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Is Vitamin E Oil Good For Your Beard | Beard Care And Grooming

Is Vitamin E Oil good for your beard? Let's find out!

There has been a sharp interest with beards as the men's grooming market has flourished in recent years. Many men find that growing beards boost their self-confidence and attract more female attention.

Using beard oils is a terrific way of keeping your beard looking great. They help maintain a healthy and shiny beard. Beard oils also assist in preserving the healthy glow of your skin. However, vitamin E oil is another oil that might help your beard reach new heights.

Numerous properties in vitamin E oil can support your beard's shine and strength. Learn more about the benefits of using vitamin E oil to improve your beard care regimen by reading on.

Vitamin E: What Is It?

A vitamin called vitamin E is present in most of the foods we eat, including:

  • Meats
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Eggs

Although vitamin E contains eight different chemical components, the most prevalent two are gamma-Tocopherol and alpha-Tocopherol.

While alpha-Tocopherol is the vitamin E found naturally, North Americans often consume gamma-Tocopherol.

The molecule in vitamin E oils which our bodies make is called alpha-tocopheral. The antioxidant properties it possesses may be great for our skin.

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Vitamin E Oil Benefits For Your Beard

As we have previously said, Vitamin E Oil is wonderful for your skin. But due of the various qualities it has, it can also benefit your beard.

So let's put the question "is vitamin e oil good for your beard" finally to bed!

#1. Reduces Dandruff

Dealing with beard dandruff or beardruff is annoying. It happens when a buildup of dead skin cells causes your beard to become dry and scratchy.

You can treat dandruff by using vitamin E oil. Your skin and facial hair will be far more hydrated and nourished with Vitamin E oil, which will help reduce itching and dandruff.

#2. Treat Split-Ends

It's no secret that our beards need sufficient care and attention. If you don't start taking care of it, your facial hairs health will start to decline and your beard will begin to develop split ends. Using harmful products and tools on your beard, such as shampoos you use for your head hair or a blow dryer, often results in split ends.

Since vitamin E oil hydrates your beard, it will keep your facial hair soft and silky and guard against potential damage. Our Classic Natural Beard Oil contains Vitamin E oil which can improve any split ends in your beard.

#3. Promotes Healthy Beard Growth

Massaging Vitamin E Oil into your beard will help improve blood flow and circulation. This will help increase the amount of nutrients that are sent to your hair follicles, which in return will improve the health of your facial hair and the skin underneath it. 

A healthy beard is a happy beard, a happy beard equals healthier beard growth.

Additionally, Vitamin E Oil helps slow the onset of grey patches in your beard because of its anti-aging qualities.

#4. Volatile Ingredients In Beard Oil Are Preserved And Shielded By Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is an umbrella word for a variety of distinct fat-soluble antioxidants (tocopherols & tocotrienols) that protect oils and fats from oxidative damage.

This makes polyunsaturated carrier oils and regularly used essential oils, which are volatile constituents in beard oil, the ideal natural preservative and protector for vitamin E oil (almond oil, argan oil, grape seed oil, etc).

For this reason, beard oil is usually kept in dark glass dropper bottles and ought to be kept in a cool, dry location.

However, as soon as you remove the oil from the bottle and apply it to your facial fair and the skin beneath, it will be immediately be exposed to all three factors that cause oxidation.

Since it has been demonstrated that Vitamin E Oil effectively inhibits the oxidation of volatile oils and fats, it can help in avoiding this from occurring. This extends the shelf life of the oil while also efficiently protecting and maintaining its quality.

Applying Vitamin E Oil To Your Facial Hair

The process of applying Vitamin E Oil to your facial hair is fairly simple. It is no different from applying beard oil.

I think it's fair to say it's time to start applying Vitamin E Oil to your beard now that you are aware of its qualities and how it might benefit your beard.

#1. Clean Your Beard

The most important rule when it comes to beard care is to make sure your beard is clean before you apply any beard care products.

Wet your beard with lukewarm water, apply some beard wash and massage it into your facial hair, then rinse the beard wash out your beard using lukewarm water. 

#2. Warm The Vitamin E Oil

Once you have cleaned your beard and towel-dried it until it is slightly damp, it's time to prepare the oil. To warm it up, you won't need a microwave don't worry.

Simply apply a few drops of the Vitamin E Oil (or our Natural Beard Oil that contains Vitamin E) to your hands and rub them together for 15 seconds. 

This will warm the oil, which will make it easier to apply to your beard evenly and help the oil penetrate the hair and skin better.

#3. Apply The Vitamin E Oil To Your Beard

Apply the oil to your beard by starting at the roots of your facial hair when adding Vitamin E Oil.

To cover more of your beard, move in circular motions from the roots to the end of the hairs.

You can use a wooden beard comb to spread the oil evenly if you're dissatisfied with the distribution.

Key Advice Regarding Vitamin E Oil

You've discovered what helps your beard through trial and error as you've developed a beard care regimen that works for you and your beard. The same applies to Vitamin E Oil.

When applying the oil, be careful and take your beards length into account. You don't want a situation where you utilize the oil over-excessively or insufficiently. If your bottle contains a dropper, the suggested dosage is 2 to 5 drops.

What Sort Of Vitamin E Oil Ought To Be Applied?

A lot of the foods we eat today contain good amounts of Vitamin E, as we have already explained earlier. However, plants are the ideal source from which to extract the oil. The majority of the time, an extract made from wheat germ oil works best when used with and added to beard oils.

Since it comes from a natural source, you'll benefit from all of the positive qualities without harming the health of your skin or facial hair. 

Our motto is...If it isn't 100% natural, don't use it!

What Dosage Of Vitamin E Oil Is Recommended For Beards?

It would be wise to avoid using Vitamin E Oil as a direct replacement for your beard oil in order to fully benefit from its benefits. Instead, incorporate a few drops of it into a homemade or store-bought beard oil.

Put a tiny quantity of the mixture in your palms before applying it. Next, use a beard comb to cover more ground or rub your hands together to evenly spread the oil into your skin and beard.

You Can Have the Beard You've Always Wanted With Vitamin E Oil

You can achieve a strong, healthy beard by using Vitamin E Oil or our Natural Beard Oil. Due to how well-kept and in good health your beard would look, you'll attract even more attention as you walk down the street. 

Last Words

When used topically, Vitamin E Oil is fantastic for the wellbeing of your facial hair. It effectively hydrates while also preventing beard itch and dandruff.

By raising testosterone levels, Vitamin E Oil taken orally from food sources or supplements at a dosage of about 400 mg per day may also speed up the growth of your beard, according to one study.

Adding Vitamin E to any beard oil recipe should be a no-brainer because it protects volatile carrier and essential oils from going bad and it is a natural antioxidant.

We hope this article was insightful and we answered your question "is vitamin oil good for your beard".

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