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Why Does My Beard Itch?

In todays article we will be answering a common email we receive which is "why does my beard itch".

Beard itchiness is probably the most irritating problem with growing a beard. It is also the most common problem men get when they grow a beard.

An itchy beard is one of the main reasons why many men opt to shave their beard off at the beginning of their beard journey and while the dreaded beard itch may seem unbearable, the good news is, it doesn't last forever.

As your beard matures, it will begin to soften, which will thankfully begin to stop the dreaded itch. 

Now if you are someone who is asking themselves and searching "why does my beard itch", we are happy to assist you in finding the problem.

Your unbearable itch could be a number of problems hiding under your facial hair or in your beard care routine (or lack of beard care). 

In order to treat and prevent the irritation caused by beard itch, you must first target and treat the cause. Therefore, in order to help you, we are going to give you a list below of the common causes of beard itch along with the solution. 

Does A Itchy Beard Mean It's Growing?

Does an itchy beard mean it's growing? Sometime beard itch can mean your facial hair is growing and getting longer, but that is not always the case. As your beard hairs grow, you will suffer some itchiness. 

The reason for this is because as your beard grows, the hair tips are usually sharp due to prior shaving or trimming. Razors are not flat, they are angled, so when you use to shave, the hair strand would have been cut at an angle, making the tip of the hair sharp. 

As these sharp-tipped hairs begin to grow and break through the skin, the sharp hairs end up giving your face a little tickle. 

We know it is very tempting to literally scratch your face off during this process of growing your beard, but we suggest that you find it in yourself to resist the urge as you may end up damaging the hairs and the skin, which will make the itchiness worse and last longer, which we certainly don't want. 

After 4 - 6 weeks, your beard itchiness should begin to settle down and your facial hair should begin getting softer.

If you find that your beard itch is continuing after 4 - 6 weeks, this would indicate there is a problem perhaps with the skin under the beard. Therefore, some changes would be needed in your beard grooming routine to get your beard itch-free and treat the problem that could be lurking.

The objective of a proper beard grooming routine is to keep your beard feeling nice and looking fresh. 

Common Factors For Causing Beard Itch

Your Beard And Skin Is Dry

One of the most common reasons longer beards suffer from itchiness is because of dryness.

This happens because as your beard hairs get longer, they pull away the skins natural oil called sebum from the skin. So the best solution for this problem is to buy a quality all-natural beard oil to replace the skins natural oil. 

If you don't replace the skins natural oil then your beard and skin beneath will dry out further causing you more irritation. 

Therefore the best solution to add instant moisture and relieve the itch is to purchase a quality beard oil and massage the oil into the skin beneath your beard. 

How can I fix the dryness?

Let's start in the shower, If your showers temperature is overly hot, that will straight away dry your beard out, which will cause you irritation.

Also, using your typical store-bought shampoos to wash your beard will damage not only facial hair but also the skin beneath the beard. These typical head hair shampoos are harsh for your beard and they tend to strip any natural oil from your facial hair fibers. 

We suggest you stop washing your beard using these types of shampoos and instead try an all natural beard wash designed for your facial hair. Our beard washes are completely sulfate-free providing a gentle shampoo that is entirely plant based with Pro-Vitamin B-5 to improve the moisture balance and help fight dryness. 

One thing to keep in mind also is over-washing your beard, as this can lead to a dry beard also. While our all-natural beard wash may clean and wash your beard gently. You may also need a beard conditioner or beard balm which acts like a leave-in conditioner to supply some serious moisture to the beard hairs and skin. 

We personally suggest that every bearded man should stock an all-natural beard wash that doesn't contain harmful chemicals and an all natural beard balm that acts as a leave-in conditioner because they will not only improve the health of your beard and skin but they will also help protect your beard. 

While having a good shower routine for your beard is important, unfortunately it doesn't protect your beard for the outdoor environment. Elements such as cold and dry air, UV rays from the sun and so on also can lead to a dry beard.

Therefore, the environment where you live also has an effect on your beard. This where all-natural beard oils and beard balms can help, as they will add moisture to your beard. 

Your Beard And Skin Is Dirty

Now most of us bearded guys know that if you over-wash your beard, your facial hair and the skin under the beard will become dry. However, so does the opposite.

A beard that isn't washed often and is dirty and full of dead skin cells also causes a great deal of irritation like itchiness. 

When you suffer from a dry beard, you most likely will see some signs, such as split ends. If you have a longer beard and you don't see any signs of split ends, or beard dryness, then chances are, your beard is dirty and locking in bacteria. 

