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The inspiration behind Beard Beasts...

Our inspirational with Beard Beasts was to create a company that helped bearded men look and feel their best. The idea that if you grew a beard, you was automatically considered a "hipster" was a stereotype we wanted to destroy.
With helping bearded men look and feel their best, we decided to create high quality beard care products as well as merchandise and sell them at affordable prices so that every bearded man can feel and look at their best. 
Along with that, we wanted to create a website that helped educate bearded men on potential problems they may face on their bearded journey. Customer service is an element we especially focus on, as we have always wanted to treat our customers like family, and we pride ourselves on that.

There are many companies online that sell products just for the profit. We are not one of those companies. We have always wanted to build a company that offers everything to our community and help bearded men feel at their best, at the very least by having a great experience with our brand and products.

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The Beard Beasts Mission

Our brand helps bearded men feel and look their best! It's that simple!

There's no doubt about it, if you look at your best, you feel your best and when someone feels their best, there whole life changes for the better! Beard Beasts sells high quality products to help you look at your best, we also exist to help support and encourage you!

Beard Beasts is here to help encourage and support bearded men from all walks of life! Every bearded man is welcome to join our community! Our mission is not only to sell awesome beard care products, but also to help you along your bearded journey and uplift you with our content. 

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