Simple Beard Grooming Routine For An Awesome Beard

Simple Beard Grooming Routine For An Awesome Beard

In order to grow a beard, wave goodbye to your razor because you won't be seeing it for a while. 

When you wave goodbye to your razor for a while, your baby face will be replaced with a mans face with a beard.

During the process from a baby face to a mans face, you will come up against some intense challenges, your beard may become coarse and unruly, which will most likely lead to some itchiness.

It is safe to say, your beard will not look at its best to begin with. Therefore, you are going to need to work some magic with your beard.

Thankfully, growing an awesome beard doesn't take a great deal of time or work, providing you have a good grooming routine for your beard as it grows. 

By following these steps we have outlined below, your beard will look the best it has ever looked.

Or if you are only just starting, then follow these steps as it grows and your beard will look awesome as it grows.

Step 1: Wash Your Beard With A Proper Beard Wash

When you have a beard or you are growing one, proper beard hygiene is a MUST!

You wouldn't go many days without washing the hair on your head, so the same should go for your beard.

One thing to note though, is that your facial hair is completely different from the hair on your head. Therefore, it should be treated different. 

When washing your beard, you should use a quality beard wash that is specifically designed for a beard.

The reason for this is as follows, typical store-bought shampoos contain chemicals that are actually harmful to the type of hair your beard grows. These typical hair shampoos contain chemicals that strip your facial hair and the skin beneath the beard of there natural oils, which will dry your beard out, promote bad growth and make the facial hair coarse and unhealthy.

The reason we use a quality beard wash is remove the dirt and free-radicals that travel throughout your beard. You wouldn't walk around with dirty hands or dirty hair on your head. So your beard should be no exception. 

A high quality beard wash is designed and made without harmful chemicals, so when you wash your man mane using a beard wash, the natural oil is not removed, but your beard is properly cleansed of any dirt, grime and dead skin cells. 

How to use properly: First, wet your beard with lukewarm water, then apply a small of amount of Buck Ridge Premium Beard Wash into the palm of your hand. Apply the beard wash to your beard making sure you massage the wash into your beard properly and all-over. Then rinse with lukewarm water until all the wash is removed.

We recommend this beard wash called Buck Ridge Sandalwood Premium Beard Wash. This beard wash is a plant based beard wash, full with excellent ingredients like Aloe Aloe Vera Extract and Pro-Vitamin B5. This beard wash will cleanse your beard of any dirt, grime and remove any dead skin cells lurking in your beard. It also contains ingredients that help to add moisture to your beard, leaving it feeling clean and fresh. 

Beard Grooming Routine

Step 2: Use A High Quality Beard Oil For Moisturizing Your Beard

One of the most common problems with growing or keeping a beard is known as "beard itch".

It happens when the skin beneath your beard is drier than the sahara desert. You'll find that your skin will begin to itch and become very irritated.

Beard itch is one of the biggest reasons why men end up caving in and shaving their awesome man manes off. However, by using a high quality beard oil, you can not only treat it but also prevent it. Two birds one stone!

Having healthy skin beneath your facial hair is essential for achieving an awesome beard.

One of the reasons that the skin becomes dry and irritated, is that when your facial hair grows, the hairs pull the skins natural oil called sebum with them, which then leaves no sebum on your skin. This causes the skin to dry and flake, which causes beard itch and beardruff (dandruff). 

When the skin beneath your beard is dry and starts to flake, the skin becomes unhealthy, which then causes your beard hairs to dry out and the skin promotes bad growth. 

This is why we use a quality beard oil.

Although by the name. you would think it's for your beard hairs, it is actually for the skin beneath your beard. 

Beard oil solves the problem of your skin becoming dry and unhealthy. So not only will your skin be healthy using a beard oil but your beard hairs will also reap the benefits. 

Applying an all-natural high quality beard oil everyday will promote a healthy beard and your beard will grow far better and the skin beneath will not be irritated, so never run out of beard oil!

How to use properly: Once you have washed your beard using a beard wash, simply towel dry your beard, until your beard is just slightly damp. Then add a couple of drops of beard oil into the palm of your hand and begin rubbing your hands together, the aim here is to warm the oil up a little. Then proceed to massage the beard oil into the skin beneath the beard using the ends of your fingers. Make sure you cover all of the skin under your beard.

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Step 3: Condition Your Beard Using A High Quality All-Natural Beard Balm.

So, you want to make your beard look on point? Well there is no better product for that than beard balm. 

Beard Balms are a great multi-purpose product as they not only provide deep conditioning properties for your beard, which will help to soften your facial hair. They also promote a healthy beard from all the goodness they provide from natural butters and oils they contain.

If you suffer from a dry, coarse and itchy beard, A beard balm is what you need ASAP. 

Another perk of a beard balm is that they are thick enough to help style your beard. This is something you can not do with a beard oil. The consistency of beard balm is much thicker than beard oil.

So if you need a product to keep your stray hairs from sticking out, or you have a curly/wavy beard, then a beard balm will help sort that out for you.

A bonus is that beard balms contain ingredients that are great for your skin also. 

A great benefit of using a beard balm is that your facial hairs absorb the goodness from a beard balm, which will make your beard look more fuller and thicker.

If your beard is a patchy, a high-quality beard balm could help you out. 

How to use properly: Once you have applied the beard oil to the skin beneath your beard, scoop a little bit of balm out of the containers and rub the product in your hands. We want to make sure the product is warm prior to applying it to our beard as it will help our hair fibers absorb the product. Once warmed, apply the balm making sure you cover the whole beard. If you have a beard brush or comb, we would you use it to spread the product evenly over the beard and to style your beard how you'd like too. 

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Beard Grooming Routine

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Beard Beasts Conclusion:

Well there you have it fellas. A beard grooming routine is that simple and doesn't require a great deal of money or time. All it takes is a few minutes a day to have a good beard grooming routine. If you don't currently have a beard grooming routine, I guarantee once you start one, like the one we have just outlined for you. You will never go back to the days of not having one when you see and feel the healthiness and good look your beard will get. 

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