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Best Short Beard Styles For Men

Are you interested in growing and seeing some awesome short beard styles for inspiration? If you answered yes, you are on the right article. We have put together a great collection of short beards and we have also given you our best tips for growing the perfect short beard style.  short beard styles
Short beards are the most popular beard style in 2021. This is because they are easy to grow and easy to maintain. However, even with short or stubble beard styles, proper care and attention is still needed, as shorter beards can be more rough in texture and the skin beneath can become increasingly irritated, so a high quality beard oil is still a must.

How to Achieve the Perfect Short Beard

To achieve the perfect short beard, first decide whether you want your stubble to be long or short. A longer stubble will require less maintenance and can look edgy and sexy on some men, while a shorter stubble will require more maintenance as you need to maintain its shape by shaving it often. Once you’ve decided on your preferred length, here are some steps on how to achieve the perfect short beard.

Don't Trim It Until You Are Happy With The Length.

The first rule when it comes to achieving the perfect short beard style is allowing it to grow out. Facial hair grows at different speeds, which is why you will most likely notice your goatee area will grow longer and thicker more quickly when compared to your cheeks and neck. 

Therefore, it is important to allow the area's where the growth is slower to reach your desired length before trimming your beard.  This way, when you do trim it, the whole area will be even and in proportion after trimming. 

Keep it neat

It’s easier to maintain a short beard than it is a long one, so take advantage of that. Keep your hair trimmed regularly, either by doing it yourself or by visiting a barber. 

This will help you avoid razor burn, ingrown hairs, and prevent your facial hair from becoming too wild or bushy. You can also keep it smooth with some balm or oil for a nicer shine. Plus, products like these are designed to moisturise your skin, which will help prevent beard irritations such as beard itch. Don't worry, beard oil won’t clog your pores and cause beard acne, providing you are using an all-natural beard oil. An added bonus is that beard oils smell great, especially our classic sandalwood beard oil!

A common problem for short beard styles is coarse hair, which should be avoided at all costs. It isn't pleasant for you nor your partner, which is why finding the right grooming tools is important so that you can prevent it and make all of your hard work worth it.
First and foremost, if you are going to trim your beard yourself, you'll need a good pair of scissors and a quality beard trimmer. Investing in a quality beard trimmer will be a great investment for your beard. Quality beard trimmers last years and the blades will be of a good quality. Cheaper beard trimmers tend to be made from poor quality blades that end up pulling your beard hairs out, rather than cut them. 

Shape your beard

Having a beard doesn’t mean you can be lax about grooming. Just because your facial hair can grow out without much help from you doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from a little shaping.

When shaping your beard, it is recommended to go slowly and concentrate. The last thing you want to do when shaping your beard, is too take to much off! This has happened to myself on several occasions and it is a proper bummer, especially when you have spent a while growing it out. 

One shaping tip is too not go above your adam's apple, if you go above it, you'll distort your beards look. 

Styling Your Beard 

Your beard doesn’t need any styling products. It just needs a little TLC. Brush it with a boar-bristle brush, which will help distribute your beards natural oils and help stimulate hair growth.

When you do use grooming products, stick with all-natural ingredients that help condition your beard without causing damage or itchiness. I recommend with a short beard style that you avoid beard waxes and pomades because they will clog your pores and weigh your beard down; instead, try using beard oil that contains Argan oil or Jojoba oil for a little shine, these ingredients will also keep beard itch and other beard irritations at bay by soothing and moisturising the skin beneath your beard, and help prevent coarse, dry facial hair.

You can also use a quality beard balm for extra conditioning if needed. If you facial hair does become dry or spiky, like stubble and short beard styles can become, beard balm will deeply condition the facial hair, leaving it softer and hydrated.

You should also use a good beard wash every now and then to keep grease, dirt and dead skin cells at bay. You can use bar soap or head hair shampoo if you want but I don't recommend it as it will cause a dry beard, given the chemicals that are in those two products. Moisture is essential for a healthy beard and both products will remove moisture, leading to coarse, dry and dull facial hair. 

We designed our beard wash to remove the bad (dirt, grime, dead skin cells...) and keep the good (moisture from the natural oils), our beard wash contains ingredients that will even add more good moisture to your beard. 

You also shouldn't skip out on exfoliating. It is important for your beard growth and overall beard and skin health to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliate twice a month if you sport a short beard style.

*Please note...we do not hold any rights to the images listed below. All rights below to the rightful owners of the images*

Best Short Beard Styles For Men 2021





Photographer: @jpvelarde Model: @dean.stannard

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