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Sunglasses with Beards: Style Tips, Inspiration, and More - Beard Beasts

Sunglasses with Beards: Style Tips, Inspiration, and More

Sunglasses have long been a men's fashion staple, adding an element of sophistication, mystery, and coolness to any outfit. However, when you have a beard, finding the perfect pair of sunglasses becomes even more critical. 
Pairing your sunglasses with your beard has the potential to create a unique and eye-catching look. See how celebrity actor Brad Pitt has flawlessly sported the goatee alongside fashionable shades over the years. In July 2023, he paired his goatee with mirrored aviators while on his new Formula 1 filmset. Just a few months prior, in 2022, Pitt was seen rocking square-framed tortoiseshell frames and even yellow acetate sunglasses alongside his signature goatee while on a worldwide press tour for Bullet Train. 

How does Pitt mix and match sunglasses that complement his beard style each time? By striking the right balance! Keep reading for style tips and inspiration so that you can strike that right balance with your shades and facial hair — whether you've got a Balbo, full, or even a stubble beard. 

The goatee beard: modern charm  

The goatee beard style famously donned by Pitt features a trim beard centered on the chin. When selecting sunglasses to balance with a goatee, consider contemporary designs that reflect its modern charm. Square-framed sunglasses or geometric shapes can easily complement the angular lines of a goatee beard, adding an extra touch of sophistication. 

The Balbo beard style: rugged elegance 

The Balbo beard styleis another popular choice for men looking to achieve a rugged yet refined look. It features a well-groomed mustache, a soul patch, and a beard that doesn't connect to the sideburns. For style inspiration, look no further than Hollywood heartthrob Robert Downey Jr. His portrayal of Iron Man showcased the iconic Balbo, making him a style icon for many. 

To complement this suave beard style, opt for sunglasses with clean lines and modern designs. The classic aviator Ray-Ban sunglassesdo the trick in enhancing the angular features of the Balbo beard and creating a harmonious aesthetic. In the 2008 Iron Manfilm, Downey posed with a simple pair of rectangular aviators with gold rims and dark lenses, akin to Ray-Ban RB3669. Aviators would be seen again on Downey, this time in a tortoiseshell pattern, as he reprised his last Iron Man performance in Avengers: Endgame(2019) — highlighting the timeless style of these classic frames. 

The full beard: timeless sophistication 

A full beard exudes timeless masculinity and sophistication. Suave Hollywood actor George Clooney sported a  full beard in Midnight Sky, showcasing its power to enhance a man's presence. When pairing sunglasses with a full beard, consider opting for thinner frames. 

Thinner frames help balance the beard's visual weight, preventing it from overpowering your face. You can opt for the aforementioned aviators or even the iconic Wayfarers. If you need help deciding between the two, there's also the '70s-inspired Warby Parker shades: the Hatcher. This combines the sleekness of the versatile Wayfarers with the sophistication of aviator frames, transforming the traditional teardrop shape to a squared-off silhouette for a deliberately sleek aesthetic with a full beard. 

The stubble beard: effortless coolness 

The stubble beard is a versatile choice that adds a touch of effortless coolness to any man's appearance. One celebrity who has mastered the stubble beard is Ryan Gosling, known for his captivating performances and impeccable sense of style. Gosling often pairs his well-groomed stubble beard with bold and stylish sunglasses, making a statement wherever he goes. 

When it comes to sunglasses for the stubble beard, opt for classic styles that match the relaxed vibe. Clubmaster sunglasses, with their timeless design, can enhance the coolness factor of this beard style. Brands like Oakley and the aforementioned Warby Parker offer a variety of Clubmaster-style sunglasses that can elevate your stubble beard look, providing a perfect blend of style and confidence. Combining a stubble beard and Clubmaster sunglasses exudes a laid-back yet fashionable appeal. 

Finding the perfect sunglasses to complement your beard style is essential for creating a cohesive and stylish look. Consider your face shape, the overall balance, and the aesthetics you want to achieve when choosing sunglasses that will truly enhance your beard game and leave a lasting impression. 

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