How To Properly Clean Your Beard

Facial hair that isn't washed regularly can cause beard acne, beardruff as well as ingrown hairs. Many men wash their man manes in the morning however, some forget to wash their beards prior to bed. During the day, your beard will collect dirt, grime, dead skin cells and more.

If this isn't washed out of your beard at the end of the day then you'll find these impurities may sink into the skin beneath the beard. This is a big mistake that many bearded men make.

Dirt from your beard that settles into your skin, can clog your pores causing itchiness and it can become worse by becoming painful and possibly causing ingrown hairs. 

If you do or begin to wash your beard twice daily and you find your beard becomes dry, then we'd suggest that you rinse your beard well using lukewarm water instead of using a beard wash prior to bed which should help prevent any build-up.

Don't use hot water to rinse your beard, this will cause dryness which we want to avoid. 

We recommend that you think about using a quality all-natural beard oil or beard balm as these particular beard care products don't only help in treating dryness but they also help in creating a protection layer which makes dirt and impurities from sticking to your beard. 

Your Beard Needs Some Extra TLC.

It is possible that your hair type could be the cause for your beard itch and the products/tools you use on your beard.

Thick and coarse facial hair is more likely to suffer itchy ingrown hairs. Also if you have a thick or curly beard, then using the wrong products/tools on that hair type can damage the facial hairs texture which will leave you clawing your beard off. 

I have mentioned many of times in previous articles about beard combs, especially plastic beard combs. If you are forcing your facial hair through a close-tooth plastic beard comb, then you could be damaging the hair fibers, which can result in a wiry beard.

A damage beard will cause beard itch, so if you use a close-tooth comb or a plastic comb, you should consider swapping to a boar's brush or wide-toothed handmade wooden comb, which will not damage your hair fibers and lesson the beard itch. 

How To Find The Perfect Brush Or Beard Comb

It is an important decision choosing the correct beard comb or brush for your beard grooming arsenal.

You need to consider your beards hair type as well as your styling needs. Beard combs work better for damp styling and brushes work better for dry beards. 

Generally bearded brothers who sport short facial hair or have a thin beard will find more success with beard combs with medium teeth or a boar's brush with soft bristles.

These tools will help keep the beard nice and tight.

Keep in mind that not using the tools correctly can result in damaged facial hair. 

For curly bearded men or men who rock a thick beard, we'd suggest a boar's brush with firm bristles or a wide tooth beard comb, as both of these tools are better for fighting tangles. Again, using these tools incorrectly can cause damage to your beard, which will cause itchiness. 

Dead Skin Cells Causing Beard Itch

Every single day, our faces shed thousands upon thousands of dead skin cells. 

When you were clean shaven, removing these dead skin cells was simple. All you had to do is wash your face daily and exfoliate a couple of times a week. 

But now you have a beard, removing these dead skin cells isn't so simple anymore. 

Your beard will collect thousands of dead skin cells everyday and this will cause you discomfort and irritation in the form of beard itch. 

In order to treat the beard itch caused by dead skin cells, you need to wash your beard regularly using a premium beard wash, which will remove the dead skin cells from your beard. 

Repair Your Damaged Beard

It you have an established full beard and it continues to itch, then it may be damaged, this could have been caused from heat tools or soaps and shampoos that contain harsh chemicals. 

When the facial hair follicles are damaged, it tends to spread throughout the hair strand. Damaged hair follicles are known to slow down beard growth and cause some discomfort and irritation. 

In order to repair damaged facial hair, you need to use a special product that will repair the hairs and follicles by supplying them quality proteins and moisture. 

Over-time your beard will begin to repair and heal, which will decrease the discomfort and irritation. 

Beard Beasts Recommends: Bluebeards Wonder Repair

Poor Beard Grooming Routine

Creating and maintaining a good beard grooming routine is vital for your beards health. Every bearded man that rocks a glorious beard has a good beard grooming routine.

If your beard grooming routine is rubbish, you are attracting an itchy beard. 

A easy and good beard routine is as simple as this:

Wash your beard using a shampoo that is designed for your beard, towel dry your beard after washing until it is slightly damp, then massage a high-quality beard oil that contains only all-natural ingredients in your beard and skin and then simply brush or comb your beard. 

By simply doing this routine above, which takes a few minutes a day, you will decrease the chance of suffering from an itchy beard. 

If you do not have a good beard grooming routine and don't clean your beard often, you are opening your beard up to all-kinds of irritations such as beard itch.

It is important to remove any dirt, food, dead skin cells and dust that has built-up throughout the day. 

