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Beard Styles That Will Make You The Talk Of The Town

So you are growing a beard and want your beard style to be the talk of the town?
Well I can tell you it isn't easy. Anyone can grow a beard, but not everyone can pull off an exceptional beard that makes them the talk of the town.
It takes a lot of patience and dedication as well as one hell of a grooming routine.
If you have the patience and dedication, we have the best grooming advice!
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Beard Care: Grooming Techniques and Advice

Regularly Wash Your Beard

Many men don't understand the difference between a beard wash and regular shampoo so what is beard wash?

Beard wash is just a shampoo that has been specifically created for your facial hair. Head hair shampoos contain many harsh chemicals which are added to help remove natural oils from your hair and scalp.

Now your scalp produces a lot of natural oil so these shampoos are fine for our head hair, but our facial hair isn't as blessed. The skin beneath our beard don't produce no where near as much natural oils, which help keep our beards hydrated and healthy.

Beard washes are designed to remove the dirt etc, but not remove the natural oils. 

Keep in mind that a happy beard is one that is clean and healthy. To maintain your beard looking healthy, you must regularly wash it. Washing your beard can help get rid of built-up dirt like food and drink residue, dust, and dead skin cells.

Remember that your facial hair and the hair on your head are two completely different.  Always use products made specifically for maintaining beards. Use a beard shampoo once or twice per week. Washing your beard more frequently might dry out the hairs, causing curling, itching, and split ends. 

How to wash your beard;

  • Get your beard thoroughly wet by scooping up lukewarm water in your palms.
  • Put enough beard shampoo on your hands and use gentle strokes to massage it into your beard.
  • Rinse your beard with warm water after creating a good lather.
  • To avoid damaging your hair, pat your beard facial hair dry with a towel gently.
  • For an additional boost of moisture, beard conditioners and beard masks can be used to enhance beard maintenance. You might discover that you require one, particularly during the winter.

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Use Beard Oil

A necessary component of your regular beard upkeep routine is beard oil. It is a substance that is used to supplement the skin's natural oils. It hydrates both your facial hair and the skin behind your beard.

There are numerous benefits to using beard oil:

  • maintains a fuller-looking beard
  • maintains the softness of your facial hair, aids in hair development, and controls your beard.
  • scents keep you smelling fantastic
  • After taking a shower is the ideal time to apply your beard oil since the extra moisture in the air will be contained inside the hair follicle, improving hydration. Apply a few drops of oil to your hands, then evenly distribute it over your beard and mustache.

You might want to use additional product if your beard is long and thick. It depends on what suits you the best. Every other day, or even every day if you live in a dry region. 

You should consider using natural products as well, which is another thing to keep in mind. The likelihood of irritating your skin increases as you apply additional chemicals to your face.

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Beard Trimming

If you want to maintain a well-groomed beard without making weekly trips to your local barbershop, trimming your beard is crucial. It should unquestionably be a part of your beard care regimen. The first cut is often the most difficult, but if you follow a strategy and study some internet instructions, you can easily reshape your beard.

You'll need a brush and an electric trimmer for this step in your beard maintenance process. If you're more coordinated and up for the task, you can trim your beard the old-fashioned way with a pair of scissors and a comb.

When trimming your beard, keeping in mind the following guidelines:

  • Your beard will look more polished and professional if you trim your neckline.
  • Use the proper equipment; as a reference, consider beard shapers.
  • Trim your cheekline, grin, and extend it all the way to your sideburns.
  • Especially if you're just starting out, go slowly and don't rush the process.
  • When it comes to beard upkeep, trimming is more crucial for shorter beards or for beards that are just starting to grow. Use it to shape your beard to complement your face or chosen style or to tame your mustache. 

Apply Beard Balm

Many new beard growers often ask what is beard balm for? The reason for this question is probably because beard oil is renowned as the one beard care product every bearded man talks about.

Beard balm can be used for style and conditioning. Bearded men think you don't need to use both beard oil and balm at the same time because they are identical, which couldn't be further from the truth. 

Despite the name, beard oil is designed for the skin beneath your facial hair, whereas beard balm is designed for the facial hair itself.

In addition to keeping your facial hair moisturized and looking healthy, using beard balm as part of your beard maintenance routine can help reduce beard dandruff and facial hair itching. If you reside in an area with severe environmental conditions, it is extremely beneficial. Your beard hair might suffer greatly in cold or dry conditions.

We get asked a lot how to make your beard soft and our answer usually is beard balm. It provides deep conditioning to your facial hair, so dry facial hair shouldn't be much of a problem with regular use.

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Although applying beard balms may seem difficult, it is extremely simple:

  • Beard balm is solid at room temperature, so scoop some up with your fingers.
  • Spread it out and let it melt on your palms. In the same manner that you would spread beard oil, apply it to your beard.
  • The beard balm hardens as it cools, creating a layer of protection for your hairs that also traps moisture.

If you would like to know more on beard balm, you can read our popular article How To Use Beard Balm. We go very in-depth and explain everything you need to know about this fantastic beard grooming product.

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Use A Beard Brush

A beard brush can be used to help maintain your facial hair. Because a beard brush's bristles have a unique structure that helps remove dirt and grime while teaching your hair to grow in the right direction, the majority of experts advise using one.

Maintaining your beard requires regular brushing of your mustache. It is a useful styling tool that keeps your hair in check, aids in hair curling, and disperses the natural oils and/or grooming products on your skin (such as beard oil).

You should always brush your beard, whether it's in the morning or right after a shower. Remember that excessive brushing or the use of the wrong brush might cause irritation or split ends. Additionally, you can avoid that extremely uncomfortable static buildup by using a brush with natural hairs.

Use a lifting motion when brushing your beard, starting with the hairs below. This step will help add volume and loosen any dirt or filth that may be present in your beard. To bring your hairs in the proper direction and tame and stray hairs, finish your brushing by moving downward on the surface of your beard.

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Make Use Of A Beard Shaping Or Trimming Tool

A rigorous beard maintenance regimen that uses products like a beard trimmer and a shaping tool can help you maintain a certain beard style. A beard shaping tool can be used to create a physical template for your facial hair.  You may maintain your beard more easily by using the beard shaping tool to cut along the same lines.

A beard trimmer is a little more user-friendly than the old reliable scissors and has various lengths that will prevent hand slipping mishaps. Trimmers can be used to change the shape of your beard or preserve your current style.

The following information will help you use a trimmer and shaping tool effectively:

  • Shave your beard using the shaping tool as a template.
  • Start your trim with the longest comb length possible, then shorten it as required.
  • Keep your neckline tidy and get rid of any stray hairs.

Dos And Don'ts For Maintaining A Beard


  • Before shaping your beard, wait at least 4 weeks.

  • Pick a shape that works well with your face.

  • Keep your beard clean every day.

  • Wash your facial hair several times per week using beard wash.

  • To care for the skin and hair beneath your beard, brush and comb it.

  • To keep your beard in shape, trim it with a beard trimmer on a regular basis.


  • Only use water to wash your facial hair
  • Dry your facial hair vigorously.
  • Not use beard oil and beard balm.
  • Leave your facial hair untrimmed.
  • aggravate ingrown hairs

Check out our post How To Grow A Beard: Our Best Tips for more advice on growing a strong, healthy beard.

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Beard Styles That Will Make You The Talk Of The Town

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