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Why a Healthy Lifestyle is So Important for Your Body (and Your Beard)

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Did you know that Canadian men live four years less than Canadian women do? However, genetics aren’t the reason for their higher mortality rate — it’s lifestyle. CIHR-IGH finds that men tend to engage in more unhealthy behaviour, motivated by stigma around masculinity such as attitudes towards drinking and violence. This also includes a decreased likelihood of using health services.

Unhealthy lifestyles and refusal to get care can affect your body, and surprisingly enough even your beard! After all, your beard derives its growth from your nutrients and diet, which means healthier bodies equal healthier beards. To find out more about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, keep reading below.

Healthy lifestyles and men’s health

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation finds that up to 70% of men’s health
problems — from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and accidents — are preventable through lifestyle changes.

35% of Canadian men aren’t getting the six to nine hours of sleep a night that they need, leading to a higher risk of both obesity and diabetes. This is supplemented by the fact that 59% aren't reaching the 150-minute weekly minimum of exercise our bodies need to stay healthy, either.

Besides sleep and exercise, one in three men admit to risky drinking at least once a month. This increases the risk of developing certain types of cancer, as well as likelihood of an accident from drunk driving.

Imagine the immeasurable lift to men’s health if healthier habits were substituted instead. Better nutrition, more activity, and proper sleep can increase men’s average life expectancy by years!

Lifestyle choices for beard health

An unhealthy lifestyle doesn’t just increase one’s mortality rate, it also significantly reduces one’s quality of life. Unhealthy habits affect one’s stamina, endurance, skin and even hair quality — including your beard’s growth and aesthetics, which can in turn affect your self-esteem. Poor habits and diet go around in a circle, affecting how men feel and see themselves every day.

Beard growth is affected by many factors like genetics and hormones, hence why men exercise and undergo testosterone programs to boost their facial hair.

However, lifestyle plays a significant role, too.

Testosterone is produced when sleeping, or through exercise such as weightlifting and strength training. The improved blood flow may even help stimulate hair follicle growth.

Good nutrition from eating a balanced diet can also help. Obesity and low testosterone have a bidirectional relationship, which is why many men try to lose weight in order to grow their beards.

However, sudden weight loss can be dangerous too. A proper weight loss and diet plan coordinated with expert coaches is the key to losing weight healthily. This considers factors such as budget and the sleep-weight connection too, so that you can get the nutrition needed for proper beard growth and health.

Tips for healthier living

Healthier living doesn’t even have to mean giving up vices like drinking completely. Like most things in life, moderation is key. Compensate further by investing in healthy lifestyle habits such as drinking more water and sweating through exercise to flush out the toxins in your body.

Proper sleep and a healthy diet can then regulate the nutrients in your body. Focus on diets with the six essential nutrients, from protein in lean cuts of meat to healthful fats in fish or seeds. There are many nutrients that have been found to boost testosterone too, such as zinc that can be found in nuts and chickpeas.

It’ll be a long way for society to be completely rid of the stigma around masculinity that affects men's connections to a healthy lifestyle. However, with a few simple changes to your routine, you can start the change today. With the right habits and diet, achieving a strong body and fuller beard will definitely be within reach.

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