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Beard Grooming Tips You Ought To Know

Beard grooming takes a little time to fully understand and to form in into a daily routine. It takes on average around 66 days for a behavior to become a habit, so consistency is key when it comes to forming a beard grooming routine. 

beard grooming tips you should know

A beard is not just some facial hairs to brag about, It is a lifestyle choice, as it is typically an extension of ones personality and character. 

Beards grow naturally slowly, there is no magic pill or supplement that will make you wake up with a beard like a greek god. Unfortunately, there is also no magic pill that makes your body look like a Roman or Viking warrior either! 

There is however, methods and products that you can use, which have the potential to speed the growth up little quicker. 

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Beard Grooming Tips

Here are some effective and useful beard grooming tips that you should know. Some of these beard grooming tips will help you speed up the growth of your beard while others will help you maintain a healthy beard. 

A healthy beard is a happy beard and a happy beard equals faster growth!

In the first 8 weeks of growing your beard out, you should not trim nor shape it as you want your beard to grow evenly first and see fully what you are working with. This also goes for men who want to grow stubble.

Match your beard style with the shape of your face. If your beard styles doesn't match your face shape, you will end up distorting your face which will give off an odd look.

Washing your facial hair with a beard wash is great for removing dirt, grime and dead skin cells without stripping your facial hair and the skin beneath it of its important natural oils. 

After washing your beard, is it important to moisturise the skin beneath your beard as well as your facial hair to stop the skin/facial hair from drying-out. We recommend either a leave-in beard conditioner (which can be a beard balm) or a Beard oil

Beard oil is actually designed for the skin beneath your beard, not just your facial hairs. The carrier oils used in beard oils are great for replacing the skins lost natural oils.

When investing in a beard trimmer, make sure it is a high quality trimmer. The cuts are far cleaner on your facial hairs and quality trimmers last for years, unlike cheap ones. 

To moisturise your beard and stimulate beard growth use an all-natural beard balm.

If you want a soft feel and slight shine to your beard, use an all-natural beard balm.

Beard balm will help to soften your beard, leading to a more manageable beard. Perfect if you have curly facial hair.

If you suffer from beard acne, start exfoliating. It will help prevent ingrown hairs, get rid of the dead skin cells and excess sebum (skins natural oil).

Don't skip out on exfoliating. It is important for your beard growth and overall beard and skin health to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliate twice a month. 

Eating proteins such as fish, chicken, eggs and nuts as well as consuming a lot of fruit and vegetables will help stimulate faster beard growth

Hot showers will dry out your beard, which will make your beard coarse and unruly. You should either shower in lukewarm water or apply some beard balm or beard oil, as soon as you get out the shower to replace the lost moisture. 

Always apply beard oil or beard balm on a slightly damp beard, it will help lock in the moisture for better hydration and make the product easier to apply. 

Only trim your beard after you have styled it first using your beard care products. This will make sure you don't trim too much off and ruin your beard style.

If you want an awesome, healthy beard, learn a great beard grooming routine, even if you have a short beard. 

All natural beard balms contain healthy nutty butters and oils that will encourage your beard to grow quicker. 

Stop combing/brushing your beard with a dirty comb/brush. All you are doing is re-applying the dirt, grime, oils and dead skin cells back to your beard. Therefore, always clean you beard tool after use. 

Only apply beard care products on a clean beard. Adding beard care products on a dirty beard will cause clogged pores, leading to acne and ingrown hairs.

Never use plastic combs on your beard as they will damage your facial hair. Instead we recommend you use a handcrafted wooden beard comb or a boar's brush.

You can get rid of beard dandruff by using a high-quality beard oil. Simply massage a few drops of beard oil into the affected skin area daily. 

Be careful when trimming your beard. Many men trim too far up the neckline. You should aim for just above your Adam's Apple, no further.

Learn how to use beard balm properly if you want to gain the maximum benefits from the product.

Only use high-quality beard products. Cheap products tend to be filled with fillers and even silicone in some cases, which end up causing more harm than good to your beard and the skin beneath the beard. 

Always read the label on a beard product. ALWAYS! They may say they are "all-natural" or "premium "on the front but that doesn't mean they are. Always check the ingredients, it's the best indicator. 

If you have a long beard, avoid heat straighteners. They will dry your beard hairs out and cause damage to the hair structure.

If you do use a beard straightener, make sure it is a high quality straightener. Many cheap straighteners on Amazon are made without quality in China. 

Many bearded men do not know the benefits of using beard balm, it deeply conditions your beard, whilst offering a slight hold for styling purposes. 

If you are suffering from a dry beard, you should first find the cause then treat. Most men just slap some beard oil on their beard and expect it to fix itself.

Looking at the benefits of using beard oil is recommended to fully understand the product before purchasing it.

If you are asking yourself "why does my beard itch", it is most likely the result of no hydration which has caused your skin and facial hair to dry out. The help relieve the itch, use beard oil or beard balm. 

If you want all the information you need to grow an awesome beard, check out our How To Grow A Beard: Our Best Tips article.

We appreciate you reading our best beard grooming tips article, and we hope you found it helpful.

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