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Beard Styles That Will Make You The Talk Of The Town

Beard Styles That Will Make You The Talk Of The Town

So you are growing a beard and want to be the talk of the town? Well I can tell you it isn't easy. Anyone can grow a beard, but not everyone can pull off an exceptional beard that makes them the talk of the town. It takes impressive patience and dedication as well as one hell of a grooming routine.
Beard Styles That Will Make You The Talk Of The Town
Brothers who have incredible beardgame, know how to look after them properly and care for their beard. One could say it is like a baby to them. They treat their beards like gold and if you are aiming that high with your own beard then you need to learn the lessons that these people know. 
An exceptional beard takes knowing the different benefits you get from beard balms and beard oils. It takes knowing when and how to properly use them. It means knowing how your diet and nutrition affects your body and your beard. 
If you are prepared for that then there is no reason why you can't grow an exceptional beard. 
Note that genetics also play a huge part. Some men can grow beards like Greek Gods while others can barely grow 2 hairs. 
Testosterone plays a vital role also in beard development. Increasing testosterone levels, by working out, eating protein, sex, yes you heard me, sex and so on, all can help raise your testosterone levels which will help your beard growth. 
There's many beards out there which are the talk of the town, and these below are Beard Beasts favourites, which we think you should follow for your beardspiration!

Here are some examples of guys who are certainly the talk around town!

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