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What Is Beard Balm Used For | Beard Beasts

Are you unsure what beard balm actually is and therefore wondering what is beard balm used for?

Everyone is aware of the benefits of using beard oil, but how about its lesser known sibling, beard balm?

The lonesome beard balm must feel ignored as it sits there at the back of cupboard collecting dust.

But it shouldn't be, since many choose to use beard balm in place of beard oil because the advantages it provides frequently outweigh those of oils as well as other beard care products.

Finally, we shall do the balm justice in this post. You'll discover exactly what is beard balm used for and how to make the most of its advantages.

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What's Inside A 2oz Tin Of Beard Balm

The most effective beard balms are often created utilizing natural ingredients (although some brands use synthetic fragrance).

The following categories of ingredients can be found in a typical 2-ounce beard balm tin:

Solid Fats: These often include Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Mango Butter.

Carrier Oils: Argan, Almond, Avocado, Olive Oil etc.

Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Peppermint, Cedar Wood etc. 

Wax: Most typically Beeswax.

Beard balm differs from beard oil because it solidifies at room temperature, whereas beard oil remains liquid at all times.

You must first soften the balm between your fingertips before applying it to your facial hair.

But when you apply it, it soon cools down and begins to solidify once more, forming a very thin layer of protection over your facial hairs.

What Is Beard Balm Used For? It's Many Benefits

Let's take a look at what beard balm is most typically used for and how it can help your beard.

#1. Prevents Beard Dandruff

The term "beard dandruff" or "beardruff" refers to one of the most common, irritating beard problems.

It is quite similar to dandruff on the top of your head and is brought on by dry beard skin which flakes off as dead skin cells.

(But there is a better option; don't just dash out and buy Head&Shoulders)

Not letting the skin cells die at such a fast rate in the first place is one of the simplest methods to stop these annoying flakes from ever forming.

And the best approach to prolong their life is to maintain a healthy moisture balance in the deep skin layers.

You can significantly lessen dandruff externally by applying beard balm, but you can also accomplish this from within your body by making sure you drink enough water each day.

Beeswax in the recipe of beard balm creates a thin protective coat over your facial hair area.

This layer efficiently reduces dandruff and hydrates the skin while also protecting the facial hair and the skin beneath by preventing moisture from evaporating.

Our Beard Beasts Classic Beard Balm contains a good amount of Shea Butter. 

This specific ingredient has been used for decades in skin and hair care treatments and is excellent for beards as well. Shea butter, contains vitamins A, E, and F. These nutrients work together to hydrate dry and damaged hair and skin.

Shea butter also helps seal in the beard, which gives it amazing anti-aging benefits. As a result, it assists in the removal of beard dandruff, as well as the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema. 

#2. Prevents Beard Itch

Anybody who has ever grown facial hair knows that it may occasionally be extremely itchy.

The initial two-four weeks of beard growth are particularly brutal for this irritation, which is why people commonly refer to this time as "the itchy beard phase."

Beard oil is typically the very first line of protection against the unbearable itching, but did you know that by incorporating beard balm into your grooming routine, you can strengthen that protection.

That's true. I already noted how well the beeswax inside the balm forms a very thin protective coat to keep the moisture in your beard.

When you use balm just after applying beard oil, that very same protective coat can actually seal the oil into your facial hair and provide you with an even better impact in terms of hydration and itch reduction.

Almond oil which is a key ingredient in our Beard Beasts Classic Beard Balm is a great ingredient for beard balms because it is high in fatty acids and vitamin E. Both of these substances improve blood circulation around dry skin while moisturizing the beard and softening the skin beneath.

Due to daily exposure to weather, dirt, and sweat, dead skin cells, pollutants, and filth accumulate beneath the skin of beards. In order to make it easier to eliminate the cells, dirt, and other pollutants that clog our pores, sweet almond oil softens and moisturizes the skin.

Almond oil also lubricates each hair follicle to lessen friction between beard hair, which prevents hair from falling out while styling.

#3. Guards the Beard Against the Environment

Your facial hair is fragile to the environment much the same as the hair on the top of your head.

