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A tin of pomade on a bathroom counter with men's grooming products in the background, illustrating a guide on how to use pomade for styling men's hair.

How To Use Pomade


Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to use pomade, your go-to resource for mastering the art of men's hair styling. Whether you're new to pomade or looking to refine your technique, this article covers everything from selecting the right product to achieving your desired hairstyle.

Pomade is a key player in the grooming world, offering versatility and control for a range of looks. By understanding the basics of application, maintenance, and style options, you'll unlock the secret to effortless, stylish hair.

Dive in to discover how to elevate your grooming game with pomade, ensuring every day is a good hair day.

Understanding Hair Pomade

Pomade stands out as a versatile styling product for men, offering a key to a wide range of hairstyles from sleek to textured looks. Unlike the flaking of gel or the heaviness of wax, pomade provides a balanced, flexible hold, allowing for easy adjustments and offering either a shine or matte finish based on your choice. Mastering how to use pomade can significantly upgrade your hair styling routine, making it essential for achieving your desired look with ease.

An open tin of pomade next to various hairstyling tools including scissors and combs on a grey background, illustrating the tools and products for men's grooming and how to use pomade.

The Benefits of Using Pomade for Styling Men's Hair

  • Versatility: One of the main reasons to learn how to use pomade is its versatility. Whether you're aiming for a classic pompadour or a modern textured look, this product can help you achieve your desired style.
  • Flexibility: Unlike other styling products that lock your hair in place, pomade allows for movement. You can restyle your hair during the day without needing to apply more product.
  • Shine or Matte: Pomade comes in varieties that can either give your hair a sleek, shiny look or a natural, matte finish. This makes it easy to match your hairstyle with the occasion.
  • Moisture and Health: Pomade, especially those that are water-based, can help keep your hair moisturized and healthy-looking, avoiding the drying effects of some other hair products.
  • No Flakes: Say goodbye to the flakiness often seen with gels. Pomade leaves no residue, ensuring your hair looks its best without any white flakes.

Incorporating this product into your grooming routine can transform your hair game. Whether you're styling for an everyday look or a special occasion, knowing how to use pomade effectively can make all the difference. With its unique benefits and ease of use, this product stands out as a go-to product in men’s hairstyling arsenal, offering both style and substance.

How to Use Pomade: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Getting the perfect hairstyle with this hair product isn't just about slapping on some product. It requires a bit of know-how and technique. Here's how to use pomade effectively, ensuring your hair looks great every time.

Preparing Your Hair for Pomade Application

Before reaching for that tin, start with clean, towel-dried hair. This product adheres best to slightly damp hair, making it easier to distribute the product evenly. If your hair is too wet, the product will dilute, reducing its hold. For those with thicker hair, a little extra moisture can help manageability.

How Much Pomade to Use: Finding the Right Amount

A common question is, "How much pomade should I use?" Start small—a pea-sized amount for short hair and a dime-sized for longer locks. It's all about trial and error; you can always add more if needed. Remember, overdoing it can leave your hair feeling greasy.

Techniques for Warming and Applying Pomade Effectively

  1. Warming the Pomade: Scoop out the needed amount and rub it between your palms until it warms up and becomes easier to spread. This step is crucial for ensuring an even application.
  2. Applying to Your Hair: Start at the back of your head and work your way forward. Apply the product evenly by running your fingers through your hair, getting close to the roots for volume and hold. For a slicker look, use a stainless steel hair comb to distribute the product and style as desired.
  3. Styling: Now that your hair is coated, style it according to your preference. Use your hands for a more casual look, or a comb for something more structured. Pomade is forgiving, so feel free to adjust until you're happy with your appearance.

Understanding how to use pomade is the first step toward achieving a variety of stylish looks. Whether you're aiming for a classic slick back or a modern textured style, this product is your ally. With practice, you'll find the perfect balance for your hair type and style preference, ensuring every day is a good hair day.

Types of Pomade: Choose the Right One for Your Hair

Selecting the right type is crucial for achieving your desired hairstyle, underscoring the importance of knowing how to use pomade effectively. Pomades mainly come in two varieties: oil-based or water-based pomade, each with unique features and best uses tailored to your hair type and styling needs.

Water-based Pomade: Features and Best Uses

Water-based pomades are celebrated for their versatility and ease of use. They offer a strong hold with a glossy finish but can be easily washed out with water, making them a favorite for those who prefer a hassle-free cleanup. Ideal for a wide range of hairstyles, from sleek, formal looks to more casual, textured styles, water-based pomades are particularly suited for those with fine or thin hair, as they don't weigh down the hair.