Poor Quality Beard Grooming Products

Some bearded men don't go for quality when it comes to beard grooming products, they consider the price as the major factor as they believe all beard care products do the same thing. So why pay more when you can pay less...sound familiar? 

The problem is many cheap beard oils, balms and so on contain fillers, silicone and other unwanted elements. That's not to say all cheap products do contain these unwanted ingredients, but many do. 

If you are using beard care products but find yourself still suffering from beard itch, then the answer may be in the beard care products you are using. 

Rookie mistakes can be costly. A grooming mistake I see many bearded men make is they wash their beards with bar soaps and shampoos designed for your head hair hair. 

Bar soaps and head hair shampoos are very well known for removing sebum from your beard and skin, this will cause dryness which will lead to beard itch. 

Beard care products such as beard oil and beard balm that contain artificial ingredients like fillers, silicone etc, will dry your beard out and long term use of these ingredients can cause severe damage to your beard. 

Like with everything in life, there is good and bad, this applies to beard oils and beard balms. You want to make sure you pick a high-quality beard oil and a premium beard balm that is made from all-natural ingredients like our Premium All-Natural Beard Balm. If you use a quality balm like this one, chances of suffering from beard problems like beard itch, reduce significantly. 

Trim Your Beard

When you start to grow a beard, you shouldn't trim it for around 12 weeks. 

The reason being, you want to wait for your beard to become thicker and less patchy. 

Once 12 weeks is up, it is time to start trimming your beard into the shape that you desire, which will help keep your beard from itching. 

In order to trim your beard properly, you will need two essential tools: a beard trimmer and beard scissors. 

If you trim your beard regularly and keep the beard maintained, then both of these tools will help prevent your beard from itching. 

Beard Trimmer

Purchase yourself a high quality beard trimmer that comes with adjustable attachments. If you are new to trimming, be sure to start with a longer attachment and carefully reduce the attachment length when you feel comfortable and confident in what you are doing. 

By maintaining your beard using a quality beard trimmer, this tool will help reduce and prevent your beard from itching.  

Be sure to correctly and properly care for your beard trimmers, you want to make sure you clean the trimmer, remove any left-over hairs in the blades and keep the blades well oiled. 

If the blades are not cleaned and kept maintained, you could run the risk of suffering from split ends which will irritate the skin beneath the beard and make you start itching all over again. 

Beard Beasts Recommends: Philips Norelco MG3750

Beard Scissors:

Beard scissors are fantastic for the precise small details. For example, stray hairs sticking out of your beard. 

Beard scissors are great for this particular problem, as you can easily and simply cut the stray hairs away without having to trim the whole beard. 

Another example of how useful beard scissors are is they enable you to trim a particular part of your beard. 

Your moustache tends to out-grow the hair on your cheeks therefore, you can trim your moustache to create balance without over-trimming.

Beard Beasts Recommends: Men's Beard & Mustache Trimming Scissors

Home Remedies For A Itchy Beard

You have most likely heard this before, A healthy lifestyle equals a healthy beard. 

If you want to achieve a healthy and itch-free beard, then you must be taking in plenty of water (1.5 litres - 2 litres) each day and make sure you are getting enough beauty sleep (7-8 hours is recommended).

Avoiding stress or learn how to deal with stress better is also recommended, as stress puts pressure on the body which will hinder your beards health and growth. 

Smoking isn't a nice habit, we all know that. It damages the bodies health and when it comes to your beard, smoking will make your beard smell of cigarettes and some of the toxins in the smoke will settle in your beard. 

Proper nutrition is essential for your beards health and stopping your beard from itching. If you've read our articles before, then you knew you wouldn't get through this article without us stressing the important of proper nutrition. 

In order to achieve a healthy and itch-free beard, you need to supply your body with vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, proteins and biotin rich foods. 

Biotin is a great compound for your beard as it promotes healthy hair and has been linked with increasing hair growth. 

Biotin rich foods are eggs, salmon, meats, nuts, seeds and sweet potatoes. 

You can buy biotin in the form of supplement such as Biotin by Nature's Bounty.

Vitamins are very important for your beards health. They all comes with there own benefits for your beards health. They mostly all help in moisturizing the skin beneath your beard which is vital for a healthy and itch-free beard. 

Omega fatty acids, especially Omega-3 are vital for your beards health and growth, they also help in moisturizing the skin beneath your beard, which is why mostly all beard balms contains butters that contain Omega fatty acids. 

Learn how to grow a healthy, strong beard by clicking here.

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