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What Is Beard Balm For | Beard Care And Grooming

What is beard balm for is a question many bearded men who don't know much about this awesome beard care product ask. By the end of this article you will have all the information you need. 

Beards, regardless if you like them or not, are here to stay in some form. Any man who has grown a beard can attest to the labor-intensive process. You're going to need to give your beard a lot of attention and care along the journey to get over the fuzz phase, the beard itch phase, and all the other irritating phases just to maintain your beard and keep it in check.

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Beard Balm: How Does It Work?

Have you ever questioned what is beard balm for? A beard balm functions similar to a leave-in conditioner that will soften, style, and moisturize your beard. Shea butter, which moisturizes, almond oil, which conditions and promotes growth, and beeswax, which helps lock in moisture are just a few ingredients included in our Beard Beasts Classic Beard Balm. These natural ingredients along with other quality, natural ingredients are blended to support healthy beard development and to keep your beard looking good and smelling great. 

Ingredients In Beard Balm

Even though beard balm are often unique, they all often start with one of these four basic ingredient types:

Carrier Oils
Essential Oils

Let's examine these beard-benefit packed ingredients and how Beard Beasts combines them to create a beard balm that is remarkably exceptional.

Carrier Oils

If you've ever researched beard products, you've probably come across carrier oils. The main purpose of these oils is to hydrate and provide nourishment to the skin underneath the beard. These oils are listed under argan, and sweet almond, avocado, and Macadamia oil in Beard Beasts Classic Beard Balm.

The sebaceous gland, located beneath the facial hair follicles, is where the science of carrier oils takes place. The primary purpose of these glands is to release sebum oil, which keeps the skin and facial hair hydrated and prevents flaking, both of which are crucial if you've ever suffered from beard itch and/or beard dandruff (beardruff).

Essential Oils

Essential oils contribute to the delivery of uplifting scents to the oil in addition to certain moisturizing and nourishing qualities. Essential oils can be produced from a variety of plants, including tea tree, mint, lemon, lavender, citrus, and many others.

Beard Beasts Classic Beard Balms are available in a variety of scents, including our Classic Sandalwood, Gentlemen's Club, Legendary, and Woodland Walk. Each of these blends has a wonderful but manly scent and contains distinctive essential oils that contribute to the fragrance. 


The benefits of beeswax make it a fantastic ingredient for beard balms. The wax itself assists in the product's solidification. The product would resemble a liquid more without it. It provides the beard some stability and serves as a shield against some contaminants, making it an excellent styling tool.

Beard Beasts Beard Balm Bonus Ingredient

Shea butter is an ingredient in Beard Beasts Beard Balm. This butter, which can be found in many different products, is great in transforming beard balms from a waxy material into something more pliable. Shea butter also gives the product an additional layer of moisture, which promotes the health of the beard.

How Do I Apply And Use Beard Balm?

Use your fingernail to scoop a tiny amount of balm out of the tin. Work the product between your palm and fingertips until it becomes warm and supple. Apply the beard after that, shaping it into the shape you want. Use a beard comb to ensure your beard is looking its finest for extra points.

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Can Beard Balm Help Me?

Is beard balm required? Everything depends on the individual and their needs, just like with any beard product. Natural Beard Balm is just a tool available to every beard owner to help him maintain a hydrated beard which is healthy. This is crucial for both new and mature beards, as everyone who has one will attest to how challenging it is to develop and maintain. 

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Finding what beard care products work the best for your beard usually involves a lot of trial and error.

Will Beard Balm Work For Me?

The shortest answer is yes.

Long answer: Beards have diverse needs depending on their environment, climate, and other hard realities of life. To keep your beard in top physical condition, we advise establishing a good beard grooming routine. Starting with daily cleaning, thorough drying, and rehydrating any dry areas of the beard are the first steps in this process. However, because everyone has a different beard regimen, others swear by never mixing a beard oil and balm. This is based on the idea that wax and oil don't always mix well and that this can have an impact on the scent. On the flip side, many bearded men swear by mixing a beard oil and beard balm, because beard oil hydrates the skin beneath your beard and beard balm hydrates your facial hair. 

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Benefits Of Using Beard Balm And Beard Oil

Here's a quick rundown of how beard balm and oil make your beard feel, look, and smell amazing in case you're still not convinced why both are crucial products for your beard-grooming arsenal.

Your skin produces sebum, a natural oil that is produced by everyone's skin. Your skin and hair benefit from a protective barrier formed by sebum which traps moisture. This is essential for the general well-being, condition, and appearance of your beard.

However, the strong chemicals in common soaps and shampoos strip sebum away in the shower. This can eventually result in dry skin and cause an itchy, wiry, dry beard.

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Sebum loss is reduced by conditioning beard care products like Beard Beasts Classic Balm and Beard Beasts Classic Beard Oil. They also go a step further and assist in the delivery of necessary nutrients to the skin beneath your beard and the facial hair itself, which helps to improve the health, strength, softness, and smell of your beard.

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