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Beard Styles The Ladies Will Love

Beard Styles The Ladies Will Love

Women love beards, that is basically a women law.
From stubble to a long beard, women love them all.
Some women prefer the stubble look and others prefer the long bearded gentleman.
The point is, the babyface has got to go!
Beards have become extremely popular year after year in modern times, even within the professional world where a beard was frowned upon.
It was only maybe 5 - 10 years ago, where you was expected to be clean shaven for a professional job or interview.
In 2020 though (well 2019 what with covid-19), that has been thrown out the window.
It has become more acceptable to sport a glorious beard to a job interview and in the work-place. 
Now the question you need to ask yourself is this "Do I grow a short beard or a long beard for the ladies to look twice at?".
To help you find a style you like, we have put together a collection of some of our favourite beard styles, so that you can see some awesome beards and get some inspiration. 
A Glorious Beard Needs Some Grooming Tips: 
Always read the label of a beard product. ALWAYS! They may say they are all-natural ingredients on the front but that doesn't mean they are. 
Beardruff which is commonly known as dandruff is usually caused by dry skin under your beard. To treat it, use a quality beard oil and work it into the skin. 
When growing a beard, resist trimming it, but do cut away any stray hairs that are longer than the rest using some quality scissors. 
If you have a long beard, avoid heat straighteners. They dry your beard out quickly. 

Beard Styles The Ladies Will Love 

Image Source 

Credit: Instagram: @dominikberberich 

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