I'm referring to conditions like humidity, cold, prolonged sunlight exposure, and all other conditions that can harm the fibers of beard hair.

Fortunately, beard balm can shield your facial hair from all of these problems, but it excels at guarding against the damaging effects of winter and the brisk air.

How come?

Again, it's because of the thin layer of protection that beeswax creates and the carrier oils that feed the skin beneath that barrier.

Your facial hair is protected from the cold air, wind, and UV radiation by beard balm. Additionally, it helps to seal in moisture during periods of extreme humidity and reduces frizz and flyaways.

#4. Gives your facial hair more volume

We understand. It's challenging to develop a longer beard, and it's awkward when someone remarks that your sparse beard growth resembles pubic hair.

Beard balm saves the day...


I won't say that it will instantly make your beard full and thick.

However, because balms with high beeswax content and tropical fats like shea butter and mango butter are so thick, they can give your beard hairs a little more volume and weight.

This is particularly true if you use beard balm right away after cleaning your beard because it locks inside the moisture and gives your beard the appearance of being extremely thick and heavy.

(Are you still wondering what is beard balm used for?)

#5. Helps Tame The Mane & Style Your Beard

Beard wax is still the preferred beard styling product.

However, a premium beard balm contains a significant amount of beeswax, which can undoubtedly help with your beard style regimen.

Apply some beard balm to your beard and brush it into shape using a boar bristle beard brush if you don't use beard wax and need to get your unruly beard into mint condition.

Even while I still have to point out that they don't measure up to beard waxes, you'd be amazed by the hold and styling assistance that many of the best beard balms offer.

#6. Prevents Split Ends

Split ends occur when the strands of hair become weakened and separated from one another, frequently as a result of external factors such as overbrushing or exposure to harsher conditions. This indicates that instead of being firmly interwoven together as they should be, your facial hairs are now separated into various lengths.

Therefore, use a gentle touch when brushing your beard and concentrate on going downward rather than upward. Beard Balm is applied to the beard to hydrate, condition, and maintain the smoothness of the hair, which serves to strengthen the hair strands and prevent split ends.

#7. Softens Facial Hair

Beard Balm does indeed have a softening impact on all hair types, but it is especially effective on the thick and coarse hairs that develop under the chin. It penetrates the follicle and coats each hair, supplying the vital nutrients required for a strong, supple beard.

#8. Improves Your Beards Health

In addition to all the wonderful advantages of beard balm that I have already stated, using beard balm can also enhance the appearance of your beard.

  • Healthier
  • Lively
  • Vibrant

Your beard becomes, well, not boring thanks to the various light-reflecting qualities of the organic beeswax and carrier oils.

Who Will Benefit Most From Beard Balm

  • Men with a mustache or beard
  • Anyone who needs to control their stray whiskers
  • Those who experience tightness under their facial hair
  • Those experiencing flakiness and beard dandruff
  • Those who reside in colder, windier, or dry areas


Q. Is it possible to combine beard oil with balm?

A. You certainly can, and it's a fantastic grooming double-whammy. The beard oil should be applied first, and it should be properly brushed or combed through your beard and the skin underneath. Apply a beard balm next to even further lock in that excellent moisture and gain control.

Q. The beard balm has what kind of hold?

A. A gentle, natural grip is a trademark of our beard balm. It undoubtedly provides greater control than a beard oil, but not as much as a wax or pomade for your mustache. Our beard balm's grip is perfect for taming stray hairs without leaving your hairs crunchy. You can use it to train the hairs in your beard.

Q. Which is better for my beard: oil or balm?

A. Beards and mustaches including all shapes and lengths benefit from beard oil and beard balm. Don't worry too much about which one to buy because your facial hair will instantly improve when using either of these great beard care products. Try both, decide which you prefer, and stick with it.

Last Words: 

Most people dismiss beard balm as yet another beard product, despite the fact that it is a superb product.

They shouldn't since it has a ton of benefits that are immensely helpful, possibly even more so than the beard oils that everybody is singing about.

I hope after reading this article, you understand what beard balm is used for.

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