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6 Tips To Help Grow A Thicker Beard

6 Tips To Help Grow A Thicker Beard

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Beard Beasts is "How Can I Grow A Thicker Beard?"

We are asked this question daily via email and today we are going to share with you all 6 tips that will help you grow a thicker beard. Every bearded man takes pride in their man mane, therefore we tend to worry about certain aspects of our beard. Most commonly people tend to worry about the thickness of their beard or the speed that it grows.

Now I need to set the record straight, there is no magically cure in which your beard will grow thicker or faster overnight, genetics are in control of that i'm afraid.

That being said though, there are 6 tips in which you can gradually improve the thickness of your beard and the speed of its growth. 

1. Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in which your beard will grow due to the fact that when we sleep, our bodies produce testosterone which is key for not just muscle growth but also your beard growth. Therefore, if we deprive ourselves of the recommended sleeping time which is currently stated at 7-8 hours a night, our bodies will not have had enough rest. Therefore, it produces less testosterone which as I have already stated, plays a vital role in beard growth.  

2. Your Diet

In order for your beard to grow, it needs to be supplied with minerals and vitamins. So, diet is very important when it comes to beard growth and thickness. You need to make sure you are getting enough Protein, Minerals and Vitamins from your daily intake of food.

Your diet needs to be healthy, the more healthy your diet, the more healthy you and your beard are, you don't want to eat a tonne of rubbish everyday, giving your body and beard no nutrition.

Think of your diet as fuel for your beard, you want to supply your beard with healthy fresh veggies and fruits, as well as red meat. 

3. De- Stress

Whenever we stress, our bodies spike in Cortisol, which lowers testosterone levels in our bodies. Whenever, our bodies are low in testosterone, our bodies growing abilities lower. Therefore, in order to maintain our testosterone levels, we need to keep our Cortisol levels low. Learning how to de-stress or handle stress wouldn't go a miss for all us. 

4. Exercise

Exercising will increase your testosterone levels, especially strength training. This is backed by science. Now it doesn't have to be strength training, it could be a run, boxing class, whatever you enjoy but some sort of exercise. Just keep in mind, Strength training is the best form of exercise for raising testosterone levels. However, make sure you train responsibly. 

5. Sex

Yes sir, you read that When we have sex our bodies testosterone levels peak twice, pre and post. This is most likely why my brothers beardgame sucks. 

Awesome sex = awesome beard gains

6. Supplements. 

Now personally I know of only one beard growth supplement that works, that is not saying others don't, I just don't recommend products that I or a member of the Beard Beasts team haven't used before.

The supplement that one of us has tried and liked is called "Alpha Beard Beard Growth Supplement". It can be found on Amazon if you wish to read up on it more. 

The reason this supplement will help you grow a thicker beard is because it contains a compound called Biotin. Biotin belongs to the B vitamin group and is highly recommended for hair health. Biotin is also effective for thickening hair. If someone has thin hair, they are usually recommended to take Biotin for its hair thickening properties. 

And there you have it my bearded brothers...Beard Beasts answer to one of the most common beard related questions in 2020! 

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