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Fancy Some Bling? How About A Glitter Beard? - Beard Beasts

Fancy Some Bling? How About A Glitter Beard?

For the bearded men who wish to add some bling bling to their look, how about a glitter beard? Sound Interesting? We thought it might of, here's how to glitter your beard.

In recent times, glitter beards have become more popular. We are finding bearded men from all walks of life and ages are jumping on the glitter beard train and why not? It certainly looks funky to us!

There are even different ways to glitter your beard, from a slight glow, to a full on in your face extravaganza! 

Now which ever one you'd prefer, it is certainly worth a try! 

glitter beard

When did this trend start? We couldn't tell you! But we can say it started on Instagram. Many men suddenly started posting photo's of themselves showcasing their glitter beard. It quickly then turned to something you did with other bearded friends, where you would all glitter your beards up and hit the town. 

If you think this is something that you could imagine yourself doing the next time you hit the town with your friends, then let's waste no more time and talk about how to glitter up that beard. 

There are products on the market, beard oil which contains glitter already. However, many of these products haven't exactly had glowing reviews. From what we have read, these products do not contain anywhere near enough glitter to give you a great looking glitter beard. 

So we have put together a tutorial for you, so you can do it yourself and have better success. 

How To Make A Glitter Beard

Thankfully, it is pretty simple and easy to do. That being said, expect the find glitter all over your room or house for a few weeks after.

Whether you have an upcoming special occasion or you just fancy some bling bling in your beard, this step-by-step guide has you covered. 

Step numero uno: Apply the beard oil you use to your beard (we of course, recommend our very own premium beard oil). You can use hairspray, but we don't personally recommend this, as we believe in only using natural products on your facial hair, but it's your beard and your choice. 

Step numero dos: Once the beard oil or hairspray is evenly spread across your beard, it's time to add some colourful bling bling to your beard. You can purchase some normal glitter which costs cents or purchase a glitter beard kit online. You will most likely find one on Amazon or even Ebay. 

Step numero tres: When you are happy with the coating of glitter you have applied to your beard, apply a very light spray of hairspray which will help keep it in place. 

You are now ready to rock that glitter beard in style! 

If you do try this, be sure to send a photo into us at Beard Beasts!! 

If you would like some facial hair glitter inspiration, you can look up the hashtag #glitterbeard on Instagram and you will not be short of inspiration. 

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