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How To Fix A Patchy Beard

How To Fix A Patchy Beard

It's no secret that most men can not grow a full thick beard.

Most men in fact grow a patchy beard. This is caused by your facial hairs growing at different speeds. You may find your goatee area grows faster than your cheeks and vice versa.

Currently there is no product that can fix this problem, a quality beard balm made by natural carrier oils and butters can help the health of your beard which in return will speed up the growth process.

Testosterone is a big reason why your beard is likely to be patchy. Testosterone is linked with facial hair growth. If you are somebody who has low testosterone levels then your beard will grow at a slower rate and it will be patchy. 

Our bodies have a sensitivity level for testosterone. If our bodies are sensitive to testosterone, you'll likely grow a full beard. If our body is less sensitive then the growth will be slower, thin and/or patchy. 

Increasing testosterone levels would be beneficial to you if you suffer from a patchy beard. 

Strength training is known to be the best form of exercise to increase testosterone. Cardio based training also increases testosterone levels. 

A method in which we can fix a patchy beard for now is by simply creating an illusion that the beard is even until the facial hair grows out more in the lesser areas. For this method you will need a high quality beard trimmer that can be adjusted to different sizes and a quality razor will also come in handy. 

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Another problem when growing a beard is also the thickness. Just like the speed, thickness is also another common problem. When you grow your beard out, you will find some areas will grow thicker in facial hair than others, this also creates unbalance in the beard and doesn't help the patchiness look.

Every man is different in their ability to grow a beard, therefore, choosing a beard style needs a lot of focus as you need to match your ability to grow a beard, to a style. 

A lot of men want to full thick beard style look, however, most men can not grow a thick beard, so it would be an unrealistic bearded goal.

Instead you could look at a 5 o'clock shadow style, where the beard is just longer than stubble. 

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Here's How To Fix A Patchy Beard In 5 Steps

No.1 - Start off with a clean beard and face. You should use a beard wash to remove any dirt, grime and dead skin cells. Once washed and rinsed, dry your beard properly using a towel. 

No.2 - Using a high quality beard trimmer, you should adjust the length to 6 - 8mm. This length should just pass the stubble look, which should leave you with a balanced beard. 

No. 3 -  Trim your beard all over using the same length adjustment, making sure you reach the whole area. The goal of this, is to create a balance. This means we do not want any stray hairs sticking out. 

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No.4 - Using a quality razor, you then need to proceed to sharpening up the edges. Start with your cheeks first as this will help to create balance. Also it will help give the illusion of a full beard, due to the sharpness.

When sharpening the lines on your neck, it is important not to shave to far up, as this will not look good and you will most likely need to shave your whole beard off and start again because the balance will be way off.

Instead aim for literally above your Adam's Apple. This will help give you the full beard look and create balance to the beard above the neck.

No.5 - After you have trimmed the beard fully, and sharpened the lines. It's now time to wash your beard with warm water ( NOT HOT ). Once you have washed your beard, dry your beard until most the excess water is gone. We want to aim for a slightly damp beard.

Then apply some beard balm. Beard balm helps saturate your facial hairs, with hydration, minerals and vitamins. This is very important for a healthy beard, which will affect the growth rate of your beard. Beard balm will also make your facial hair look fuller, which will make your beard look thicker. 

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