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The 4 Golden Rules For Growing A Beard

The 4 Golden Rules For Growing A Beard

It's that time again, another day another awesome beard article!

Like always my bearded brothers, I hope you are smashing the day and getting closer to your goals!

As you know, we are always bringing you content that is the most searched on the internet, giving you our honest opinion and packing in as many quality tips and tricks as possible. 

Let's not waste anytime here and get straight into this article - The 4 Golden Rules For Growing A Beard.

Golden Rule Number 1...

Eat A Balanced Diet And Work Out.

How To Grow A Beard

How many of you guys knew that eating a balanced diet and working out can improve and boost beard growth? 

It's no secret that working out increases your testosterone levels, which is strongly linked with hair growth including your facial hair.

Strength training is known to be the absolute best exercise for increasing testosterone levels, that being said, cardio training also increases testosterone levels. 

As I have mentioned in a number of my previous articles, Biotin (which is a natural vitamin) can boost hair growth therefore, adding biotin rich foods into your diet wouldn't be a bad thing to do if you are growing your beard. 

Biotin rich foods include the following: eggs (especially the yolk), fresh fish, fresh meat, seeds, nuts, and certain vegetables (such as sweet potatoes and broccoli).

So I would suggest that you add some form of exercise into your daily life and clean up your diet and start eating healthier, if you are serious about getting these beard gains.

So, this is golden rule number 1, eat a biotin rich balanced diet and work out.

Golden Rule Number 2...

Prevent The Dreaded Beard Itch

If you have read our articles before, you know we always mention the dreaded beard itch. 

The reason that preventing beard itch is golden rule number 2 is because it is the most common beard problem that bearded brothers suffer from and the number 1 reason why so many brothers shave their glorious man manes off and quit the road too awesomeness. 

Although it seems it, beard itch doesn't usually last that long, 2/3 weeks. It can however, come and go.

You have 3 choices with beard itch. 

1. Quit and shave it off like many do.

2. "Man up" as people like to say and ride it out. 

3. Prevent it as much as possible. 

Your taking number 3? Good i'm proud of you!

How do we prevent beard Itch?

Keeping our beards clean using a shampoo designed FOR our beards, such as a beard wash. This way we don't use products that contain harsh chemicals that dry the skin beneath our beards out (which causes beard itch).

We keep the skin beneath the beard, free of dead skin cells (exfoliate).

We use a high quality beard oil which will keep the skin hydrated. 

We use a high quality beard balm (optional) to soften our beard hairs. 

Golden Rule Number 3...

Put The Beard Trimmer Down Bro!

This is another common mistake, especially by newbies!

I hear and read this nearly everyday on beard forums. A man decides to grow a beard, the beard then becomes a little wild (which happens when you grow a beard out), so the man decides to trim the wild beard to regain some control and try to style it, but what happens? He f*cks it all up and has to start from square one again. 

My advice for you newbies, don't trim or style your beard for the first 2-3 months. Yes it will look scruffy and wild and people will look at you oddly, but it's a path all bearded brothers had to take to the road of awesomeness. 

Mistakes are super easy to make when you trim your beard. It takes a long time to grow a beard, so don't f*ck it up a couple months in. 

Pro Tip: One of the most common trimming mistakes is trimming your neckline far too high. Many newbies trim up just below their chin, far too high! Trim just above the Adam's apple. 

Pro Tip: I always recommend when your beard is long enough and you want it trimmed and styled, go to a barber shop the first time and study how they do it and ask as many questions as possible. 

Golden Rule Number 4...

Patience Brother

How To Grow A Beard

You would think this golden rule would be obvious, but you'd be wrong. 

When it comes to growing a beard, you have to be patient and let it grow. You can give it a little boost, by working out and raising your testosterone levels as well as eating biotin rich foods, but it isn't going to grow much overnight. "Good things take time" is the saying.

Are you going to look scruffy? I'm not going to lie, most likely.

However, just know it won't last long and then you'll have the beard you've wanted to grow. 

Just keep digging in and your beard will begin to take shape. Patience is a huge part of the process when growing a beard worthwhile. 

And that brings us to the end of this article. I hope you were able to learn something and enjoyed the article.

Until next time, stay safe and keep chasing your goals brothers.

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