don't contain the harmful and harsh chemicals that some beard styling products, such gels and sprays, may include.

Another piece of advice: whenever possible, stay away from beard care products that include difficult-to-pronounce chemicals. Typically, they are bad for your skin beneath your beard.

#6. Beard Oil Enhances Your Beard's Appearance

There is much more to a good looking beard than just trimming it. Before you spend numerous hours at the barbershop, you must first make sure that your facial hair is in good health. Here are a few ways that beard oil can improve the appearance of your beard.

First of all, beard oils are made to soften your beard, preventing little to no breaking when you brush or comb it.

Second, compared to other beard care products, beard oil will help you get rid of your beard's knots and tangles more quickly. A softer beard will undoubtedly be simpler to manage.

Third, beard oils give your beard shimmer or polish, which enhances the way it looks. A high-quality beard oil won't make your beard too shiny or leave it dripping with oil. Instead, it will take care of any dullness and provide your beard a nice look!

Finally, beard oils have many of the same qualities as your own natural skin oil. As a result, they will encourage the development of thicker, healthier facial hair.

What distinguishes healthy beard hair from unhealthy beard hair, though? How can a "gaunt" beard appear?

To begin with, unhealthy beard hair is that which feels like wire when touched and is dry and coarse. Depending on the situation, split ends, breakage, and stray or deserted mustaches and beards are all indications that your beard needs more care than just cleaning, brushing, and combing.

In addition to enhancing the look of your beard, massaging beard oil into the skin underneath your beard can promote healthy beard development.

#7. Beard Oil Improves The Smell Of Your Beard

There is nothing worse than an a stinky beard! Itching and beardruff are not comparable.

Long and thick beards are typically connected with unpleasant odors. Similarly, you're not the only one if your beard stinks. Many men who don't clean their beards as frequently as they should may have foul-smelling beards.

The truth is that many men with long beards believe that trimming their mustaches to prevent them from getting hairs in their mouths, avoiding ingesting food particles, and taking regular showers will all contribute to keeping their full beards odor-free.

Those things may be helpful, but they won't be sufficient. A foul beard does not simply grow out of dirt. Another important contributor to odor is sweat.

Rinsing by itself is also insufficient for thoroughly cleansing a full beard. To properly wash a lengthy beard, you should use beard-specific washes at least once every week. Be sure to use scented beard oil after cleansing. 

As you are aware, scents are quite personal. I may think a fragrance is amazing, but you might not. Therefore, use beard oils that tickle your senses.

#8. Beard Oil Enhances Your Appearance

An otherwise handsome man may appear unattractive due to poor grooming.

Even though facial hair can make you look fantastic, if you don't take good care of them, they might make it seem as though it took all of your might to get out of bed.

The only thing that can be achieved by letting your beard grow naturally is an unruly and messy beard.

Your beard will look nice and function like a well-oiled machine if you use beard oil! 

Being handsome doesn't just make you more appealing to others; it also gives you access to opportunities. Which would you rather have on for a job interview: a scruffy face or a polished one? It goes without saying that you'll want to look your best.

It seems to me that the primary motivation for growing a beard is appearance. Here's something I urge you to give a shot.

Find a nice beard oil if you've never used one before, and use it every day for four to six weeks. How silky and wholesome your beard grows out will pleasantly surprise you. Beyond that, though, your self-confidence is also very likely to soar!

The only downside is that it can take several bottles of beard oil to last you that long. But in some circumstances, perhaps not.

Remember how I said that beard oil often comes in little bottles at the beginning? Not all of them, though.

Our beard oil comes in a 2oz black bottle, which is double the amount compared to most brands! 

Better yet, the cost of our 2oz bottle of beard oil is less than many charge for their 1oz bottle of beard oil.

Last Words

Is beard oil absolutely required for your beard? Not necessary, I say.

Beard oil and other beard care products are not necessary in order to grow a beard. The itches, irritations, and other irritations that are easily preventable will be annoying and unbearable unless you are really lucky.

Beard oil significantly increases the fun of growing a beard to any desired length while lowering the likelihood of unpleasant side effects.

Whether you favor a sparse mustache or a thick Viking beard, utilizing beard oil can assist you on your beard journey. Give your beard the respect it deserves because it tells a lot about your personality.

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