  • Easy to wash out
  • Flexible hold that allows for restyling
  • Less likely to cause buildup or greasiness

Oil-based Pomade: Features and Best Uses

Oil-based pomades are the traditional choice for those seeking maximum hold and shine. They're perfect for creating classic styles such as pompadours and slick-backs. Because they don't dry out, you can adjust your hairstyle throughout the day. However, they can be more challenging to wash out and may require a specific shampoo. Oil-based pomades work well for thick, curly, or coarse hair types, offering the needed control and shine.


  • Long-lasting hold and shine
  • Ideal for managing thick or unruly hair
  • Keeps hair moisturized and conditioned

Finding the Perfect Pomade for Your Hair Type

  • Curly Hair: Look for a pomade with a strong hold to tame curls and keep them defined. Oil-based pomades can be particularly effective for adding moisture and shine.
  • Straight Hair: A medium hold, water-based pomade can add volume and texture without weighing hair down.
  • Thick Hair: Oil-based pomades are excellent for thick hair, offering the control and shine needed to manage such hair types.
  • Thin Hair: Water-based pomades that provide volume and a lightweight hold are best to avoid overwhelming thin strands.

Choosing the right one comes down to understanding your hair's needs and the look you want to achieve. Whether you opt for a water-based or oil-based pomade, the key is to start with a small amount and adjust according to your hair's response. With the right product, mastering how to use pomade can elevate your styling game, giving you the confidence that comes from great-looking hair.

Styling with Pomade: Achieve Your Desired Look

As mentioned already, this product is a versatile styling product that can help you master both classic and modern hairstyles. Whether you're aiming for a polished appearance or a more relaxed vibe, understanding how to use pomade effectively is key to achieving your desired look. 

Classic Styles Made Easy

  • Slick Back: For the quintessential slick back hairstyle, choose a water-based pomade for a clean finish or an oil-based one for more shine. Apply the product evenly through damp hair, then comb back from the forehead. This style works well for formal occasions and offers a timeless appeal.
  • Pompadour: This classic voluminous style requires a pomade with a strong hold. Apply to damp hair and use a blow dryer while combing upwards to create volume. Once dry, shape the hair back and upwards with your fingers or comb for that iconic pompadour look. It’s great for adding height and making a statement.

Modern Hairstyles and How to Achieve Them

  • Textured Crop: Perfect for casual, everyday wear, this look requires a matte finish pomade. Rub the product between your hands and work it through dry hair, twisting and pinching small sections to add texture. This style is ideal for those with shorter hair looking for an effortlessly cool vibe.
  • Quiff: Similar to the pompadour but with a modern twist, the quiff blends the voluminous look with a more casual, tousled style. Apply the product to damp hair, blow-dry while lifting the front section, and then shape as desired. A water-based pomade works well for a flexible hold that lasts all day.

Tips for Achieving Both a Matte and Shiny Finish

  • For a Matte Finish: Opt for a water-based, matte pomade. Apply to dry hair for a natural, textured look that doesn't appear greasy. Matte pomades are perfect for everyday styles where movement and a more understated appearance are preferred.
  • For a Shiny Finish: Oil-based pomades are your go-to for that classic, glossy look. They work best on damp hair and provide a sleek, polished finish ideal for formal styles or whenever you want to make a bold statement.

Mastering how to use pomade to achieve your desired hair look involves experimentation and selecting the right product for your hair type and style preference. The key is to start with less and gradually add more if necessary.

Maintenance and Removal: Keeping Your Hair Healthy

Maintaining your styled hair and ensuring its removal is done correctly is crucial for keeping your hair healthy and vibrant. Knowing how to use pomade, whether it's oil-based or water-based, is essential. Following these tips on how to use pomade properly will help you manage your style effectively and maintain your hair's health.

Daily Maintenance Tips for Pomade-Styled Hair

  • Touch-Ups: If you're using a water-based pomade, a small amount of water can reactivate the product for minor touch-ups throughout the day. For oil-based pomades, simply comb through your hair to restyle as needed without adding more product.
  • Protect Your Style: At night, consider wearing a silk or satin cap to minimize hair movement and protect your style while sleeping. This can also help reduce breakage and preserve hair health.
  • Stay Hydrated: Applying a leave-in conditioner or hair oil every few days can help keep your hair hydrated and balanced, especially if you frequently use the product.

How to Wash The Product Out: Tips for Oil-Based and Water-Based Formulas

  • Water-Based Pomade Removal: One of the benefits of water-based pomades is their ease of washing out. Simply use a gentle hair shampoo and warm water. You might find that a single wash is enough to remove the product completely.
  • Oil-Based Pomade Removal: Oil-based pomades require a bit more effort to wash out due to their greasy nature. Apply a generous amount of shampoo to dry hair before wetting it. This helps break down the pomade's oils. Rinse and repeat if necessary. For stubborn residues, consider using a clarifying shampoo or a specialized degreasing product.

