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7mm Beard: Everything You Need To Know

Is the daily shaving becoming boring?

Those who answered yes might consider growing a 7mm beard. This article is dedicated to the 7mm beard, which is a nice length for those who don't want a stubble beard but don't want a long beard, either.

A beard of exactly 7 millimeters in length is known as a "7mm beard." This beard style takes approximately two weeks to develop, hence the name "two-week beard."

Read on to find out everything there is to know regarding the 7mm beard, including how to grow one, how to style it, what to prevent, and more.

a man sporting a 7mm beard

What Is the 7mm Beard?

What the 7mm beard refers to is exactly as it sounds. The length of this beard is precisely 7mm (1/4 inch). The "two-week beard" nickname comes from the fact that it requires roughly two weeks to develop.

That difficult period where your beard is too short to brush and style yet too long to be considered stubble also begins at this length.

I want a 7mm beard, how long will it take to get it?

The 7mm beard mentioned earlier takes around 2 weeks to grow.

If you figure the typical beard grows half an inch per month, then you'll need 14 days to complete the process.

The time it takes to achieve a 7 mm beard varies from man to man due to the fact that hair on the face grows at different rates. Three weeks of growth should be sufficient to ensure that your beard is at least 7 millimeters in length.

Which Face Types Look Best With a 7mm Beard?

The 2-week beard can be sported by everyone, regardless of facial structure, because of its short length and lack of elaborate style options.

There are a few facial shapes that work better than others with this particular beard style. Unfortunately, if you have a round face, this style won't do you any favors because it will emphasize the roundness.

Arguments For And Against A 7mm Beard

Arguments For:

It's one of the most low-maintenance styles of facial hair. Saving time in the morning on beard grooming is possible due to the low maintenance requirements of a beard. The fact this style is low maintenance doesn't mean you can just leave it. It still requires some upkeep in the form of regular trimming and shaping, but significantly less than other beard types.

The 7 mm beard looks good on most men. It provides you a more rugged appearance without adding volume to the face and without creating any sharp edges. The 7mm beard is a safe bet for most men, unlike certain other styles for men that may not work for every face shape.

It's appropriate for the workplace. It is not too extravagant or bizarre, so you can sport it to the office without raising eyebrows. However please remember that if you work in a strict business setting, you ought to be certain you are allowed to sport a beard.

It's a compromise between clean-shaven and full facial hair. If you really want to give growing a beard a try but aren't sure if you're ready to commit to a full beard, a 7mm beard is a great compromise. It's also a wonderful length to experiment with various beard styles to find the one that flatters your face shape the most.

Arguments Against:

Flyaway hair is a potential drawback. Since your beard is in between lengths, some of the hairs may protrude and become unruly. Maintaining a neat beard is essential to avoiding this. In the event that you still experience flyaway hairs despite routine trimming, beard oil can be used to tame and smooth them down.

You can’t comb or style a 7mm beard. Though it's a matter of taste, this style of facial hair might not be for you if you like to maintain a certain degree of control over your facial hair. The lack of length in the hair makes it difficult to achieve a variety of looks. The most you can do is give it a good trimming and check the lines for neatness.

There's a chance it'll start itching. The 7mm beard, like most other short beards, may cause irritation. This is due to the stiffness of the hair and the potential irritation caused by the pointed ends. You could use beard oil to relieve itching and soothe your skin.

Tips on Growing and Shaping a 7mm Beard

A 7mm beard may be grown in just three weeks of patiently letting your beard grow. Although 2 weeks of growth is all that's required for this particular beard style, it's recommended to allow three weeks just to be safe.

You can begin to shape your beard once three weeks have passed.

Trim your beard down to 7 millimeters using the guard attachment on your beard trimmer. In order to maintain consistency in your beard's length, you should do this.

You can then begin to shape it. All you have to worry about with the 7mm beard is maintaining clean lines. The facial hair above your cheekbones and below your neckline should be trimmed or shaved. You can use a razor or a beard trimmer to accomplish this.

Shave along an imagined line drawn from the corner of your mustache to the peak of your sideburns to create the shape of your cheeks.

Shave below an imaginary line drawn two fingers above your Adam's apple to define the neckline.

Finally, make sure to invest in high-quality beard oil. This beard length presents certain challenges because to the short, stiff hair. You can prevent the frizz and soften your beard with some quality beard oil.

More Information About Your 7mm Beard

What is the ideal beard length, in millimeters?

Beards must be at least 7 millimeters in length, and anything shorter is considered stubble. Whether or not a beard is attractive depends on the man who is sporting it. Some people prefer a short beard style, while others prefer something longer. Beard length is a matter of personal preference, so try out different styles and discover what works for you.

Can You Specify the Perfect Beard Length?

A survey of a relatively small group of individuals voted that stubble was the most attractive beard style.

But to answer your question, the best beard style is the one that makes you feel the most confident and attractive. Try out various beard lengths by just growing one out.

How Many mm Does Facial Hair Grow A Day

Beards grow at a rate of roughly 0.5 mm each day for the typical male. To be clear, this is not really a specific rule, and the exact figure may vary depending on the individual.

Last Words

Everything you needed to know regarding the 7mm beard is right here. This particular beard style is low-maintenance and presentable. Trimming it daily and ensuring the lines are clean is all that's required. Beard oil should be used in case of irritation. Finally, try out a few various lengths to find the one that works best for you.

We really hope that you found this post to be informative and that you feel confident in your ability to now go out and sport the 7mm beard.

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