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How to Craft Your Signature Style as a Modern Man

How to Craft Your Signature Style as a Modern Man

Every man needs to find their own style and there are so many that you can go for and make your own. People with a unique style present themselves to the world in a different light and with a good one, you will be noticed anywhere you go.

Define yourself

The style you go for needs to represent the type of person you are. If you are calm and collected, then you should not go for something that is crazy and in your face. The best way to find your true self when it comes to clothing is to go to a shop and see what you think is best for you.

Take a few friends and make them critique all the looks you are going for. They should be honest about what looks good and what does not. Even though you like something, that does not mean that you can pull it off.

You need to find something that you like and that they find to be great for you. We should express that it is much more important that you feel good in your new clothes than that they look good on you because you are looking to please yourself first.

Let’s start with your feet

The shoes you wear are probably the most important thing you have to think about when looking for a particular style. The look you are going for is going to determine what you want and need.

If you are looking for a loose style, then you are most likely going for options that are common for footwear nowadays. People like branded sneakers and they go amazingly with almost any style. Now there are so many brands that you can go for and there is something for every style that you can imagine.

If you want to look clean, then you will buy sneakers that are one or two colors and simple. Whereas if you want something more unique, then you should go for some of the more outlandish options.

In the US, it is really modern to wear shoes such as Kobe’s, Jordan’s, and others named after famous basketball players. Of course, not every Jordan’s shoe is a hit but you will definitely find some that will interest you.

You should know that these branded sneakers can be really expensive, especially if you look for some that are out of stock or some older hits. With some hits and sneakers, you cannot go wrong.

For people who like more of an elegant style, they should look for classical shoes that will go well with almost any combination. When you look for shoes for men, there are so many ways you can go about it.

You can go the old classical route, where you will buy regular black or brown shoes that could go well with anything but you can also try out something new with modern designs that will make your look unique and your own. 

One thing that you have to do with your footwear is that you constantly keep them clean. One of the worst things you can do is look like a million dollars from the ankles up, while down being like a homeless person. Every time you go out, you should clean them. When it comes to your sneakers, the maintenance is a little bit harder but if you want to be spotless, then you won’t have too many issues to keep them in check.

From the waist down

Choosing the right thing to wear below the waist is really hard. What we are going to say is that you should avoid things like shorts and things like that because if you want elegance from your outfit, then that is something that you have to give up.

Also, we would suggest that you give up bright colors for the bottom half of your body because if you are not living somewhere like California, where it is always sunny, this should be something you try to avoid.

What you should do is look for the right pants for your outfit. You should not look for pants that are too tight because they do not look good on anyone. Find something comfortable for you and, more importantly, that you like.

You should go for fabrics that both look good and are comfortable for you to wear. Think about the season when you want to wear these. Even though some pants look great on you, you should still look out to not be called first.

Many people nowadays go for ripped pants. What we would suggest is that you pick clean ones, because they tend to look the best on people. 

Above the waist

When it comes to collar shirts, regular ones, coats, and other above-the-waist clothes, the styles are limitless. You can go for something elegant where everything will be tailor-made for you or you could opt for a looser style with collar shirts and others.

Here, it is important that your clothes above and down the waist complement each other. You want something that goes together. One of the easiest ways to have a modern look while still being on the safe side is to go for a minimalist approach—not too many textures, something clean but still good.

Look for inspiration

What people mainly think when they want to make their own style is that they do not have an idea how to do that, and what we say to those people is that you are not doing your necessary research so that you know what you want and do not want.

What you need to do is go out there and see what looks great on you and what should be avoided. Look at how people combine different clothing items and even if you steal some of their looks, it is not a sin because no two people can pull off a look in the same way.

You should go to places where you feel at home and see what the people are wearing and once you have some looks in your mind, go to some shops or go online and see what you can create with your new ideas.

You should know that sometimes you won’t simply like the new look you create, but that is just part of the process of finding what you want.

See what the fashion experts say

Even though most of the things you see at fashion galas and other similar places most people would not wear in a million years, there are still some interesting things that you may have a look at if you have the free time.

What you should do is turn on Fashion TV or some other famous channel, or open some magazines and see what the models and designers are wearing. You will see many horrible things for sure but some items may inspire you.

You should know that we are not saying that you should buy these clothing items from these brands because you most likely won’t be able to afford them but rather that you find some cool looks and try to replicate them at home.

You have to like it!

One thing that you have to realize is that if you want to create your signature style, you have to feel comfortable in it. People can always look at someone’s way of dressing and try to recreate the look but they can never mimic the way that person feels in what they wear. The way you feel has to do with your confidence, the way you feel about people’s judgment, and whether you like the clothes or not.


You cannot have a good style if you do not have well-groomed hair and a beard; these go together with the rest of your look. You need to comb your beard and hair every day. Also, you need to go to a barber at least once every two weeks, or if you can cut your own hair, that would be even better. Use a good shampoo and conditioner and everything should be fine.


The type of perfume you use can be a great, unique part of your style. When choosing the right one for yourself, you do not need to look only at the biggest brands and the most expensive ones. Even the cheapest ones can have a great fragrance.

We would suggest that you go for some gentle perfume that can be felt as someone walks by you, not strong ones that hinder people’s breathing. Also, be careful about where you are going to apply the perfume; you can target certain areas or completely cover your whole body.

When it comes to the type of perfumes you should go for, we would honestly say anything that you like; if you like fruity or sports fragrances, it is your choice.

Your style needs to be a combination of what you like and what you feel comfortable with. Do not listen too much to the critics, but do what you want to do and make your unique signature this way.

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