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How To Wash Your Beard In 5 Simple Steps

A beard requires preparation in order to succeed, just like everything else important in our life, the impressive images of beards you see on magazine covers and on social media every day aren't accidental.

To compliment our natural beard oil, we developed a whole line of beard grooming products, including beard wash, balm, leave-in conditioner, and oils.

While we always advise visiting a barber to give your facial hair a proper trim, taking care of it at home is another matter.

As we continue to produce quality, natural beard care products, we strive to help our customers sport a well-groomed beard every day.

Washing your beard shouldn't involve salvaging drips of leftover hair shampoo from the shower. It simply deserves more after the time and energy it took to grow a beard. 

We have outlined the benefits of washing your beard correctly, followed by our expert advice for growing a cleaner, better beard.

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Why Should You Cleanse Your Beard

Maintaining your facial hair in great condition is essential for maintaining a healthy appearance and improving how it feels on your face.

For instance, washing your beard is a crucial step in preventing any typical irritation such as itchiness.

A thorough beard wash works to aggressively eliminate any buildup of dirt and dead skin cells, as well as other lovely debris that comes with living in a bustling city or working outside. This is similar to how washing your face works.

Products Especially Design For Beard: Why You Should Use Them

Hair is said to be PH-balanced and at its strongest when its pH is between 4.5 and 5.0.

Because they are far more acidic, shampoos made for head hair will dry out your beard.

Your beard will feel softer and fuller if you use a product that is PH-balanced like our quality Beard Beasts Beard Wash.

Strong alkaline products, which are on the opposite end of the PH spectrum, can make hair swell, and strip the natural oils from facial hair.

As a result, the hair becomes frizzy, dull, and brittle and is more likely to break and tangle.

Extremely alkaline solutions can finally destroy the keratin protein completely by causing the disulfide links between its molecules to disintegrate. These kinds of solutions, which are frequently used to perm or relax hair, can be very harmful, especially to already brittle hair.

On the other hand, somewhat acidic products produce greater results and can harden the outer layer, flatten the cuticles, and reduce hair diameter.

This makes hair lustrous, shiny, and less likely to tangle with surrounding strands.

Mildly acidic shampoos and conditioners have also been found to extend the life of coloured hair's color.

Hopefully you see the importance of using products designed for your facial hair. 

How To Wash Your Beard In 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Dampen Your Beard

The first step in cleansing your facial hair is to dampen the hair and use a lot of lukewarm water.  Although you might enjoy taking hot baths or showers, doing so will dry out the hair follicles in your facial hair. Which is why we recommend using UseW lukewarm water to take care of your beard since it will open your pores, boost blood flow, and efficiently eliminate any built-up dirt and oil.

Step 2: Utilize A Beard Wash

It's time to lather up just like you do when you wash your face wash. Knowing the different kinds of beard wash is crucial before applying any product to your hair. Despite the fact that there are numerous brands available, they can either be solid bars or liquid shampoos.

Put a tiny amount of our beard wash in the palm of your hand and gently work it into the facial hair. If you have a thicker or longer beard, start with an amount equal to the size of a quarter and use more if necessary. Using excessive amounts of beard wash is pointless because you'll merely be wasting a great beard wash and rinsing money down the skin.

For bar beard soaps the application procedure is essentially the same. Start by wetting the bar, then rub it into your wet facial hair for 15-20 seconds. If your facial hair is thicker, increase the length of time  The point is to work it into a good lather.

Step 3: Massage Your Beard

Once you've worked up a respectable lather, give your beard a thorough massage to assist in its work. Your beard picks up dirt, oil and dead skin cells daily, and the massage helps the wash be evenly distributed for a thorough clean. With a scrubbing motion, really dig in with your fingertips. Additionally, you'll help assist cleanse your skin and prevent issues like dryness and acne by doing this.

Step 4: Leave It For A Couple Minutes

It's time to give it some time to work and do its job after applying the wash and working it into a good lather. You can quickly rinse everything out, but the ingredients in your shampoo won't work to their full potential.  Ideally, you started your shower with your beard care routine so you can use this time to clean various other places.  As the carrier oils s and essential oils have time to enter each hair, your patience will pay off.

Step 5: Rinse Time

It's time to thoroughly rinse the wash from your beard as your shower draws to a close. . To remove the wash from your beard, massage your beard under lukewarm water in the same manner that you would during lathering. Give it another massage when you're sure you've removed everything because you don't want any beard wash to be left behind.

Selecting The Best Beard Shampoo

The only thing left to do is pick the best wash for your needs now that you know how to wash your beard. You could create your own, but if you don't have the time, there are many fantastic options on the market.

Look for all-natural components and pay close attention to the ingredient list while comparing shampoos:

Some great ingredients include:

  • Aloe Vera Extract
  • Argan Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Pro-Vitamin B5
  • Organic Chamomilla Extract
  • Tea Tree Oil

Another factor to take into account while selecting a beard wash is the scent, which is a matter of preference.

Some bearded men  enjoy fragrances like citrus or sandalwood, while others prefer a neutral profile that doesn't overpower their senses.

If you decide to use a scented product, be sure the fragrance is mild and comes from natural essential oils.

Last Words

Instead of spending money on another hair care product, you might be inclined to use your regular shampoo on your beard, but that would be a mistake like we have mentioned already.

The two types of shampoo mirror the differences between the hairs on your face and the hairs on top of your head.

While beards require natural oils to stay healthy, head hair shampoos are made to remove the oils from your skin that would otherwise make your hair oily.

The greatest beard washes are significantly gentler, allowing your own oils to saturate the generally fragile hairs on your cheeks, chin, and upper lip.

We hope you found our article helpful and insightful. We hope you understand the importance of why to use the right beard products when washing your beard and how to wash your beard correctly. 

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