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Is Beard Balm Good For Your Skin | All You Need To Know

Is beard balm good for your skin is a common question we get asked regarding beard balms. 

When used frequently, a natural beard balm offers various advantages to your skin and facial hair. The advantages of a natural beard balm will be discussed in more detail in this article, along with a few prevalent myths.


The following are the main advantages of beard balm for your skin and facial hair:

Benefits For The Skin;

  • Prevents beard dandruff.
  • Nourishes and moisturises skin preventing dryness.
  • Prevents red, itchy dry skin

Benefits For Facial Hair;

  • Gives facial hair a subtle sheen.
  • Improves the appearance of facial hair.
  • Deeply conditions and nourishes facial hair.
  • Prevents dull, dry facial hair.
  • Makes it possible to style facial hair more easily.
  • Halts cuticle deterioration.
  • Reduces split ends in the beard.

metal tins of natural beard balm

What Are Beard Balms

A natural conditioner called beard balm is designed to hydrate and shape your beard. It contains great nutrients and antioxidants for your facial hair and skin, thanks to the carrier oils, essential oils, and natural butters which are used to make beard balms.. The carrier oils and butters in a high-quality beard balm will enter through the hair follicles and guarantee that all the hair is conditioned, much like when you moisturize your skin.

Most of these natural ingredients will also help make your beard more healthy, leaving you with a nice, slight shine to your facial hair. In order to assist shape and hold stray hairs into place without being overly waxy or sticky, beard balm has been carefully developed to offer just the right amount of hold.

The conditioning ingredients included in natural beard balms work on your facial hair in a manner similar to how typical leave-in conditioners perform on your head hair. They are made to keep beards from itching while also assisting in its protection.


What Are Beard Balms Made Of

Beard balms are made from all-natural ingredients such as oils, butters and waxes. To help you achieve the appearance you desire, Beard Beasts Classic Beard Balm recipe has conditioning Shea Butter and Mango Butter, nourishing Cocoa Butter, moisturising Argan Oil,  Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Macadamia Oil, powerful antioxidants Vitamin E Oil, rosemary Extract and hydrating Beeswax.

Different essential oils like Sandalwood are included in the scented variants of our natural beard balm, giving it a pleasant scent as well as a level of personality and style.

These natural ingredients will deeply condition and soften facial hairs, tame flyaways, and give it a delicate, luminous shine without weighing the facial hair down or leaving it looking nor feeling greasy. The perfect natural beard balm should soften your beard, promote and encourage hair growth, and leave your beard's hair with a pleasant slight shine.

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Conditioning Benefits

Natural beard balm is known as a facial hair conditioner, hence many bearded men use beard balm as a leave-in conditioner after washing their beards. 

Carrier oils and natural butters are the beard balm's active ingredients that nourish and hydrate the skin.

The advantages that these substances in beard balm offer for your skin and facial hair are as follows:

Skin: The sebum oil (skins natural oil) which the sebaceous glands produce is supplemented by the carrier oil and natural butters used to create beard balm. As a result, you won't encounter dry skin, itching, or beard dandruff when using natural beard balm on a daily basis.

Facial Hair: Due to the Carrier oils and natural butters in beard balm, you be right in thinking your facial hair will get a slight sheen that gives a much more vibrant and healthy appearance. The conditioning ingredients will also assist in preventing beard itch, split ends, tangles and knots, and prevent a dry beard and damage to the facial hair follicles, which will help the health of your beard and encourage better beard development.

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Protection & Styling Qualities

The following are some of the main advantages this awesome beard care product offers to your skin as well as your facial hair:

Skin: Using an all-natural beard balm containing beeswax on a regular basis will assist in reducing chapped or dry skin. Because of this, beeswax is frequently included in various personal care products like hand lotions and lip balms.

Facial Hair: Beeswax in natural beard balms gives the facial hair a light to medium grip. This prevents the fly-away hairs in your beard and mustache from growing out or looking messy. Additionally, beeswax shields the facial hair from harm, such as UV rays and dry climates.

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It's A Cheaper Beard Care Product

Beard balm often costs slightly less than other beard care products despite the fact it contains more natural ingredients. Beard balm is an excellent option for men seeking better value in their beard care items.


Beard balm, as opposed to other beard conditioners—specifically beard oil—is kept in a sturdy, compact aluminum bottle. It fits neatly in your gear bag and complies with any federally imposed container regulations because to its tiny size.

Common Falsehoods

There are many misconceptions about beard care products efficacy as a result of their growing popularity.

Here are two prevalent myths:

Volume: It's crucial to keep your expectations in check when it comes to beard balm's volumizing capabilities. Beard balm with a medium hold can aid in adding some volume. The beard balm's beeswax gives the follicular shaft more firmness so that it can stand up straight.

Simply use a beard brush to brush upwards and then downwards for superior volume-adding results. Your beard will appear much fuller as a result.

Growth: Many costly beard growth balms make claims about how their product may thicken your facial hair significantly, fill in bald spots, or accelerate growth. Unfortunately, none of these claims are supported by an independent study that has been validated by science. So avoid being duped by these falsehoods about face hair development.

What a natural beard balm can do is give the illusion of a fuller beard due to the added butters such as shea butter, coco butter etc, that penetrate and swell the hair strands. 

Last Words

As you have learnt today, frequent use of beard balm has been shown to have significant advantages for both the skin and facial hair.

Your skin will be a lot healthier, more pleasant, and less dry during the day if you consistently apply balm.

We sincerely hope that this information proved useful in educating you about this distinctive and multipurpose beard care product.

After reading this article, is beard balm good for your skin? What do you think?

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