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Is Your Facial Hair Itching? Here's How To Finally Stop It

One of most uncomfortable but normal side effects of growing a beard is your facial hair itching. The good thing is that an itchy beard doesn't stay permanently, despite the fact that it may initially feel intolerable. Your facial hair will begin to naturally stop itching as it grows in and softens. But if, after several months, you still find yourself wondering, "Why is my facial hair itchy," your suffering is probably a sign of a problem in your daily beard care routine and beneath the facial hair.

Finding and treating the irritation's cause is necessary to prevent discomfort brought on by itching. Here at Beard Beasts, we've put together a list of irritating issues and solutions to assist you identify the root of the issue.

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Is Itchy Facial Hair An Indication Of Growth?

Although not usually, itchy beards may indicate that it is growing. You might expect some little itching when you shift from clean shaven to long stumble in the early stages of beard growth.

Since the facial hairs are taught from trimming, fresh beards frequently itch. This results in short, sharp strand tips.

Your face will unavoidably itch as these pointed hairs start to grow and tickle the sensitive surface of the skin.

It's best to avoid touching your face at this phase and just let your growing facial hair do what it does, despite the temptation to scratch at it to get rid of the dreaded itch.

The itching should begin to go away after the 4 weeks, and you most likely will notice that your facial hairs are starting to become softer and easier to handle on their own. That being said, itchiness that lasts longer than this could be a sign of unhealthy facial hair or hygiene problem.

It could be time to make some adjustments to your beard grooming routine if you find your facial hair is still itchy a couple months later. It is important to keep your beard feeling comfortable and looking great, so some kind of action will be needed. 

Factors That Cause Facial Hair Itching

It's harder to identify the cause of your uncomfortable problem once your beard has passed the beginners stage. You may be able to identify the offender by examining your routine and habits.

#1. You Have Excessively Dry Skin And Facial Hair

When they become too dry, longer beards can become itchy. Your beard's roots do not create enough natural oil to support the ends. Beard oil is more of a necessity to replace lost moisture after your beard grows out of the short stage.

Numerous causes can cause dryness and discomfort because longer beards are already at a disadvantage in terms of natural oil production. Itchy skin brought on by dryness can be annoying, but if it isn't treated, it could be a precursor to split ends and breakage in the not so long future.

Solution: How To Address Dryness Problems

Water that is either excessively hot or cold can immediately make your facial hair feel dry and uncomfortable in the shower. Additionally, applying products meant for your head's hair can harm your face's delicate skin and hair. 

These treatments are more than often too harsh for your beard because they take into consideration the additional oil that your head hair produces, therefore they use strong chemicals to strip the oil from your hair and skin.

It is preferable to use a soft beard wash instead. To relieve itching brought on by dryness, Beard Beasts Beard wash contains mild ingredients including Aloe Vera Extract, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Organic Chamomilla Extract.

Over-washing your facial hair can also cause dryness, even with the correct beard wash. While our beard wash restores moisture to your facial hair and skin, if it is used everyday, you'll find your natural oil production will naturally lower. 

Even good showering practices, however, don't completely shield your skin and beard from the environmental elements.

Similar to how water temperature affects skin, so do outside temps and sun exposure. While perspiration may give you the impression that your beard will get moister, sweat actually represents your body's moisture evaporating.

To prevent dry ends and itching, use our natural beard oil or balm throughout the day to replenish moisture.

#2. Your Skin And Facial Hair Is Dirty

The contrary is also true, even though the terrible beard itch is frequently brought on by overly cleaned, dry hair and skin. You'll probably itch and feel discomfort if your skin or facial hair are excessively dirty.

This is the irritation and itchiness you should truly pay attention to. 

Your facial hairs ends will start to split and break if you have dry hair problems. But if your longer beard looks normal but is still irritating and itchy, it's probably because it's trapping dirt and possible bacteria that can be dangerous to your beards health.

Solution: How To Cleanse Your Facial Hair

A lack of facial hair washing results in dandruff, ingrown hairs, plus acne on the skin beneath your beard. Typically, the problem is that men wash their facial hair when they get ready for work but forget or become sluggish in the evening.

Due to this big error, the dirt, grime, and bacteria that your facial hair gathered over the day can sink into your skin's pores overnight.

Consistently clogged pores can swiftly progress from irritating to sore and even stop hair growth if left unchecked. You should at the very least rinse your face and facial hair with lukewarm water before bed to minimize overnight build up between showers if your beard feels too dry.

Using a beard oil or beard balm multiple times during the day is not just for dryness relief for men with dry facial hair. These products are helpful in protecting your facial hair from the environment so that dirt and any bacteria have a tougher time adhering to the surface.

#3. Your Beard Type Requires Special Attention

Occasionally, the problem is more with your particular hair type and the tools that you're using on it than it is with how dry or dirty your facial hair is.

Snagging and itchy ingrown hairs are more common in beards that are thick and coarse. The distinctive texture of thick or curly hair types might be ruined by using the wrong tools, leaving you scratching your head in confusion.

Your facial hair will frequently look largest at the roots and taper off to wiry ends when it is being squeezed through comb teeth that are too narrow. By swapping out your comb and brush, you can keep your beard full from root to tip and stop itching constantly.

Solution: Find The Right Comb Or Brush

Consider your hair type and styling requirements when selecting the best brush or comb for your beard care tool collection. Combs work best for wet style in general, while brushes do a better job of grooming dry beards.

Fine tooth combs, medium tooth combs and soft boar beard brushes that keep facial hair tight are beneficial for men with shorter beards or thinner hair types. However, attempting to cram too much facial hair into these tools sometimes results in damaged combs or hair.

Use a wider tooth comb or a firm boar bristle brush with additional strength to prevent snags on thicker or curlier facial hair types.

Additional Methods To Stop Facial Hair Itching

It's crucial to keep in mind how food and stress affect your facial hair when switching up your regimen. Your skin becomes oily and itching when you eat too much junk food.

The hormone Cortisol, which is damaging to natural collagen in your skin, is also released when you are under stress. Your facial hair becomes dry and uncomfortable as the skin beneath it loses its elasticity and moisture. Your beard will look and feel better as your general health improves.

Last Words

We hope this article has been insightful if your facial hair is itching. The most common reason for itchy facial hair is dryness, so we recommend you get a quality natural beard oil which includes carrier oils and essential oils with great moisturising properties such as Argan, Grape Seed and Almond Oil. 

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