Additional Tips for Healthy Hair:

  • Deep Conditioning: Regularly using a deep conditioner can help restore moisture and nutrients to your hair, especially important if you frequently use styling products.
  • Scalp Care: Ensure you're also caring for your scalp by gently massaging it during washing to remove any buildup and promote blood circulation.

Knowing how to use pomade effectively for maintenance and removal is key to maintaining great-looking styles and healthy hair. By following these how-to-use-pomade tips, you can maximize pomade's benefits while keeping your hair's health intact. Remember, the foundation of any great hairstyle is healthy hair, so ensure your grooming routine reflects the care your hair deserves.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Pomade

Using this product can elevate your hairstyling game, but common pitfalls can hinder achieving your desired look. Here’s how to sidestep these mistakes, ensuring your experience is nothing short of excellent.

Over-Application: How to Avoid the Greasy Look

  • Start Small: Always start with a small amount first; you can always add more if needed. Over-application can lead to a heavy, greasy appearance.
  • Layer Wisely: Apply in thin layers, gradually building up to the desired hold and shine. This approach helps you control the product’s effect on your hair.

Uneven Distribution: Ensuring a Consistent Look

  • Use Your Fingers: Begin with spreading the product evenly across your palms and fingers. This ensures a uniform distribution from the get-go.
  • Work Through Thoroughly: Make sure to work the product through your hair, from root to tip. Pay extra attention to distributing the product evenly, using a comb for precision if necessary.

Choosing the Wrong Pomade for Your Hair Type or Style

  • Understand Your Needs: Not all pomades are created equal. Water-based pomades generally offer a lighter hold and are easier to wash out, making them suitable for fine hair or more relaxed styles. Oil-based pomades provide a stronger hold and higher shine, ideal for thicker hair or classic, slicked-back looks.
  • Match Pomade to Style: Consider the style you’re aiming for. A matte finish is great for a natural, textured look, while a high-shine pomade suits sleek, formal hairstyles.

Avoiding these common mistakes when using pomade will not only make your styling process smoother but also ensure your hair looks its best. Remember, the key to mastering how to use pomade lies in understanding both your hair’s characteristics and the specific attributes of the product you’re using. By selecting the right product and applying it correctly, you can achieve a wide range of stylish, healthy-looking hairstyles that reflect your personal style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diving into pomade raises questions about its use, benefits, and effects on your hair. Here, we address the most frequent inquiries to enhance your styling routine and ensure you achieve the best results.

What is the purpose of hair pomade?

Hair pomade is designed to style, shape, and hold your hair in place. Unlike other styling products, this product can give your hair a range of finishes from matte to glossy, depending on the type. It’s perfect for creating both classic looks like pompadours and modern styles such as textured crops.

Do you apply pomade to wet or dry hair?

It depends on the look you’re going for. Applying the product to damp hair is ideal for sleek, smooth styles as it helps distribute the product evenly. For a more textured, voluminous look, applying the product to dry hair is better. Experiment to see which method suits your style best.

Is it OK to use pomade every day?

Yes, it’s generally safe to use every day, especially if you’re using a water-based formula, which is easier to wash out and less likely to build up. However, it’s essential to wash your hair regularly to prevent buildup and maintain scalp health.

Is pomade better than gel?

Pomade and gel serve different purposes. Pomade offers flexibility, allowing you to restyle your hair throughout the day and typically provides a more natural look. Gel, on the other hand, gives a firmer hold and a shinier finish but can flake and harden. The best choice depends on your hair type and the style you’re aiming to achieve.

What happens if you use too much pomade?

Using too much can lead to your hair looking greasy and weighed down. It can also cause buildup on your scalp, leading to irritation or dandruff. Start with a small amount, and add more if needed to avoid over-application.

Understanding how to use pomade effectively can make all the difference in achieving your desired hairstyle. Whether you’re new to using this product or looking to perfect your technique, these FAQs cover the essentials, helping you navigate the world of hair styling with confidence. Remember, the key to great hair isn’t just the products you use but how you use them.

Concluding How To Use Pomade

Navigating how to use pomade effectively can transform your hair styling experience. From choosing the right type for your hair to applying it for various looks, understanding these basics empowers you to unlock the full potential of this versatile product. Remember, starting with a small amount and adjusting based on your hair's response is key to avoiding a greasy look. Whether you aim for a classic slick back, a modern textured style, or something in between, pomade offers the flexibility and hold you need.

Regular maintenance and proper removal ensure your hair remains healthy, and avoiding common mistakes like over-application or uneven distribution will keep your styles looking sharp. By incorporating the tips and techniques discussed, you're well on your way to achieving and maintaining the perfect hairstyle.

The journey of mastering pomade is not just about looking good but feeling confident in your ability to express your personal style. As you become more familiar with using this product, you'll discover the ease and effectiveness of crafting the perfect look for any occasion.

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